ClockworkMod recovery for all mediatek devices
ClockworkMod recovery for all mediatek devices

No Custom recovery for your device? As Mediatek smartphone chipsets have gained its popularity in the market not only due to its performance but also for its affordability, many users tend to buy these smartphones. However, most MediaTek devices nowadays are produced locally. The problem is the limits bound to these devices when it comes to tweaking such as rooting, installing custom recoveries and more, due to lack of developers for their device. But no worry there are many ways to get things done.Today I’m sharing this method of installing ClockworkMOD which works for all Mediatek device. We will use MTK Droid Tools for the process.

Note : This works only for MTK based android device. If you are trying this on any other device then do it at your own risk. I am not responsible if you brick your phone or if u make any other damage to your phone

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Things you need:

  1. A MediaTek android device (MT65XX)
  2. Your phone must be rooted already. How to Root
  3. USB Chord.
  4. Windows PC/Laptop.
  5. Download ADB Drivers : ADB Drivers.
  6. Download MTK Droid Tools for Windows : MTK Droid Tools for Windows.

How To Flash ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on Any MediaTek (MT65xx) Android Device :

1. Download necessary files from above links.

2. Install the downloaded PDANet to your computer. It contains ADB Drivers.

3. Turn on your android device and connect it to your computer using USB Chord. (Make sure to Enable USB Debugging, go to Phone Settings — Developer Options — Enable USB Debugging.)

4. From your computer, open MTK Droid Tools that you have downloaded above and extract it to your desired location.

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5. Open MTK Droid Tools.exe from the extracted folder (Run as administrator). Wait for the tool to detect your device. (If UBIFS warning appeared in the status message, this process will not work for you. Only ext4 supported.). Notice on the bottom-left part of the tool, a YELLOW color indicator means that your android device is does not have root shell yet. If it is GREEN already, proceed to step 7. How to ROOT your Mediatek Device or proceed to Step 6

CWM for all Mediatek devices
CWM for all Mediatek devices
6.  Click ROOT button to enable root shell your device. Wait for the progress bar on the Status, see your phone to Grant Superuser access. If the color indicator turns GREEN, then you have successfully enabled root shell for your device.
CWM for all Mediatek devices1
CWM for all Mediatek devices

7.  Now, select the Root, Backup, Recovery tab and and further choose To Use Boot From Phone from the selections. Click Recovery and Boot, a message prompt will appear “To make CWM recovery automatically”, click YES.

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CWM for Mediatek devices
CWM for Mediatek devices

8. Wait for the tool to build the CWM recovery and another prompt will appear “install patched boot to phone?” select NO, wait a little bit more and another prompt will appear again “install created recovery to phone”, now select YES.

9. When the tool ask you to reboot your phone to recovery, click Yes and it will reboot to CWM recovery shortly. Check out your new custom recovery.

Congratulations! You now have Installed ClockworkMod custom recovery on your MediaTek android device. You can now enjoy apps that requires Superuser rights, mods and ROMs that requires flashing from CWM.

  • Alejandro Gabay

    Hi. Will it work on an Alcatel One Touch Hero 8? I am trying to get CWM for the device however it is not listed on TWRP as a registered one.

  • Vinith Chagi

    it shows blue colour instead of yellow or green in my lava pixel v2 marshmallow

  • niamonisoberano

    DONT WORK IN MT6580 🙁

  • abhishekh

    Thanks… Did it successfully… Consider getting ClockWorkMod, only if touch does not respond in TWRP else… TWRP is the best! ClockWorkMod navigates based on hardware buttons (Which most of the phones do support) so phones which have problems with touch navigation must definitely get this.

  • Nero Danty

    hello guys
    my phone mtk 6580 not detected on mtkdroid . what’s the problem
    i root it and activat debugin mode
    and install vcom cdc
    install mtk driver
    but not resolve the problem
    please what should i do ?

  • SaRoz MaGar

    Bro my mediastorage.apk. has been deleted so i can use galley,musicplayer n cant download apps from google so help me.
    My device is htc 626g+

  • Zafar Iqbal

    trying from months but always failed to root my device kindly help me

  • If the phone is not responding to charging, it won’t be possible to fix it. You can try in Micromax service center, they might fix it.

  • Can you charge the device? After plugging in the charger, does the device respond?

  • don

    plz find any custom recovery for lava iris 870

    Email: [email protected]

  • Afridi

    How i can get custom recovery on my mt6753?? Please help me

  • Lil Nguyen

    Did it work on HDC (Alps base) with MT6735?


    llevo mas de 2 horas y no me sale el estado del telefono este metodo es una basura

    • Lamentablemente, si este método no funcionó en su caso! ¡Tenga un buen día!

  • Umesh

    Hi devs-lab,
    I am using INTEX AQUA WING MT6735 ( Lolipop 5.1, rooted by. SuperSU) I want to install CWM , but ,

    Green Colour (root shell) ,appears as per your guide, after selecting
    – To use boot from phone
    Recovery and Boot below appears as follows

    ERROR: Zero file, no space left on device!

    —ERROR: Not read Block: boot
    —task is complete—

  • Arvind AD

    Hey! I need a clockworkmod recovery for Lava Pixel V2 help plzzz…

  • Mhel Rosal

    Thanks man it works 100% 😀 iloveyou

  • Avish

    Will it work with this Soc MediaTek MT8382 (
    Thanks in Advance

  • MarkoCCA

    bricked my htc desire 310

  • Mainak Punk

    Step 9 is not showing on my karbonn a50s.

  • Shivam

    Thanks It works on my iball andi 4.5d royale

  • P K Mallik

    Does it work on an MTK chipset of higher versions like MT6753, MT6755 etc? I do not think it will work.

  • Chima

    Will it work on 6580 chipset, running lollipop?

    • Nero Danty

      me the same problem

  • BigKen

    Can I use this on a AN1 watch/phone with a MT6575 chip?


  • poomani

    I have XOLO q2100 of mtk 6582. And I have rooted it.will the above mentioned guide will work without any probles or issues. Tell me Bro.THANX in ADVANCE am wait for your reply.Those who have mtk device even though having issues like brick so I asked bcaz am worried so I asked.

  • poomani

    I have XOLO q2100 of mtk 6582.It is rooted.Will this work without any problem or issues. Tell me Bro. THANX in ADVANCE am waiting for your reply… Am worried of brick so I asked. Y bcaz those who have same mtk devices even though they are bricked soo am worried n asked U soo.

  • poomani

    I have XOLO q2100, of mtk 6582 … I have already rooted it. Will this work without any problem or issues …. Tell me Bro . THANX in ADVANCE am waiting for ur replay. Y I asked bcaz those all who have e mtk devices they have issues like brick soo ??? so am Worried


    MTK Droid Tool can’t detect my phone. My device is Intex Aqua Speed HD, MT6582, running on Android Lollipop 5.0.

  • yeshas yesodharan

    facing this error please help.
    I need a custom recovery for my phone very badly.
    Please help.

    —>>> Connect to device <<<—
    — ERROR :No Split Boot Image
    — task is complete —

    • Corlat Emanuel

      This tutorial is not working with 4.4.2. Try TWRP Magic Installer for MTK instead.

  • Cid Sawyer

    MTK Droid Tool can’t detect my phone. My device is Cherry Mobile Zoom, MT6735, running on Android Lollipop 5.1. Any other ways to get this recovery installed on my phone? I badly need to backup my ROM. I need to modify the boot.img. Please help. Thanks.

  • Manish

    Sir, I have Intex aqua Freedom (Lollipop 5.1) running on MT 6580 chipset.
    I followed above procedure but Mtk droid tools is unable to detect my device.
    please help Sir, Please.

    • Gammapooka

      Connect cable to your phone, start MTK Droid tools, restart your phone and wait 🙂

  • mrefu mitigoa

    Thanks bro!…it has worked perfectly for my phone

  • Peter Embrey

    Worked great on HTC 620g great tut

  • KentZ

    Nice Nice !!! Working Thanks

  • udo7777

    MTK Droid Tools is not Working for all MT6580. Not for lollipop Phones!
    MTK Droid Tools is for JB KIK only!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greeting from Germany

    • Shaikh Naveed

      hey bro. did you extracted the RAR files of mtk droid? was it locked like my downloaded files? please tell me it’s password.
      please contact me.
      [email protected]

      • Devs-Lab Staff

        How can it be a .rar file? It’s a .exe file!

        • Shaikh Naveed

          You are right sir. But the .exe file is in .RAR file. And after downloading the .RAR file from above we have to extract it. I downloaded all versions many times. But it was .RAR file and it was password protected.
          So can you help me using “google drive” ?
          Share with me the extracted .exe file. My drive ID is [email protected]

          • Devs-Lab Staff

            It doesn’t have any password. I tried with all the versions. Everything is working perfectly fine!

    • Júlio Oliveira

      It didn’t worked on my Asus Live G500TG / Z00YD too.
      Maybe because i use magisk i don’t know.
      Please help

  • Michael

    Not working on a M8 MT6580

  • Rajdeep Singh

    its showing error: zero file,no space left on device error: not read block on my xperia e4g dual (e2043) please help

  • sarif nareja

    its work all mtk

  • srikar

    dude I have a doubt ,it works on mt6571 devices

  • sai kiran

    my mobile is restarting repeatedly after installation,what to do pls help me

  • Luvnish

    This message is showing??
    Is there any solution??

    Sorry, this file is infected with a virus

    Only the owner is allowed to download infected files

  • Avril

    Pls help me create a cwm for my Alcatel pop star 5022D 5.1 lollipop as mtk droid tools doesn’t connect to root shells here

  • NImish Borkar

    After following the whole process to install CWM recovery in my HTC Desire 526g+ MTC droid tools shows the text Task is complete but my phone is switching ON and OFF continuously. I am worried please give some suggetions as soon as possible.

    • RK

      hey buddy, how to root your mobile(htc desire 526g+) ???

  • Kaustubh Sharma

    I have MT6572 chipset with a KitKat Kernel.
    when i try this method it says
    error: no find kernelGZ
    eroor: no split image.
    What should i do? Is there another way of getting any other custom recovery?

  • Suman paul

    Sir can u pls make any custom recovery.img for lava iris x1 selfie…..

  • M. Emami

    thanks alot sir! it worked so fine on my Huawei G730-U10 as well. you saved my phone’s life and my money, cause I’d been decided to change my phone with a brand new one because of Huawei poor supporting my G730. you’re the Best. keep going. Bests, M. Emami

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Glad to hear it! Have a good day! 🙂

    • Ben

      Can I ask you can update os kitkat to huawei G730-U10 by this..

  • Bubai Das

    awesome!!!!! its worked like charm….!!!! thanks u so much. im using micromax canvas colours 2 with kitkat, i was finding a method to flash custom recovery for last couple of hours (6hrs) and finally this method worked!!!!! its working 99999999%!!!!!!!!!

  • Saheel

    I followed every step carefully still i get this error
    ” ERROR :Recovery doesn’t match by the size
    — task is complete — ”
    I got a Xolo Q1200
    Plz help me.
    I really need a custom recovery for this phone.
    Thanks in advance

  • Asaph

    MTK doesnt work on my Blu studio C mini please help 🙁

  • My device is MT6735 (Xolo Era 4K). MTK Droid donot yet supports these Higher Chipsets. Do you have any other method to make custom recovery and i am unable to root my device as well.

    Please write a post for it.

  • Leonardo

    This procedure doesn´t work with Alcatel One Touch Fierce 7024n at end you got message “Error 101: the phone has been flashed with unauthorized software & is locked” and keep in a loop

  • Ezekiel

    Nice!Thanks man,it worked for my phone!haha!

  • Seepak Kumar

    doesn’t it work on HTC phones
    I tried it on my HTC Desire 526g+ and bricked my phone.

  • Roberto

    A 1000% success? Hell no, I have a mediatek 6572 device known as mpie s960 wich claims to have an octacore mtk6752 anyways I got the error no find kernalgz and no split boot image. I run a windows 7 computer and I followed your tutorial to the letter and yet I got this error, what can I do to solve it? Am I screwed?

  • ff


  • Sabarish PS

    How to install recovery for my micromax sliver 5 ( Q450) and then CM rom , please guide me , thanks in advance !!!

  • Harsh

    what about mtk6735 soc devices like coolpad note 3 lite?

  • bharat

    How can i root and recovery install on htc 626g+

  • siddharth

    does it will work in karbon a51 . but i dont have pc or their another way…?

  • Salman Ahmed

    Please can anybudy tell me that how to create custom recovery manually through an android app? I mean any android that’s create custom recovery manually and can I install custom recovery of another device in my device with the combination of specifications?if yes then which kind of combination will required?like:Android version,screen resolution.which combination of specification will required please tell me.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Please can anybudy tell me that how to create custom recovery automatically through an android app or can I install custom recovery of another device in my device with the combination of specifications?if yes then which kind of combination will required?like:Android version,screen resolution.which combination of specification will required please tell me.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Don’t try other recoveries. You might end up bricking your device & can’t be fixed. Try the above method, it works for Mediatek devices.

  • Sahil

    Sir my karbonn titanium s5+ says mtk tool install busybox and then adbd not installed also ur link is removed for downloading tool

  • Ben

    Works great on my ALPS V3+…. Thanks bro. I mistakenly clicked “yes” to “install patched boot to phone?” Is it going to ’cause me any problems?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Nope, it won’t cause any issues. Let us know if you find any issues, we’ll help you solve it! 🙂

  • Vivek

    Everything went fine i got root access and got backup but this tool is not asking me to make CWM recovery automatically after selecting my boot.img .
    Please help?

  • it shows cant support mtk6572 on my lava iris 465 admin help plxxx

  • Milanb

    may I proceed to next step, if I have this message:

    —>>> Connect to device <> Connect to device <<<—
    ATTENTION! File /system/recovery-from-boot.p which restore factory recovery in case of phone switching on in a normal mode Is Found!

    please help?

  • tusar

    Symphony p6 pc shathe conect hosena

  • zzzzz

    hollo, am not getting twrp/cmw for intex aqua i7. and i want to install it without pc.. may anyone help???

  • Kuashie

    Comment: Like Joshi said this problem below

    mt6572 i got error:
    error: no find kernelGZ
    eroor: no split image.

    is really bugging us please help.

  • steven

    Hello i bricked my tecno m3 in this process how can i unbrick it…. regards

  • Md Ismail

    Hii,,,Bro Iam Using a Datawind Ubislate 7cz Tablet!!Is This process works for me also??? plz rply,,URGENTLY…

    Thanks.. 😉

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yes, it will work for your device. Let us know if you need any help! 🙂

  • dipen

    Any custom rom availabe for karbonn a25+ plz give and also give recovery cwm or twrp plz thank

  • Hemant Joshi

    bro when i try to cwm recovery in my mt6572 i got error:
    error: no find kernelGZ
    eroor: no split image.

    pls bro reply me n help me..


  • Hemant Joshi

    Bro when I try to install recovery I got following error message.
    Error: No Find kernelGZ

    THANX pls help me.

  • Ned21

    Does an allview e4 lite Mtk 6735 work to obtain root using your method?

  • aman yadav

    Can i install cwm on my intex Aqua power plus using this method.. my phone is mediatek mt6582…please tell me please

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yes it will work well for your device. 😉

      • Tony

        hey,thanks for this but just asking,i have a htc desire 816G mt6592,i have cwm installed,can i just directly flash custom roms(meant for mt6592) with cwm or do i have to do this porting processes am hearing about?

  • Sukhman

    Hey Htc Desire 526g+ users this dont work with our device, if you use this you will end up in Soft brick.

    • shiva

      i do it now what can i do

  • Rahul

    Hello admin can you help me getting a custom recovery for my mictomax bolt d303 (a mt6572 chipset with kitkat 4.4.2 os).please help sir I can’t find any …….

  • himanshu

    after installing the recovery my htc dsire 526g+ got stuck in bootloop ,won’t boot into recovery or fastboot plz tell me what to do

  • Shammi Akhter

    thangs………..for cwm

  • madhumay

    Can I apply it on my intex aqua i5 HD mobile

  • Sunil

    Plz give the link to download recovery. img of Karbon a50s

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Just follow the above procedure to Install CWM in your A50s

  • himanshu

    guys i need some urgent help!!!!!!!
    my htc desire 526g+ got bricked after installing the recovery,its has mtk6592
    it crashes everytime i try to boot it. plz tell me what to do
    (p.s. i tried booting in the recovey and fastboot mode)

  • kaede

    who ever created this HELL YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    its working whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Cheers mate!

  • eswarkanth

    plz help me to find recovery IMG of karbonA50s

  • Peter IOrdaah

    Worked like magic, in seconds, something I’ve surfed the web for days and couldn’t get answers… God bless u man, if only there was a donate button somewhere…

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Pleasure to hear it worked for you. We don’t accept any donations. But, thanks for the kind offer. May god bless you too!

  • Osasu Elaiho

    Does this work for the Infinix Hot 2 (X510) please?

  • Devs-Lab

    1. Root your device.
    2. Enable USB Debugging mode & follow the above procedures.
    3. Once its done, you’ll be able to root your device in recovery mode. You can also install the small app Rebooter to reboot into recovery.

  • Aadi

    can you pls tell me how to use it on iball andi 4.5k6+..
    It couldn’t reboot into recovery

  • Ashutosh

    please tell me how to fix it

    In system already available: Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.32

    —>>> Connect to device <<>> Connect to device <<<—
    ATTENTION! File /system/recovery-from-boot.p which restore factory recovery in case of phone switching on in a normal mode Is Found!

    • Devs-Lab

      Install the Recovery then,
      Load phone in CWM mode, connect to MTK Droid Root & Tools, go on the tab root, backup, recovery and, pressing on this tab the necessary buttons, we do:
      – backup! ! !
      – install superuser (often mean “get root” under it)
      – and other if need

  • aadarsh

    How to install cmw in my Karbonn titanium s1 plus..I tried..everything was OK..but at last point its show no memory left on device.. I HV 400 mb left ..plz hlp

  • raju

    karboon tit s5+ is a not mtk device i getting error plz support

  • Astrid Mcneal

    Thanks for your marvelous posting! It genuinely helped me install cwmm , you are a great developer.I will be sure
    to bookmark your blog and will come back in the foreseeable future.

    I want to encourage that you continue your great writing, have
    a nice holiday weekend!

  • umar

    Will this method will work for karbon titanium s5 plus

  • umar

    Will this method will work for karbon titanium s5s plus

  • Will this work on Karbonn S19?

  • asd

    Hello will this work for a MTK 6572 samsung galaxy 5 clone? model 900f?

    • As you are saying your phone is MTK 6572, it should work 100%.


    this method is worked on intex phones or not??? my device is intex aqua i5 mini.

    • Yes it will surely work for your Intex Aqua i5 mini as it has Mediatek MTK6582 chipset. Cheers !

  • Tony Sodhi

    Thanks bud I will try it later Can you do me a favor is this possible to arrange custom Tom for HTC desire 526g+ preferable cyanogenmod rom

    • Sukhman

      I ended up in boot loop, did your worked fine??

  • Tony Sodhi

    Does this method works on Htc 526g+ it has MT6592 Mtk processor with android 4.4.2 kitkat and yes i have rooted it

  • Aman Ladia

    Your files seem to be infected with viruses… Google drive is not allowing me to download them

  • Anik Bd

    Mtk droid tool shows that:"Attention! Recovery doesn't suit this phone.
    Installation is skipped. "
    what's wrong with my phone?? please help. 🙁

    • Anik Bd

      I am using a China mobile named"Symphony xplorer w31 " it is jelly bean 4.2.2 and mtk:6572

    • Can you please mention your device name.

    • Milan Nikolov

      I have the same problem. Please help. I using Prestigio PSP3502 Duo.

  • Sheldon John

    help me for my device titanium octane !!!!

  • michael john lejano

    thanks bro. God Bless You

  • Arun Bansal

    Pls Ajinkya sir provide custom recovery for karbonn a35 4.2.2 android mtk6572 1.3ghz processor

  • Deepankar

    Hello Ajinkya,
    I found the MTK Droid tools from. another source. I followed the instructions above but while rooting the MTK Droid tool reports:
    — ERROR :system it was not remounted on ReadWrite!
    — ERROR : file adbd not install !
    I do have the Pdanet installed.
    Please help.

  • Deepankar

    Dear Ajinkya,
    The GDrive is refusing to download of MTK Droid Tools, saying it is infected. Please check and revert

  • it says error : no find kernalgz and error : no split boot image.I have karbonn A14 device

  • Juan

    I have a upside down recovery, can you tell me how to fix it, a have a mt6572 (Universal5410 it's fake)

  • Anonymous

    MTK droid tool LINK is dead brother…

    Google found error so only owner can download that file….

    • aadarsh

      Sir plz help

  • Anonymous

    Hey mate, i did the steps and in the end it says it succeeded, but it doesn't ask me to boot into recovery, and when i did it myself, nothing changed… thanks

  • Sundhar .G

    file adbd not install !

  • Anonymous

    i could not download MTK tools, it says "Sorry, this file is infected with a virus

    Only the owner is allowed to download infected files."

  • Anonymous

    I want a cwm for Karbonn A26

  • Anonymous

    hi, m using titanium octane plus n hw cn i install cwm?

  • vijay a

    Bro i have karbonn a35 mobile is there any custom roms for this model and how to install cwm for this model am very irritating with this os so plsss give me instructions for install custom roms

    • Hey vijay can you please contact me here for custom roms for Karbonn A35 KarbonnROMS. Just message me on the page.

    • vijay a

      404 Not Found

      We're sorry but we could not find the page you are looking for.
      This may happen if you have entered site url incorrectly or this page doesn't exist anymore.

      You can try searching page again or go back to home

      This error message is coming so how can i contact you

    • Sorry for the wrong link contact here : KarbonnROMS.

    • vijay a

      Thank for giving reply to me bro i will contact you there

  • Ruturaj Desai

    thanx for giving a great method of installing recovery and rom. But still will u tell me how to increase internal storage on karbonn a25 plz.

    • Hey Ruturaj,
      I'm glad that few of this posts helped you increase your A25's performance. For increasing your A25's internal memory you can refer this post : Increase internal memory of android. If you can't find a post, use the Sitemap page or simply search for the post using the search box. Good day !

  • I'm glad that this method worked for your A7*. Hope to see you soon !

  • Anonymous

    when connected to mtk droid tools it shows a message

    ATTENTION! File /system/recovery-from-boot.p which restore factory recovery in case of phone switching on in a normal mode Is Found!

    what should i do??

    • I think you are trying this on some other chipset phone this only works for Mediatek.

      • Anup

        My mobile is Lava Pixel V2. MT6735 64bit. I have the same problem.

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    i could not download MTK tools, it says "Sorry, this file is infected with a virus

    Only the owner is allowed to download infected files."

    • Force download as its a system error. I have checked the file and it doesn't contain any virus. Hope this helps !

    • Anonymous

      hey man how do you update do the newest cwm recovery ? (6.0.3+)

    • Which device you have?

  • kalpit jain

    Somewhere i read that if you don't install the patched boot file then maybe it will stuck in boot loop. :/

    Is it so..??.. 🙂

    • Sukhman

      Yes with me it happens and not able to solve

  • Sanga Hauhnar

    I didnt work in my karbonn s2 has kitkat and i rooted my device using kingroot..can u pliz advice or tell me whats wrong and can karbonn s2 be rooted by some other method?

  • keylawnzo

    Thanks Man! It worked perfectly. No issues at all. I've gone through many different ways to try and flash CMW to my phone and its only your method that worked

    • I'm glad that this method for your phone. Hope to see you soon. Merry christmas !

  • vishal sharma

    sir I have lost my imei no.'s while flashing my karbonn titanium s2 using mobileuncle tool and I don't even have a backup…. now what I have to do sir …. plz help me ….. thnxxx in advance

  • Anonymous

    it has trojan virus what to do.can give a recovery for Kaebon a1+duple.can i install cyaogen mod 10.2 on this model reply as soon as possible

    • The file is not infected its just an error. Just recheck with your antivirus. Cyanogenmod is not possible for your A1+ Duple but i can develop few Flavored roms like Xperia or Note. Keep visiting !

  • xav

    Even worked for spice million 509

  • deven chitte

    can not install cwm recovery in karbonn A37 tab

  • urmish

    thanks buddy…

  • Anonymous

    i can't install cwm in my s5+ pls help i installed rom manager it says no cwm availble for s5+

  • Srinivas

    Is MTK Droid Tools Available for Mac OSX also ?

  • Anonymous

    it will work in karbonn a25 thanks sir………

  • Anonymous

    Does it Will Work with KARBONN A51+

  • Dheeraj jain

    Thanks a lot sir for this useful posts this worked well for my Karbonn Opium N9 ! Keep writing such helpful posts. 😀

  • Vinayak

    Worked like a charm for my "Karbonn Titanium S2 Plus" device! Thanks so much!