Cyanogenmod 12.1 Lollipop Custom ROM for Blu Studio C mini
Cyanogenmod 12.1 Lollipop Custom ROM for Blu Studio C mini

Blu Studio C mini was launched in 2014 & barely received any development. But thanks our a Blu Studio C mini tester who tested one of our Cyanogenmod 12.1 ROM in his device & found it to be working perfectly. Its the first Cyanogenmod based custom ROM for Blu Studio C mini. The ROM works perfectly fine & has minor bugs which will be fixed by us in coming days. I know you are excited to run CyanogenMOD 12.1 in your Blu Studio C mini. If you unaware of Cyanogenmod then let me tell you what it is, Google ships pure Android & Cyanogen Inc. adds its extra features like themes, customization and many other features which makes it a perfect ROM for your device. Cyanogenmod brings your device to a whole new level of customizations.

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ROM details:

  1. Android Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
  2. Based on: Cyanogenmod
  3. Status: Stable.
  4. Last updated on: 10/1/15

Special thanks for our reader who tested CM 12.1 in Blu Studio C mini.

Blu Studio C mini Cyanogenmod 12.1 Review & Report
Blu Studio C mini Cyanogenmod 12.1 Review & Report

Features of CM 12.1 for Blu Studio C mini:

  1. RIL: both sims working, but sometimes data connection on SIM 2 gets interrupted (2G/3G)
  2. All Latest CM12.1 Apps (C-Apps Incl.)
  3. Advanced Mode Toggle in About Phone
  4. 5.1.x Minimal Edition G-Apps Included
  5. WiFi Working
  6. GPS Working
  7. Sync Working
  8. Bluetooth Working
  9. Microphone Working
  10. WiFi Hotspot Working
  11. Apps Icon in Toast Notification
  12. Best Battery Backup in CM12.1
  13. Pre Rooted with SuperSU v2.46
  14. CM12/12.1 Themes Fully Supported
  15. New Theme Engine Fully Operational
  16. Shared Internal Storage & App Storage
  17. Reportedly Most Smooth & Lag Free Build Yet
  18. Some minor bugs but overall a very smooth ROM.

Bugs in CM 12.1 for Blu Studio C mini:

1. USSD Working but for Select Networks
2. Power ON Bug fixed But each Reboot takes 3-4 Mins
3. Video play back Issue Use vlc player
4. Some time Network drop


  1. You must be on stock kitkat to avoid any flashing failure.
  2. Install Custom Recovery: CWM Recovery for Blu Studio C mini
  3. Your device must be charged upto 50%
  4. Patience.

How to Flash Cyanogenmod 12.1 ROM in Blu Studio C mini

Step 1. Transfer the downloaded CM 12.1 zip, in your Blu Studio C mini

Step 2. Turn off / Switch your Blu Studio C mini

Step 3. You can boot into recovery mode by either pressing Volup + Vol down and Power while the phone is off, then pressing Vol+ again. OR, you can enter recovery mode using the ADB command “adb reboot recovery“.

Step 4. Do not forget to perform a Nandroid backup. Goto backup option in CWM and select all the partitions including System, Data, Boot, Recovery, EFS & wait for the backup to complete.

Step 5. Go to “Mounts & Storage”, Select “Format /system” & Confirm. After that, go back to “Wipe Menu”. Select “Wipe Data – Factory Reset” & Confirm. After that, select “Wipe Dalvik Cache” & Confirm. (You can also refer, How to Install Custom ROM in Android)

Step 6. Now go back to “Install zip” & select the downloaded zip file. Select Yes to flash & wait for the flashing to complete.

Step 7. After Completion, go back to “Wipe Menu” & select “Wipe Dalvik Cache” & Confirm. Now Reboot and Enjoy your Cyanogenmod 12.1 in Blu Studio C mini.


  1. Cyanogenmod 12.1 ROM for Blu Studio C mini: Download
  2. Original youtube – Here. (Youtube Playback is limited to 360P in original App; Use this  app)
Note: Verify true caller to make calls. This ROM has all the GApps included so don't flash any GApps file.

Final words

You might find the ROM bit buggy as its an initial build but we promise to release a updated version soon if we receive more response for this device’s development. If you have any issues, you can contact ask your queries in comment we’ll try to answer it ASAP! Till then, enjoy Android Lollipop 5.1.1 CM ROM in Blu Studio C mini.

  • Jose Gonzalo Blanco Becerra

    Hey, The Installing Process Sucess but I Got a Problem, When System Finish First Starts, Need to introduce a Pin code for Unloock Network, Can someone tell me that Code?

  • João José

    thanks! watching

  • William Pyke

    can you see if you can get cm 13 working on the blu touchbook 8.0 3G?

  • ZZI

    Unfortunately, there is a bug which locks the phone. I will try and fix this, and I will post a link to the updated version if I pull it off. I think the C Mini is in sore need of an OS upgrade by now.

    I apologize for not finding this out sooner, I do not have a SIM card in my C Mini on a normal basis.

  • eagle

    Hi. Appreciate the effort. May I know this porting source code is available as open source. I would like to port cyanogenmod on BLUE Advance 5.0 mobile. May this port will be useful for me as reference.

  • mati

    it is alive !!!!
    thanks devs, yo created a bunch of possibilities for this phone .
    hope to see Android M 6.0.1 soon

  • Isaac Rivas

    Bro, I have a problem and is that my phone network desn’t work for me and it requires a pin. Help please.

  • Alvin

    After installing it. Network doesnt work. It requesting me a pin code. Pls help :'(

  • Djmetelex

    Links deads!! I can´t download them!! Not the CWM neither the ROM it self!!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Works fine!

  • Pablo

    Hi, when I init the system request to me the PIN for the SIM, but when I enter the PIN, I get an error. I haven’t signal

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Clear data from recovery.

      • Alvin

        Same problem here :'(

  • Nishiyama

    Mann! U r the beast 😀
    If you need someone to test, you can call me.

  • Jose

    some USA BASEBAND version

  • Alfresd

    Great, me out beautifully , although with one another mistake but can be solved , but if I need help with one of them and it does not recognize the internal memory and puts the external and the only one in the device , will there be any way to fix this ? I thank you in advance for giving the opportunity to have android lollipop

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Format system before flashing this ROM, it will fix this. Wait for some more time, we’ll bring Android M 6.0.1 for Blu Studio C mini.

      • Alex

        7 months and??? Android M6.0.1 for Studio C Mini??

        I dont see nothing,,, What more time???

  • Alvin

    CWM is not supported for my BLU Studio C Mini 🙁

  • Royal

    It worked great except after set up it locked me out of my network. how can i fix this???


    hola, eh instalado tu rom y me parece perfecta, oslo tengo un detalle pide codigo de desbloqueo de sim me podrias ayudar?

  • Lucho23433

    Does this ROM includes virtual buttons un the screen?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You can enable it through build.prop file. Just add “qemu.hw.mainkeys=1” at the end of the file.

  • Perny

    This is wonderful!! It does have a few bugs; start up time is within a minute; installation wiped my imei; some apps crash randomly and I seem to have a storage error, file manager doesn’t show my 2gb of rom and mass storage doesn’t connect to my computer (at all). Those are just a few bugs that I found; it is otherwise awesome. Very good job guys, keep up the good work. Love it!

  • jose Leal

    This version is compatible with BLU D670U model ?. The install but requires key sim cards, it does not have it enabled

  • ZZI

    Wow! I’m surprised this has actually turned into a rom post for the Studio C Mini! I will post something about this on the Blu Google+ forums. By the way, I flashed this onto a Kitkat MIUI 6 rom – so a stock rom is not needed for installation, but I recommend an Android 4.4 rom just to be safe. I also timed a full reboot and found that the entire reboot took 1 minute and 2 seconds, not the four minutes.
    If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey, its all because of your efforts! We made this in new post so that more people can find this & enjoy it! Thanks again!