Less then 6 months after launching Bixby on the Galaxy S8, Samsung has announced a new incarnation of its AI assistant. Bixby 2.0 announcement was the first thing on Samsung’s mind at the on-going Developer Conference in San Francisco.

The biggest hurdle, so far, for Bixby’s evolution was it’s extremely limited availability. Samsung has completely changed that in 2.0. The AI will now be available on any and all devices. Samsung’s words seemed to imply that the assistant might make its way to non-Samsung devices. However, this was not an explicit statement.

At the least, it means Bixby will be ubiquitous on all Samsung hardware. This includes smartphones of course and home devices which includes TVs, refrigerators, home speakers, and so on. We are really excited about this new announcement. Although it remains to be seen if this new update will include older Samsung devices or simply upcoming new ones. It will also be interesting to see what functions the new assistant will serve on home devices and how useful it will be.

Samsung also said the new v2.0 will be a lot better at understanding natural language. It will also have improved language support, and be able to process more complex data. The revised Bixby will employ machine learning to get to know you better with time.

The other big takeaway from the announcement was related to developers of Bixby. Samsung is now opening the platform to devs with a private beta of the Bixby SDK. As the moment the SDK is for a few select developers but it will eventually be open for all. This will drive adoption for the service and allow the ecosystem to grow faster than before.

We’d like to point out that a full-blown release has not been declared and at the moment the new version is in private beta. These were the three key takeaways from the announcement. You can read the full press release from the source link below.