Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant
Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant

The elusive Bixby Voice is now finally available to talk to in 200 countries across the globe. The global rollout comes a day ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 launch event where Samsung might have been grilled over the promised feature by the media. The Korean OEM did tease the global rollout on its Twitter handle. And should I say, am I relieved to finally see the talking Bixby. For those of you who aren’t much aware, Bixby Voice suffered issues at its launch and was delayed save for the South Koreans. Moreover, Samsung took some time to get its act together, and finally released a full-blown Bixby Voice for the US recently.

With this global push of Bixby, we reckon most countries will be able to see Bixby in a working state. Especially countries like UK, Canada, Australia, and South America will be much delighted with the news. Samsung also took the time to mention in a press release that they plan to give Bixby many more features. Amongst them is third-party compatibility, more languages, availability for other Galaxy devices and so on. Moving forward, even more countries will see the Bixby Voice feature.

Note: Samsung is yet to do a server-side switch that will get the voice assistant live. So, be patient while that happens.

Samsung believes Bixby is not just another AI assistant. It insists that Bixby brings granular device controls within reach via voice controls. Eventually, the Korean giant wants to evolve Bixby to do everything with voice that can be done with touch. Lofty aims, these are. But, Bixby lacks what Google Search assistant can provide. And it does have to go a long way before it can challenge Google.

We would love to know what you think of Bixby? Would you use it more often to control your device? Or are you annoyed by the new AI? let us know in the comments below.