Cyanmod ROM for Micromax Unite 2

Hello Friends, you may all be knowing about Cyanogenmod ( Cyanmod )12.1 for Micromax unite 2 right? It was released by me way back in June-July, but then most of you guys complained about various issues like unstable network, WiFI Hotspot, GPS, and what not. Overall it was a unstable and somewhat unusable ROM, but friends I’m very happy to announce that all that has changed, finally after months of hard work and who knows how many sleepless night, our Developers, and our Mentors have worked very hard to finally, Build this as the most stable Cyanmod ROM as of now ! It is Finally a ROM fit for Daily use with absolutely NO major bugs. I gave my heartfelt thanks to all Senior Developers who worked their butt off for this project, and also to you my dear users for not losing hope in us. So without further delay, here are the features and other details.

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  1. RIL: both sims working, but sometimes data connection on SIM 2 gets interrupted (2G/3G)
  2. All Latest CM12.1 Apps (C-Apps Incl.)
  3. Advanced Mode Toggle in About Phone
  4. 5.1.x Minimal Edition G-Apps Included
  5. WiFi Working
  6. GPS Working
  7. Sync Working
  8. Bluetooth Working
  9. Microphone Working
  10. WiFi Hotspot Working
  11. Apps Icon in Toast Notification
  12. Best Battery Backup in CM12.1
  13. Pre Rooted with SuperSU v2.46
  14. CM12/12.1 Themes Fully Supported
  15. New Theme Engine Fully Operational
  16. Shared Internal Storage & App Storage
  17. Reportedly Most Smooth & Lag Free Build Yet


1. USSD Working but for Select Networks
2. Power ON Bug fixed But each Reboot takes 3-4 Mins
3. Video play back Issue Use vlc player
4. Some time Network drop



1. It is recommended but not necessary, that you flash this ROM on a KitKat Firmware.
2. Carliv Touch Recovery (CTR) v3.0
3. Atleast 40% Charge on your Battery.
4. Functioning Human Brain.
5. Patience.


1. Place ROM .zip in External SD Card [USE CTR V3 Only]
2. Reboot to Recovery (Shut Down, then Vol UP+ Vol Down + Power, Then again Vol UP)
3. Go to “Mounts & Storage”
4. Select “Format /system” & Confirm.
5. After that, go back to “Wipe Menu”
6. Select “Wipe Data – Factory Reset” & Confirm.
7. After that, select “Wipe Dalvik Cache” & Confirm.
8. Now go back to “Install zip”
9. Go to “choose zip from /storage/sdcard0”
10. Navigate to where you have stored this zip in the first step and select it, & Confirm.
11. Wait patiently for the process to complete.
12. After Completion, go back to “Wipe Menu” & select “Wipe Dalvik Cache” & Confirm.
13. Now Reboot and Enjoy your CM12.1 Beta 6.

Download Links:

  1. Cyanmod 12.1 (5.1.1) Beta 6 – Here.
  2. Network FIX – Here.
  3. Original youtube – Here.

Please NOTE use Link2SD Remove App

Important Note:

  • 1st Verify truecaller dialer otherwise you cant make a call :p
  • Power bug Fixed but its take 5 min approx for boot up
  • USSD (only for some carriers)
  • Youtube Playback is limited to 360P (Use OGYouTube app)
  • 1080p Video Playback is laggy (Use vlc app from play Store)
  • You Also Need These Use 2.5 gb or 6 gb repartition respectively 4 and 8 gb user
  • Repartition Lollipop
  • Repartition Kitkat


  • My Sincere heartfelt thanks to my Friends like Brothers below:
  • Me Vijay jaiswal for Porting these sexy rom
  • Joshwin Aranha
  • Yazad Madan
  • Pawan Diyal
  • Neel Solanki
  • Rohan Taneja
  • And More.
  • CyanogenMod Dev Team
  • XDA-Forums

That’s All for today folks ! See you next time ! Have a Good day, and please let me know you suggestion, complains, critics in the comments section below, I’d be more than willing to help you out.

Last updated on: Apr 16, 2016 @ 3:50 pm


  1. i lost my 3 GB internal storage while upgrade lollipop i was using kitkat version stock partition 3.5 GB for apps storage on unite 2 now its showing total space 4.97 GB or
    free space 2.52 GB after installing some apps i have a 8 gb rom unite 2 phone how can i get back my 3GB internal storage plz help me

  2. i lost my 3 GB internal storage while upgrading lollipop 5.1 i was using stock participation 3.5 GB for aaps on kitkat version i have a 8 GB ROM unite 2 mobile now its showing total space 4.97 GB or available 2.43 GB how can i get back my 3 GB internal storage plzz help

  3. I was using cm13 rom on unite 2 a106 and my phone internal storage is 5.28gb but its showing to 899mb Please solve it

  4. m running on 5.0 lollipop…
    nd m want to do cm 12.1 beta 6 on lollipop unite 2…
    can I do it on lollipop or going back to kk 4.4.2…???
    plz help me fast plz

  5. Hey , Vijay . Awesome work man.

    I am amazed that you guyz can work and develop ROMs from the sources.
    Hey man , cant you just develop Ubuntu Touch ROM for our Micromax unite 2

    and bring the dual boot feature as well.

    That would be some real work man.

  6. is it possible to flash this cucogen mod 12.6 beta 6 directly from kitkat 4.4.2 unite 2 my mibile is kitkat 4.4.2

  7. Its a awesome rom, but plz fix the network drop problem…??
    Its a very big problem.
    When network drop, then my phone restarts…..
    PLZ PLZ PLZ fix it..!!!

  8. I installed this rom on a BLU STUDIO C MINI and discovered that it works flawlessly, with no bugs other than the ones already reported. This is the only Lollipop rom functioning on the Blu Studio C Mini I know of, as well as the only cyanogenmod rom I have found. Try it out! It is a great improvement to the stock Kitkat rom.

  9. Very good rom, some little bugs-notification light blink problem,camera not recording 720p videos.YouTube show videos only 360p,ussd prob(fix-check here try to fix other problems ,otherwise its awesome rom.:)

  10. Comment: please set sd card as default storage. because app storage is very low. i cant even install google maps. its a very important app for me. if i tried to install from installation file ( not from playstore) then is says not installed but it fills the storage. then i need to reboot the phone. do something for this. also sim switching for data not working. its very important.

  11. Comment: please fix call receiving bug? coz i m unable to make any call. its a huge bug making this rom unusable.

  12. Also GPS still not working with ‘/dev/ttyC0: Permission denied’ error. But if i run ‘chmod 666 /dev/ttyC0’, then
    D/agps ( 9026): [agps][n][CP] [MD_1] write sim_info_req
    D/agps ( 9026): [agps] WARNING: [CP] cp2_fd_1_req_sim_num_timeout
    and not working too.

  13. Incoming SMS not working too, but disabling Blacklist fixes it. (Crashlog with enabled Blacklist: )

    Incoming call crashlog:
    Line 44: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No virtual method vibrateLowPriority([JILandroid/media/AudioAttributes;)V in class Landroid/os/SystemVibrator; or its super classes (declaration of ‘android.os.SystemVibrator’ appears in /system/framework/framework.jar)

    Can you fix it?

  14. >I’m unable to receive calls after poting this rom.
    >whenever call comes it shows Unfortunately, the process has stopped.
    Same problem. Also after two crashes phone reboots

  15. Its Not Working After Installing IT Rebooting The Phone Its Showing Cyanogen mod 12.1 For Unite 2 By Vijay
    Nothing else Is happening after sometime the phone switch off

  16. hey…
    I’m unable to receive calls after poting this rom.
    whenever call comes it shows Unfortunately, the process has stopped.
    plzzz help… n reply me fast…

  17. Please sdCard as Default storage. Untill u don’t make sdCard as default this rom can’t be used on 4gb models.Hence please sdCard as default storage.

  18. Hi Vijay Thanks for all the roms that you proivide for us and work day and night for.
    But there is only 1 issue , all the download links of your roms on google drive are dead and present us
    with a 404 error . I am trying from past 1 week to download a rom for my unite 2 and have tried every rom you have posted but all have a dead download link . Even this one which is one of the latest one 🙁
    I even tried octos and pacman but all are having dead links . I really wanted to try pacman rom but i cant download it. So my sincere request to you is to please update the links , if not possible for all , just try for pacrom and cyanogenmod b-6 .Please Vijay . And keep doing what you are doing , you are a inspiration for all of us . (RESPECT)

    with anticipation

  19. please provide with the detailed app storage in this rom for 4 gb model.. this is very important for many users.. btw great work by you and the team.. 😀

  20. Comment: I have flashed miui 7 global 5.9.4 on my unite 2. I want cm 12.1 I have ctrv3 installed and working. so can I flash cm 12.1 or not?? also what will be the app storage, internal storage, etc

  21. List of bugs:
    1 lock screen – screen gets rotated while locking
    2 boot animation theme changer – you can loose you IEMI after changing from cm themed
    3 playstore – stops woirkng some time and doesn’t start ups in till you don’t install play store and Google services back of latest version .
    4 launcher bug – apps are not visible after installation.
    SOLN:>> install TREBUTCHET launcher from cm 12.1 beta 4



  22. “Video playback limited to 360p”
    Is it limited to 360p if I use chrome or snaptube for youtube videos ?

    Can I use MX Player for videos or VLC is only capable for playing those videos ?

  23. Plz solve ussd bug otherwise perfect rom and is there any way to flash stock lollipop dialer? Bcoz the dialer in this rom does not support themeing and its settings always force close

  24. Rimond you can on advanced settings from about phone and then in settings search for notification drawer then add quick settings tiles and install xposed framework and hideable nav bar for hiding nav bar and power off and reboot is working properly, hope it will help you☺

  25. hello Vijay. I have updated to official lollipop last month and i flash cwm from somewhere else, but it doesnot work only black screen will appear for recovery and then it reboot. So how i can flash this cm rom without custom recovery.

  26. Quick setting drawer in notification is not opening.only showing brigyness controlled setting .is this a bug or did I something wrong in installation process.and what i have to do If I want to deactivate navigation bar and I think power off on bug is not fixed.over all great ROM.plz let me know if there is solution of my problem

    • 1st thing 1st dont expect 100% bugless rom we don’t have sources .
      Now app drawer issue u can use nova launcher or any 🙂

  27. Please add an app for the FM radio. I have upgraded to this ROM from beta 4 version. FM radio was listed as a bug, so it didn’t work but it is not there in the beta 6 also. The spirit ul app cannot play the FM. Please fix this as I like your ROM very much and I don’t want to switch to something else just for the FM radio. Thanks ????

  28. Please add an app for FM radio. I have upgraded to this ROM from beta 4 version. FM radio was listed as a bug, so it didn’t work but it is not there in the beta 6 also. The spirit ul app cannot play the FM. Please fix this as I like your ROM very much and I don’t want to switch to something else just for the FM radio. Thanks ????