Top 20 best Torrent websites of 2017 (December Edition)

Top 20 Best Torrent websites of 2017 2018
Top 20 Best Torrent websites of 2017-2018

Torrent is still one of the most widely used tool to share media over the Internet. But torrents in the past year has suffered some serious legal issues mainly due to piracy report by copyright owners. In 2016, people even said “Torrent is dead” which means no more piracy. But this folks know their way out. One goes down, the other rises. At the beginning of 2017, 2 major torrent providing sites have been shut down : Kickass Torrent and the legendary torrent search engine, Most people don’t even know about the new Torrent websites. So, today I’m here with a list of Best Torrent websites of 2017.

Even though we don’t want piracy, at some time in our life, everyone might have used Torrent websites. Because spending money on every other digital product isn’t a common man’s fate. Finding the best torrent sites isn’t easy as most of the Torrent sites are not indexed in Google. So, if you search for torrent sites, you will not see all the torrent sites in the search results.

Looking back in 2016, where torrenting had many issues. This year in 2017, reputed torrent websites like ThePirateBay & new comers like Torrentz2 have much better & improved engines as compared to the old ones. Especially the new comer, has much the exact same design as its predecessor but much better rankings algorithm which provides much efficient results as compared to the old one.

We in no manner promote piracy. This article is just for educational purpose.

Enough of past talks, let’s jump on the list of torrent websites. However, many proxy sites are available but we are not including them here. The top places on the list of 2016 was quickly filled by ThePirateBay. Let’s checkout the best Torrenting sites of 2017

The Top 10 best torrent sites of 2017

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirrate Bay - Best Torrent Website of 2017
The Pirrate Bay – Best Torrent Website of 2017

The most apparent site on this list is, The Pirate Bay. This is one of the oldest sites and is the number 1 torrent provider operating in its .org domain. Though the past year has been not so good for The Pirate Bay, it still managed to hang on us. It provides torrents based on category, mostly TV-shows, videos, games. One thing the best thing about this site is, it allows you to do searches in particular category. The Interface is perfectly for anyone who’s not familiar with Torrents.

PirrateBay surely knows how to keep things clean & make the entire site user friendly. This site has surely faced same real bad issues with different governments but I guess they know their way out.

Site Link:

2. - Best torrent websites of 2017 – Best torrent websites of 2017

After the termination of the legendary torrent site, Almost everyone believed that the end of Torrent is near. But our new friends had something else in their mind. No doubt, looks the exact same as its predecessor & has almost the same features. But things aren’t the same. You can say this as, the Version 2 which packs few improvements. Unlike the previous site, now site searches 60 different torrent websites. Yes, you read it right. 60!

Site Link:

3. 1337x

1337X Torrent - Best Torrent websites of 2017
1337X Torrent – Best Torrent websites of 2017

1337x has been improved since last year when many users complained about its security. It also has a dedicated portal to movies and TV-shows torrent which makes it dear to many users. One thing that makes this torrent different from others, is the thumbnail feature. By just having a look at the torrent page of any video file, you can find the quality of video rather than downloading it. Also, 1337X has started showing more refined searches.

Site Link:

4. Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent - Best Torrent websites of 2017
Extra Torrent – Best Torrent websites of 2017

Extra torrent has been developing itself for the past few years. They have a vast collection of torrents. And according to its founder, they have been able to sustain themselves due to its active community. They are also home for the ETTV and ETRG groups. This Torrent website has its own forum with very high number of active user base. You can contact members & even request them for files.

Site Link:

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5. Torrentproject

The TorrentProject - Best Torrent Websites of 2017
The TorrentProject – Best Torrent Websites of 2017

Torrentproject is appearing the top 10 for the first time. It uses DHT to find content and has a database of over 10 million torrents. It is one of those few torrent websites with little no annoying Ads & popups with adult content. I believe Torrent Project is trying to reach greater heights by focusing more on user experience. The search page looks very much like a Google search which is neat & simple.

The torrent searches from different websites including Thepiratebay and more than 300 other torrent sites. With few more improvements, I believe this could be the best torrent search engine site of all.

TorrentProject Proxy List:


6. Rarbg

Rarg Torrent - Best torrent websites of 2017
Rarg Torrent – Best torrent websites of 2017

Rarbg is majorly a video and TV-show provider. They have won hearts of millions of users since its release in 2008. But it came into light around 2010, when it entered the top 10 list. Just like every other website, Rarbg, has also faced legal issues but managed to be alive.

Site Link:


YTS.AG Torrent - Best torrent websites of 2017
YTS.AG Torrent – Best torrent websites of 2017 is not all related to the Yify group, but has been managed to create its own place on the internet. Many torrent sites have been opposing the use of “brand’s name” and protesting to shut down the site. YTS is a video dedicated Torrent website which the best video quality in minimum size possible.

Site Link:

8. Torrent downloads

Torrent Downloads - Best Torrent websites of 2017
Torrent Downloads – Best Torrent websites of 2017

Torrentdownloads has been actively blocked by many ISPs like any other torrent site. It provides really great search engine to search torrents for millions of users each month. It provides pretty decent search results for the query.

Site Link:

9. TorrentFunk

Torrent Funk - Best Torrent Sites
Torrent Funk

While Torrent websites are going down everyday, Torrent Funk has been improving its platform to increase user’s trust and saving time. It’s one of the most Active Torrent website with Verification and comments on each Torrent. It’s surely a life saver!

Site Link:

10. iDope

iDope Torrent website

iDope is a site made in the memories of the legendary Kickass Torrent. Although you might find duplicates of Kickass Torrents, but most of them are slow, unupdated and full of Popups. iDope presents the search results in a very neat manner with minimal Ads. This is probably the first Torrent site with it’s own Android App which allows you to search directly from the App.

Site Link: | App url:

11. Limetorrents

Lime Torrents - The best Torrent websites of 2017
Lime Torrents – The best Torrent websites of 2017

LimeTorrents has come and gone from the top 10 list every passing year but still one of the best provider of torrents around the world.  Users love the size of their database and the frequency of legitimate files.

Site Link:

12. TorlockTorLock Torrent

The Torrent which if not guarantees but works hard to have only original torrent unlike the rest. Each of the torrents are verified and checked by users like us to assure if it’s real or fake. So yeah, you can trust on Torlock torrents. This shows they believe in Quality rather than quantity.

Site Link:

13. BtScene Torrents

Bittorrent Scene best Torrent sites

This is another neatly designed Torrent website with great sorting options and search layout. Along with all this, BtScene Torrents has a very cool option to checkout Popular uploads from any file type and also check what are the latest uploads. All this options keeps the torrent alive and fresh.

Site Link:

14. Kickass Torrents (Proxy)

Kickass Torrents Proxy working

If you’re searching for Torrents, I’m sure you might be aware of the Kickass Torrents. Earlier if anyone asks you about any torrent site, was the answer to it. But due to legal issues, this site was taken down. It was a big mess in the Torrent industry and everyone panicked and had only 1 question in their mind. Is this the end of Piracy? Well, it was. But not now; it’s back! You might be wondering if it’s back, why is this site on 14th Position? Well, it’s back through proxy servers. As proxy servers aren’t fast always, this sites take too long to load. Rest everything remains same in this site as the previous Kickass Torrent.

Site Link (Proxy sites):


15. SkyTorrents

Sky Torrent Search Engine with no tracking

Another Torrent search engine but with large verified torrent database. SkyTorrents is a clean and privacy focused torrent search engine. This project is still under heavy development i.e it’s still in beta phase. Best part about SkyTorrents is, they do not track users in any form and therefore, they do not use cookies nor do they sell any data to anyone. The entire project is maintained up to date by smart software. Manual intervention is limited but still there. Every hour hundreds of new torrents are discovered and made available for search purposes.

Site Link:

16. YourBitTorrent

YourBitTorrent best sites 2017

YourBitTorrent holds the largest amounts of verified torrents in the world. Finding a fake torrent file is really difficult on this site. While the site is no different from others, it’s more active and offers a really nice interface. They don’t have sorting options, which some of you might not like.

Site Link:

17. Worldwide Torrents

WorldWide Torrents Search Engine 2017

This is probably one of the neatest Torrent search engines out there. Less Ads, bunch of Options to play around with and a pretty active user base. There are very less fake torrents due to the active community which verifies everything uploaded.

Site Link:

18. Pirateiro

pirateiro best Torrent search Engine 2017

Pirateiro is yet another less known Torrent website with a neat interface and less Ads. While this torrent has less indexes, it offers decent results. It’s easy to use and has many options to checkout different sections and sort things out.

Site Link:

19. - Best torrent websites of 2017 – Best torrent websites of 2017

EZTV.AG has been around for a long time but due to its security, its been neglected. It releases its own content but is generally banned on some other sites due to its controversial history. I have personally never used this as the Interface doesn’t look pleasing at all. Everything looks a complete mess.

Site Link:

20. P2PDL

P2PDL Torrent Website

Another great torrent website with good results and neat interface. P2PDL has very less popups and annoying Ads on their website. It has one of the largest verified Torrent database with majorly genuine files to offer.

Site Link:

Extra: Monova

This is another torrent Search engine with a material design. The problem with this one is, there are too many fake torrents, you need a have a good eye to spot the fake ones.

Site Link:

Top 20 best Torrent sites of 2017 (Torrenting)

RankTorrent SiteWeb URL
#1The Pirate Bay
#4Extra Torrent
#5TorrentprojectProxy Links (Check Above)
#8Torrent downloads
#13BtScene Torrents
#14Kickass Torrents (Proxy)Proxy Links (Check Above)
#17Worldwide Torrents

We have not made the Torrent site’s link clickable as there are chances that any of this site may redirect to any hacked/adult content which is considered as hacked by Google. This might flag our website as Malware content.


Torrents are still considered to be illegal almost everywhere in the world as it’s one of the major promoter of piracy. But it has penetrated so deep into the internet that it is almost never leaving.

Best Torrent website 2017
ThePirateBay is the winner!
I believe ThePirateBay is the best Torrent website of 2017 because of its search Algorithm & efficiency which shows the best result than any other Torrent site.
  • How is ExtraTorrents on your list for November when they shut down in May? How can I trust the rest on your list?

    • I guess you’re mistaken. ExtraTorrent is still alive, please check the link to the torrent.

      • You changed the link from extratorrent. cc to extratorrent. cd

        At the original: “ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes offline.. We permanently erase all data.
        Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones.”

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    I think you forget ExtraTorrent Returns