BlackBerry has always been distinct in the smartphone industry. Well known for it’s physical keyboard, BlackBerry smartphone was a dire need for business class personnel. BlackBerry has gone through numerous phases in it’s business, with one being the adaptation of the Android operating system in it’s devices. In February 2017, BlackBerry announced a distinct smartphone in the Android competition called BlackBerry KEYone.

Since it’s release, the BlackBerry KEYone has been widely acclaimed. Probably because the lack of smartphones with a physical keyboard. It has a perfectly sized 4.5” display with a comfortable keyboard and smooth textured back. But some users have been reporting the glass panel of the display detaching itself. Users are frustrated over this issue. Many believed it’s happening due to a weak adhesive being used to attach the glass panel to the phone’s housing.

BlackBerry devices are well known for their strong build and form factor. So why did this malfunction occurred in KEYone devices? Well first of all BlackBerry are not manufacturing their devices themselves. BlackBerry have outsourced it’s production to TCL. BlackBerry said that only a handful of users are facing this issue. It’s not widespread in all the KEYone handsets. While addressing this issue TCL communications stated,

While the BlackBerry KEYone is being met with great enthusiasm, we are aware of the concerns around potential display separation on the device. Out of the thousands of BlackBerry KEYone smartphones that have been shipped and sold globally, only a very small handful of customers have reported this kind of issue.

Nevertheless, TCL Communication claims that its teams are currently examining additional adhesive measures that will hopefully solve the problem and keep the screen from popping out.

BlackBerry KEYone smartphone is one of a kind. It’s an Android based smartphone with a fully functional physical QWERTY keyboard. There have been Android devices featuring a physical kkeyboar in the past, however there haven’t been many. BlackBerry changed the smartphone game by introducing the Blackberry Passport which received a warm welcome but suffered to due the limitations of BB OS10. BlackBerry KEYone is receiving a much better reception than it’s kin “BlackBerry Passport”, we can deduce that it might be due to the KEYone having Android OS thus the availability of more apps.

You can see the poor Adhesive used in Blackberry KEYone Smartphone, revealed during a bend test:

What are your opinion regarding the BlackBerry KEYone? Would you be buying one or do you prefer a full touchscreen device? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Roy Benson

    Key board is too narrow on the keynote!!!! The passport’s is way superior!!! Lousy design move!… The screen should of been etleast 5″or more. Blackberry never seems to catch up with the others!!!!! Should just stop trying the phone making bussines it all together!!! Period! JUST GET OUT OF IT.

  • Luke

    Bought one and have been using it for a week and a half. Switched from the BlackBerry PRIV and the only complaints I have are minor changes in the OS between 6.0.1 and 7.1 that have nothing to do with BlackBerry. I highly recommend this phone.

  • Michael House

    I bought one and I have no issues so far a great device!!

  • John Jepson

    They didn’t go direct from the Passport to the KEYone I am typing this on my PRIV. And I love this phone.