Blackberry’s OS might have become a thing of the past but some bits and pieces of the OS are still alive in the form of apps. One such app that is still widely used is the BBM Messenger. Even amongst a truck load of apps already on the Play Store, it is a widely used instant messenger. Blackberry is taking the feature-laden app to new heights with a big update.

The update brings major design changes and adds new features. The update is for both iOS and Android platforms, but it isn’t live for iOS right now. Although, that will change next month. In short, the app now has a redesigned chat screen, a better main menu in Android, a more systematic sticker shop with newly added stickers as well as new things in the Discover tab.

Redesigned Chat

The chat bubbles now resemble speech bubbles and the sender’s picture appears next to it. They’ve also toned down the colors of the bubbles into light blue and white to be easy on the eyes and made the text black. In contrast, a new patterned background is applied to finish the new makeover.

Re-organized Sticker Shop

The Sticker shop is something WhatsApp still doesn’t have. They are very popular with BBM. There are a huge number of new sticker packs from the Sticker Factory and from other artists. This also has lead to a re-order of the store and you can read more about it here.

The Discover Menu

The updated Discover Menu will show new stuff based on where you are. Blackberry doesn’t state if the new feature will show up globally, but it has given some region-specific examples. Nigerian citizens will be able to see new events in their area, purchase tickets and also plan with their friends.

North African and Middle Eastern users will see two content channels: Sa2eh and Jamal that offer content in tourism and beauty respectively. Be sure to update the app to make use of the newest features. In case you want to know more, head on to the source below.