Tired of searching custom recovery for your Karbonn model? Then you are at the right place, here we have managed to bring ClockworkMOD recovery for all Karbonn models in one page. First let me explain what it does & Why you need it.

Custom Recovery replaces the limited stock recovery of your device,adding all sorts of functionality to your phone. Flashing a custom recovery is always a key part of rooting process , But that is not its only use. It can be used to clear cache partition, Dalvik cache and take system backup(Nandroid). Still have any doubt? Yet not rooted your phone

Note : I will not be responsible for any damages done to your phone ot toaster. I may only help you in such cases . Don’t blame for any damage happened to your phone. 

CWM for Karbonn Phones:

  1. Karbonn A1+ :
  1. Karbonn A2 :
  1. Karbonn A2+ :
  1. Karbonn A4+ (CWM 6.0) :
  1. Karbonn A5 & A7:
  1. Karbonn A6:
  1. Karbonn A7+ :
  1. Karbonn A9+ :
  1. Karbonn A10:
  1. Karbonn A11:
  1. Karbonn A12+ :
  1. Karbonn A14 :
  1. Karbonn A15+ (Thanks to Rahul):
  1. Karbonn A18+ (Thanks to Amit Kumar):
  1. Karbonn A21 :
  1. Karbonn A25 (CWM 6.0) :
  1. Karbonn A26 : Auto Insurance
  1. Karbonn A27+ : ( By Manish)
  1. Karbonn A30 :
  1. Karbonn A51 (CWM 6.0) :
  1. Karbonn Titanium S2. :
  1. Karbonn Titanium S5 :
  1. Karbonn Titanium S5 plus :
  1. Karbonn Titanium S9 :

Install this Recovery images in your phone by this method : Installing CWM. Didn’t found Recovery for your model? No worry ! You can directly install Recovery in your phone by this method : CWM Recovery.

If you want Recovery for your mobile you can post your request below. You can also help us increasing this list by providing Your model No. & Link of your recovery & get credits for it. Hope you have a good day ! Keep visiting !

  • Rockstar

    Sir ajinkya,
    My phone is karbonn titanium s30 desire.
    I want a cwm recovery img file for my phone model to update android version from kitkat to lollipop
    Model:karbonn titanium s30
    Operatipng sys:kitkat 4.4.2

  • Rockstar

    Hi Ajinkya sir,
    I have karbonn titanium s30 desire
    I want cwm recovery to update rom from kitkat to lollipop please give me the cwm recovery img file sir…
    Model:karbonn titanium s30 desire
    Operating sys:kikat 4.4.2
    This phone stock recovery doesnt have options like backup,install,advanced etc.
    Please help!

  • Inder Jeet Singh

    please send me link cwm recovery for my device titanium k9 smart v020

  • Usama

    Please i need customrecovery for titanium s15ultra plzz

  • anonymous

    coul’d i get to know the link for cwm for my titanium s205

  • ajay kakkar

    titanium vista


    Karbonn titanium s21


    Karbonn titanium s21

  • shubham

    Karbonn A108

  • Cmkt

    Recovery for titanium s200 HD

  • ankur patel

    Hello sir
    Please give A link for cwm recovery of karbonn smart tabs 72

  • Srikanth

    Can you please try obtaining a custom recovery for Karbonn A52+ Model. I’ve searched a very long time and I couldn’t find one. Your help is much appreciated

  • satish

    give cwm recovery img for karbonn machone s310 plz sir

  • rahul

    Sir please, provide cwm for Karbonn s200 HD.

  • pavitram chaturvedi

    can u suggest me rom for my karbonn a99

  • Bhargav Ahalpara

    Dear Ajinkya Sir,
    Can I flash the stock ROM of Karbonn Titanium S19 (having kitkat) in to my Karbonn Titanium S9 ?

    • You can try your luck. But, its too risky, as it could even brick your phone permanently.

      • Waish Ansari

        Thanks u so much bro

    • Bhargav Ahalpara

      One more question :

      "CWM RECOVERY" is available in the app – "ROM MANAGER" also, which can be downloaded from google play store. Can we use that option for any mobile phone ? Awaiting for your precious reply .

    • Bhargav Ahalpara, actually ROM Managar only provides CWM for costly & famous phones like Samsung, htc & xperia. You will barely find cwm for any Karbonn phone. Hope this helps you ! Keep visiting.

  • Vardhan Chary

    i need custom lollipop rom for karbonn titanium s20 send url to my email ([email protected])

  • Revanth Kovvuru

    ajinkya can u pls guide where to get cwm recovery for karbonn octane and how to install it…..!!

  • Bhargav Ahalpara

    Dear Sir,
    Can't we use the "ROM MANAGER" app from play store? Isn't that what we call a "cwm recovery" ? I am a bit confused !! Pls guide !

  • Arun Bansal

    Ajinkya sir pls pls provide custom recovery for karbonn A35,4.2.2 android 1.3ghz dual core processor mtk6572

  • Ashish Ghadigaonkar

    Please provide cwm recovery for karbonn a27 retina

  • Kavin Raj

    can you help to flash twrp recovery for my karbonn titanium s20

  • RaviWL

    I request you to please provide CWM recovery for #KarbonnA12. Thank you and all your hard works and time are appreciated.

  • karan Jaiswal

    Hello Sir,

    I want custom rom for karbonn a18+.
    Pls suggest.

    Karan jaiswal

    • amit kumar

      Hello Karen i developed the ROM for a18+ but due to my exam of class12 I can't upload the ROM so please wait until my exam end
      Amit Kumar

    • amit kumar

      I am really sorry for miss typing your name

  • Anonymous

    is there any rom for a5s????

  • Prem Tamang

    bro, i need cmw and a custom rom for s1 plus. thanx in advance

  • Ayan Roy

    please give me cmw for karbonn titanium octane(not octane plus) ……and also tell me procedures to flash it into my device….

    • Hey Ayan roy,
      Install CWM in Octane by this method CWM for Octane It worked for other Octane users.

  • Supam CB

    I need recovery for karbonn a12star, eagerly waiting for it..

    • Karbonn A12* is MediaTek based phone. CWM for A12* Keep visiting !

  • kimi kom

    Cn u pliss gve me recovery for karbonn titanium s20

    • Karbonn Titanium S20 is MediaTek based phone.This method of Installing CWM worked for other S20 users : CWM for S20. Keep visiting !

  • Parth mahajan

    your cwm recovery for karbonn titanium s5 plus is not working .pls try to upload again .pls

    • CWM recovery for S5+ is working well for other users but no issue if it doesn't works for you here is an alternate method : CWM for S5+ Hope this helps !

  • Anonymous

    I installed CWM MtkDroidTools_v2.5.3 sucessfully before installing S5 rom for Karbonn A30 I tried to do factory reset with backup using wifi but since then my phone is not booting its giving Karbonn smart screen and Factory reset android Icon if I press volume up and power then it has test mode, clear emmc, reeboot .. option on pressing reboot button still getting same mode as before Karbonn smart screen and Factory reset android Icon any solutions how to move further to install the ROM?

    • Hey,
      As per your info. the options available in your recovery are of Stock recovery which means you have not installed CWM properly. I think you have soft bricked your phone so installed Stock firmware using SP Flash tool, download the stock rom form site. Hope this helps.

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    is there cwm recovery for karbonn a26

  • vishal sharma

    sir I have lost my imei no.'s while flashing karbonn titanium s2 using mobileuncle tool and I don't even have a backup.. now what I have to do sir…. plz help me… thanxxx in advance….

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ajinkya,

    Please provide any custom recovery for karbonn A12..i Seached many days in google I can't able to get it. Otherwise plase describe how to make custom recovery for karbonn A12(BRCM chipset)

    Thanks a lot

    • Hey,
      I got a Karbonn A12 from my friend. I'll soon work on cwm & Custom ROMS for A12 after my exams. Hope to see you again. Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Ajinkya,

      I am waiting for your post

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ajinkya,

      Anu update for A12 custom recovery.. Are you work on it? when can we get that?


    • Hey,
      I tried building a CWM for A12 but ended in a boot loop. I'm trying various methods to build a working CWM for A12 hope it doesn't takes too long. You can subscribe so that you get an email of CWM for A12 as soon as its posted.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ajinkya,

      Any Update for the A12 custom recovery? 🙂

    • bitu singh

      i have successfully ported cwm for karbonn a12. if u guys need it contact me on fb =>dharmen.sing

  • Jagtar Manpreet

    karbonn A51 (MT6572) CWM available

  • amit kumar

    Update your blog upload cwm Karbonn a18+
    Here is cwm recovery link
    And thanks for making this blog

    • Thanks amit kumar ! This blog is still working just because of people like you. Thanks for your Support. I will soon work on Custom ROM for Karbonn A18+. Keep visiting ! God Bless you !

    • amit kumar

      Thanks for your comments
      After working too much now I developed five working ROM for karbonn a18+ i soon upload all of that actually i testing for bug still i can't find any bug so i decided to upload the ROMs after my class 12 examination
      Thanks for your support
      And also thank you for making this blog we are the team I try my best to help you
      Again thanks
      Amit Kumar

    • amit kumar

      Well a still a ROM from you because your are great ROM developer and your is more stable than my ROMs
      Amit Kumar

    • I'm glad to have such a nice supporting & helping teammates. For any help you can contact me on facebook page : KarbonnROMS

    • amit kumar

      Hi bro
      In all my ROMs a bug found which serious problem actually WiFi hotspot ,USB tethering,Bluetooth tethering not work in my Karbonn a18+
      So, I cannot upload that ROMs
      So,please hint me to fix I will try my Lev best but I am fail,or if possible please make a ROM
      Amit Kumar

  • Anonymous

    Brother..plzz update cwm recovery for a9+ .the link is not working rkseems. Thanks gor nice wo

  • amit kumar

    please add Karbonn a18+ cwm

    • amit kumar

      Oh my bro. Sorry to say this but I still don't find my cwm file for Karbonn a18+.
      I downloaded other all app also installed my driver's so,please add Karbonn a18+ cwm if other can I flash from the above please recommended me

    • amit kumar

      You may also add me through Facebook and what's app
      My no. Is9852762354 or my fb I'd is Facebook. Com/amitkumar9931600535

  • Anonymous

    Pls Fix Karbonn A30 CWM .. Link NOt Working For me.

  • Anonymous

    ajinkya pls give custom recovery for karbonn s9.

    • Added Titanium S9 recovery. Checkout Titanium S9 Custom ROMS. 😉 Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      thanks ajinkya for recovery of s9 and ur quick responce

  • Anonymous

    as earlier u suggest me to install cwm recovery for my karbonn a50 device
    i use that method for MTK devices u provided
    it shows green signal in MTK droid tool but when i follow the procedure it shows error msg: "not read block"

    actually my earlier stock recovery is not working
    is there any method to install any recovery

    • Ya there is another method i will post it soon & sorry if this method didn't worked for you. Keep visiting !

  • Santosh Fuyal

    sir plz help me i need cm recovery for karbonn a2+ jelly bean (4.2.2) 1.3 ghz processor

  • Anonymous

    sir i need cwm recovery for karbonn a50

  • Kumar Digvijay

    the cwm link for karbonn A 30 is not working…plz update….

  • plz give me cwm for karbonn titanium hexa

  • Srinath Srinivasan

    s5+ recovery not working……

  • plz give me cwm version 6 for karbonn a27+

  • how to install cwm on karbonn a27+

  • Anonymous

    kya a27+ cwm recovery a18+ me install ho sakti hai kya?

  • Can"t find CWM for my A18+, please help.

  • Anonymous

    Please post cwm for karbonn a9 star

  • Anonymous

    a12 recovry img and custom rom plzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous


    • Switch off your phone then press Volup+Home+Lock button simultaneously & select Recovery mode.

  • Anonymous

    Hi… i have karbonn a26 pls post custom rom for it there is no one custom rom on google pls as i know u r the fathere of karbonn custom roms u can do it right ??

  • Anonymous

    Hi… i have karbonn a26 pls post custom rom for it there is no one custom rom on google pls as i know u r the fathere of karbonn custom roms u can do it right ??

  • vijay jaiswal

    Brother there are no custam rom,recovery for karboon titanium s9 plzz port some rom nd recovery img..

    Plzzz plzz
    There nothing for karboon s9 in holl internet
    U r last hope

  • CWM recovery for karbonn A25 plus

  • Anonymous

    Bro, can I get jellybean or kitkat rom for A4+……

  • Anonymous

    plsss bro plsss a12 recovery …………

  • Anonymous

    plz post cwm recovery for a52

  • Anonymous

    Please post for karbonn a12
    Couldnt find it anywhere

  • For karbonn a25

  • Anonymous

    I had formated my karbonn a27+ from settings not from
    recovery It had started once but ater i reset again then boot problem

  • Anonymous

    Bro i had cwm recovey and formated my mobile and i lost recovery and my mobile is continous rebooting but not starting karbonn a27

  • Anonymous

    Bro i had cwm recovey and formated my mobile and i lost recovery and my mobile is continous rebooting but not starting karbonn a27

  • Anonymous

    How to flash 4.2 jellyben on karbonn a27+ from computer

  • Anonymous

    when I play games like gta sa or nova3 it says out of memory. and game closes on karbonn a27+

  • Anonymous

    how to increase ram in karbonn a27+

  • Anonymous

    I unable to play high end games on karbonn a27+ so can u tell some trick

    • Checkout post on how to play high end games on low end device under Tweaks section.

  • Anonymous

    thank u ajinkya mishra
    cwm works for me karbonn a27+

  • Anonymous

    the cwm recovery. u have given will work on karbonn a27+

    • Yes bro even i'm using on my A27+.
      Do leave your feedback if this helped you.

  • Anonymous

    how to install cwm recovery. on karbonn A27+

  • Anonymous

    is there cwm recovery for karbonn titanium s9

    • Sorry, no cwm for S9

    • Don't worry we will soon post how to get cwm on all karbonn phones. 😉 Simple trick ! 😀

  • Anonymous

    how to install cwm recovery karbonn A27+ safely

  • finally i found CWM recovery for my karbonn A27+ thank you karbonn roms thanks atone