Cyanmod rom for YU Yunique
Cyanmod rom for YU Yunique

YU smartphones come with Cyanogen OS, which has some really clean features which are not found in Stock Android OS. This attracts most of the buyers who are looking for cheap & durable Smartphones. But, YU fails to provide timely updates to its smartphones. Howerver, Cyanogen Inc. releases daily updates for its supported devices. Cyanogen Inc. recently added YU Yunique in its supported smartphone list. YU Yunique comes with Cyanmod – Cyanogenmod 12.1 (Android 5.1), Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410.

Why to Install Cyanogenmod?

Cyanogenmod provides daily updates to its supported devices. You’ll receive the most recent Android version as soon as it’s available for your smartphone. You don’t need to wait for months, to receive the updates. It offers best Battery life & Performance as compared to the stock CyanogenOS.

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Device Code: Yu Yunique (jalebi)


Your warranty is now void. We are in not way responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research: From Rooting to Installing Custom ROM before following any of the steps mentioned below.
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1. Rooted Yu Yunique with custom recovery. Here’s a complete guide of rooting your YU Yunique Safely: How to Root YU Yunique & Install TWRP Recovery.

Update [11th Jan 2016]: Everything fixed now, Follow the above procedure but flash this recovery: Cyanogen Recovery.

2. Backup all your data: Contacts, Photos, Apps & other files. (Although you will not lose other files except contacts & Apps, but its better to be on the safer side)

How to Install:

1. Download the ROM file from the below link & place it in your SDcard/Internal memory.

2. Switch off your device. Press & hold Power button+Volume up button. This will boot your device into TWRP Recovery.

3. Goto Wipe> Advanced Option> Clear Cache, Format System, Clear Dalvik cache. Please don’t wipe Internal memory.

4. Go back to main menu & select Install zip from SDcard & locate the downloaded cyanmod zip file from the list of files.

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5. Swipe to Install. Wait for the message, Install successful! Now flash GApps package ( Select Arm64>Android 5.1>Pico from the below link & download the package) Goto Install & select Gapps pckage.swipe to Install.

6. Now clear cache & dalvik cache. That’s it! Now reboot your device.


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Last updated on: Mar 11, 2016 @ 4:43 pm


  1. not able to install g apps.tried many g apps packages but all doesnt install.i am using cynogen 13 nightly.plz help

  2. I am installing Cynogenmode 12.1 using latest CM Recovery but it shows “signature verification failed” now what to do.
    plz help me bro…..

  3. I install cm 13 in my yu4711 but it stuck on cynogen download mode please dont disconnect usb connection …..plzz help me ….?

  4. I install cm 13 in my yu4711 but it stuck on cynogen download mode please dont disconnect usb connection …..plzz help me ….?

  5. phone stuck in cynogenmod boot animation after opening
    I used the twrp (teamwin recovery).
    I installed cynogenmod 12.1 jalebi and gapps also too using video tutorial.
    but still getting same prblm.
    please tell what to do

    • use cyanogen recovery then flash zip file and then gapps in next reboot
      “dont use twrp recovery to flash cyanogen”

  6. Hi i have installed 12.1 using cyanogen recovery but now gapps is showing error code : 64
    this package is not for this architecture something…??? please reply how to fix this error
    so i can stall gapps

  7. Hey i installed cyanogen 12.1 but when i am switching my phone on It just shows Yu logo And turns off if i press power button+volume up its goes in fastboot mode so tell me what should i do..??

  8. Hey … I rooted my phone and installed twrp and done wipe chache nd all other methods and also unlocked my bootloader and have flashed cm 12.1 jalebi , now when i switch on my phone it stucks on the cm boot logo .. And somehow i dont know my twrp is not there and debugging is maybe off because of wipe data and new rom..i just stuck on the starting logo ..what can i do .. Pls hlp meee !!!

  9. Dear sir,I had lost my is when I am try to do install cm13 on my yunique:steps I did In twrp
    1.wipe cache/dalvik cache
    2.tried to install cm 13 zip -it shows error
    3.format the system and wiped cache
    4.not backed up
    5.reboot the system
    Its showing no is installed and I am stucked at twrp even have tried with cm12 and custom rom also no flashing is going again shows error……
    Kindly help me..thanks

    • Can u pls tell what error have u got…else no one can help u..but try this method it should work…
      Go to wipe then advance wipe the first select data and click on repair/change partion then if partion is f2fs then leave it BT if it is ext4 or other then kindly change it to f2fs..then again do this all for cache partition and then wipe system,data,dalvik cache and cache then flash the cm12. and pls check the system partition before flashing anything remains to ext4…

  10. 1. Rrooting with king root will also unlock bootloader.
    2. after root, first flash with twrp img and then with cynogen recovery.img to install cynogen from zip

    am i right…..???

  11. In Twrp I wiped As you mentioned. When I went install cm 12.1 it said your model is YU 4711 ,this is for yunique.
    Please help

  12. Sir mera mobile YU yuniqe hai mai cynagenmood 12.1 install karna chahta hu kaise install karu cm 12.1
    Please solve my probblem in detail

  13. I flashed cw 12.1 succesfully but when i am trying to install gapps it says install failed….failed to verify whole-file signature….
    installation aborted. any alternatives?

  14. 1) Connect in USB Debug
    2)Type(adb reboot bootloader)
    3)Type(fastboot boot twrp.img)

    Now twrp/Cyanogen recovery Opens

    Then go to Twrp main menu & Tap wipe button & select Adv wipe… Then select Dalvic cache , system data , cache ..Then Swipe to confirm

    Then return to Twrp main menu & Tap on install & Choose ROM zip & Swipe to confirm

    Now go back & select Gapps & Swipe to Confirm

    After successful flashing reboot & Enjoy

    I have followed Above procedure & installed CM 13 Unofficial jalebi ROM in my Yu Yunique But 1 sec Download devs labs rooting tool & Unlock bootloader & install Su To get Root access…

  15. sir please help while installing the rom TWRP Recovery, it is unable to load. and also shows that there is no os install, and when i tried to clear cache it shows “failed”… what should i do now??? please help

  16. Download the TWRP image file.. Place it in the adb folder and
    i) open the adb folder and While pressing the Shift key on your keyboard, right click in the folder and select ‘Open Command Prompt Here’. The command prompt will open up.
    ii) type command “fastboot oem unlock-go”
    iii) after the task complete again type “fastboot boot twrp_yunique.img” nd now ur device will reboot in twrp recovery..
    iv) now wipe system,cache,data nd dalvik cache. Nd flash the zip.

  17. i suucessfully installed it. But on opening my phone the screen is stuck on cyanogenmod splash screen. What to do now? I rooted it via Kingroot and installed TWRP via flashify. What to do>?

  18. I tried to time to install this but i got excuting binary updater error all time ….i follow all step tell me how to remove this error …..i used twrp …i took complete back up …and follow each and every step to flash it …..but it didn’t flash ……so plz help me …..i tried both rom either jalebi or remix Nd as well as cm 13 rom but i got same error in both

      • Nothing was working, so I formatted everything and recreate partition table. but still twrp is not flashing your rom, error: MD5 is not there. and your cwm dont have any option of install zip. Thankx in advance

  19. sir i successfully rooted nd installled twrp recovery, and cleared all that you mentioned, but unfortunately i lost my installed os and now it is not installing the rom. It is saying error flashing “directory of file”. Plz help me. plz

  20. Sir mera yu yunique 4711 mobile hai mai CyanogenMod install karna chahta hu kaise install karu please give me solution

  21. I have got an cm13 rom for yu yunique bt it is not getting flashed.. It is showing an error while flashing with twrp recovery.

  22. The rom that you have given in not getting flashed… While flash we get an error message.. Anyway i have installed cm12.1 and now it is working well.. But the panoroma is not working in cm12.1. Is there any bug fix zip so that panaroma works.

  23. My yu yunique mobile is not getting started… It got stucked in yu logo because while installing cyanogen 12.1 i have wiped the folder “Android secure” please help me to restart the mobile.

  24. i have tried that cm recovery but its showing that installation aborted

    And also when will i get the marshmallow update?????????????

  25. i wanted to install kitkat 4.4, some how i have no os in my yu yunique.. i show TWRP mode.. what to do, plz help.. i need your personal help…

    • I was facing the same problem. This may help (worked for me, so try your luck)
      Go to Settings>Developer options>OEM unlocking, toggle it to be on

      If you can’t find Developer option then you need to unlock it by going to Setting>About phone, and click on the build number (something like YU_YU4711_SW_V0……) 5 – 7 times.
      Then go to Developer option and toggle” USB Debugging ” and “OEM unlocking” to be on.

  26. I tried to flash a rom but got a error

    error executing binary updater in zip
    So plz help i followed all step to flash it

  27. even after flashing twrp recovery cant get the phone to boot to the custom recovery.volume up+power button takes me to the default recovery and volume up+volume down+power button does nothing other than showing yu logo for a sec and then blank screen.

  28. accidently I was wipe my internal storage..internal storage show 0mb when I flash the the rom its say unable to mount storage…what can I do now????plzz help me

  29. my phone does not sttart up only you logo come up and than nothing happen, twrp say no os installed , now what to do??

    • As I said, First get into TWRP Format system & clear cache. Now flash thr custom rom from the above link. Don’t wipe anything after installing. It is working perfectly fine in my friend’s phone.