BlackBerry DTEK50 update
BlackBerry DTEK50 update

BlackBerry had been known for developing the most secure phones in the past and were used by the people who wanted to keep their data secure. The most famous example of the people using BlackBerry phones for being secure was by the US President Barack Obama. Although, BlackBerry phones were very secure but they missed the opportunity of migrating to Android and lost its place in US as well as international markets. Last year, BlackBerry made a comeback by launching the DTEK50 which is the first phone from BlackBerry running Android. BlackBerry has still been taking pride in giving security to its phones powered by Android as well. The latest phone from BlackBerry, the KeyOne is known to be the most secure phone in the market currently.

BlackBerry also wants to keep all of its phone in the lineup secure as well. BlackBerry has released the latest security patch from Google which is the May security patch. The new firmware update being pushed to BlackBerry DTEK50 brings May security patch and arrives as build number AAL135. The update is around 100.5 MB but the update is absolutely recommended because it contains the latest security patches.

According to a report, there are as many as 2-3 security vulnerabilities found in Android operating system everyday and Google has for that matter started to release the security patch every month to all of the Android devices. BlackBerry’s DTEK50 however still runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and the Android 7.0 Nougat update is expected to come soon. There is no word for the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the DTEK50 but we will let you know as we know more.

  • Kamlekar Venkateshwar

    First android phone from blackberry is priv.

  • Luke

    I’ve got a PRIV with Rogers. Still at Feb 5th. If this is going to work, BlackBerry needs to be able to bypass the carriers.