One of Supercell’s popular game titles, Clash Royale, has received a big update bringing in new modes, new cards, balances and Quests to spice up the popular mobile game. The tower defence game’s latest update is both for iOS and Android.

The game launched in 2016 now has daily and weekly quests, epic rewards, and several new modes. For example “Touchdown” is a new mode without towers. The new update also adds chat and the option for a rematch with your 2v2 teammate. Supercell is also removing Achievements in the next update with the arrival of Quests. The devs have also revamped the card release system, so new cards will be a true surprise. Apart from that several cards have been re-balanced. To know the changes, click here.

Besides this, there are several improvements that include a new Shop which will feature daily deals. Players can now also share and copy decks from outside the game. Supercell has also released a trailer to showcase some of these new changes. For the complete list of changes, visit their blog post here.

Clash Royale uses characters similar to Clash of Clans. However, it is a mix of genres like card games, Tower defence, and multiplayer battles that provides a unique touch to the title.