Microsoft will announce its new windows update on 29th July 2015. Microsoft is relying heavily on Windows 10 to move the company to its users forwared. Many Microsoft users skipped the 8.x series altogether, making Windows 7 as the new Windows XP. That’s one big reason why Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 to users of Win7 and Win8.1, during its first year. While Microsoft, insists that each new version of windows is the best ever.

It will be released on July 29th July 2015, but only for a selected category. Those of us who have been running the preview version of Windows 10 will get it first through Windows update. Then, according to this Microsoft blog post – it will be rolled out to those Windows 7 and 8.1 users who have indicated they want the upgrade. It will eventually be offered to everyone through Microsoft’s Windows Store.

Now the question is, Should you switch to Windows 10? The answer will be as usual “Depends”. With the return of the start menu along with the most beautiful feature of Windows 8 i.e tiles. It also includes much better cloud integration including Windows OneDrive. There’s a new Web browser to replace Internet Explorer, and if you’ve got Xbox One, you can stream games from it to your Windows 10 PC.

Xbox is coming to Windows :

Get the biggest Xbox franchises with the best of Xbox Live. Start recording gameplay in seconds, compete against console players, and stream games from your Xbox One console to your Windows 10 device from anywhere in your home.

“I have two words to say – Good Job” – Windows Insider.

We are just three weeks from the release of Windows 10, If you are planning to switch to Windows 10, make sure you are ready with all the below stuffs,

  • Backup all your data.
  • Check if your system is capable of Windows 10 : Check Hardware requirements of Windows 10. (Similar to Windows 8 & 8.1)
  • Check it the copy of your windows is genuine, not pirated and hold your breath for Microsoft’s Windows 10.

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