List of all themes for Asus Zenfone ZenUI
List of all themes for Asus Zenfone ZenUI

Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company, Asus is one of the fastest growing Smartphone manufacturing company with lots of new features & design which are not found in other smartphones. Budget friendly & long lasting Asus smartphones comes with ZenUI, Asus’s custom skin which allows theming options over stock Android. Although there are many themes available in Asus’s Theme store, there are tones of beautiful third party themes made by Zenfone users which are not available in Theme store. Today we’re here with list of all Asus Zenfone’s themes which are not available in Theme store & are absolutely free. You can also say it as Premium Asus themes for free.

List of all ASUS Zenfone third party Themes

List of themes for Asus ZenUI
List of themes for Asus ZenUI

Note: Theme Name Which Highlighted By Blue Letters Are Latest Themes.  😎   😀 

  1. Alienware Zenfone Third party theme: Download
  2. Android N ZenUI Theme: Download
  3. Animater ZenUI Theme: Download
  4. B.S.O.D NAGASARI ZenUI Theme: Download
  5. Barcelona ZenUI Theme: Download
  6. Batman Zenfone (ZenUI) Theme: Download
  7. Beluk ZenUI Theme: Download
  8. Broklat ZenUI Theme: Download
  9. Business ZenUI Theme: Download
  10. Classic Theme: Download
  11. Color Circle ZenUI Theme: Download
  12. ColorOs 2.1i ZenUI Theme: Download
  13. CoolUi ZenUI Theme: Download
  14. Dark Mode ZenUI Theme: Download
  15. Deadpool ZenUI Theme: Download
  16. DEJAVU ZenUI Theme: Download
  17. Ergon Two ZenUI Theme: Download
  18. Fluffy Grey ZenUI Theme: Download
  19. FlymeOS ZenUI Theme: Download
  20. Fresh Material ZenUI Theme: Download
  21. Galaxy S7 ZenUI Theme: Download
  22. Green Material design ZenUI Theme: Download
  23. H2Ui ZenUI Theme: Download
  24. Hercules ZenUI Theme: Download
  25. HKN Black ZenUI Theme: Download
  26. HKNBLACKRED For Zenfone 2: Download
  27. HKNBLACKRED Theme: Download
  28. Holi Special Colorful ZenUI Theme: Download
  29. HTC SENSE 7 Theme: Download
  30. HTC Sense Origami ThemeIOS Theme: Download
  31. ink Asus ZenUI Theme: Download
  32. IOS Theme: Download
  33. iOS9 ZenUI Theme: Download
  34. Ironman (Superhero) ZenUI Theme: Download
  35. Ironzen ZenUI Theme: Download
  36. Just Young ZenUI Theme: Download
  37. K5 ZenUI Theme: Download
  38. Leather Theme: Download
  39. LG ZenUI ZenUI Theme: Download
  40. Lollipop 1.6.0 ZenUI Theme: Download
  41. Lollipop ZenUI Theme: Download
  42. Lovely Pink Asus Theme: Download
  43. Material design Asus ZenUI Theme: Download
  44. MaterialOS ZenUI Theme: Download
  45. MaterialPlus ZenUI Theme: Download
  46. MI5 Theme: Download
  47. MMSNA TARANG ZenUI Theme: Download
  48. Morbid ZenUI Theme: Download
  49. MyNewRed Theme: Download
  50. NEO ZenUI Theme: Download
  51. Neon Green Theme: Download
  52. Noctum ZenUI Theme: Download
  53. OnePlus Two Asus ZenUI Theme: Download
  54. Pink lady Theme: Download
  55. Pool Blue ZenUI Asus Theme: Download
  56. Punk Material design Asus Theme: Download
  57. Raddish Theme: Download
  58. Radical Theme: Download
  59. Shine on ZenUI Theme: Download
  60. Simple UI Asus Zenfone Theme: Download
  61. Simple UI2 Asus ZenUI Theme: Download
  62. Sony Xperia Theme: Download
  63. Sony Xperia X Theme: Download
  64. Spectrum ZenUI Theme: Download
  65. Spiderman Asus ZenUI Theme: Download
  66. Superman Material: Download
  67. SubZero ZenUI Theme: Download
  68. Teal ZenUI Theme: Download
  69. Technology  Super Theme: Download
  70. Tosscka ZenUI Theme: Download
  71. Vibe Ui ZenUI Theme: Download
  72. Whiteskull Asus ZenUI Theme: Download
  73. Xperia Z5 ZenUI Theme: Download
  74. Xui Theme: Download
  75. Yomira ZenUI Theme: Download
  76. Zen Material design 2 ZenUI Theme: Download
  77. Zen Wiz ZenUI Theme: Download
  78. ZenFlux ZenUI Theme: Download
  79. ZenHolo 3.0 ZenUI Theme: Download
  80. ZenHolo ZenUI Theme: Download
  81. ZenLiv 2.0.0 ZenUI Theme: Download
  82. Zenliv 1.2.0 ZenUI Theme: Download
  83. Zenux ZenUI Theme: Download
  84. Zuk ZenUI Theme: Download
  85. ZenWet ZenUI Theme: Download


Note: Some user Can Not Found Unofficial Third Party Themes On Themes App.!! So Here Is A Solution For IT..!! Download Below App And Install it.. Ur Problem Solved..!!

Download: Theme.apk

Credits: Devs-Lab respects each developer’s work. Credit for each of the above theme goes to that Developer. As its hard to find developers of most of the third party themes we didn’t mention any name.

We have not mentioned all the available third party themes as its hard to find unofficial themes which are not shared publicly most of the times. If you are a theme developer, you can comment below or contact us to include your theme in the above list. You can bookmark this page as new themes will be added everyday. If you think that any of our post are violating any laws, then do drop us a mail and we will remove it from our site as soon as we come to it.

Last updated on: Jul 2, 2016 @ 8:48 pm
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  1. I’m using ZE500KG Marshmallow. I can’t find any themes in 3rd party themes which has size more than 4MB. I’ve updated themes to the latest ver. So far, ios9 is the only one can be applied. Thanks.

    • None of the above themes are malware efected. its show that error bcz of unofficial themes.!! i mean apk file which downloaded from third party apps. shows as malware on antivirus.

  2. Hey dude. I got zenfone 2 rooted. Still themes are not applied completely. How do i do it without downgrading firmware?

      • hello mr. plzz help me i really love your alienware theme it is almost working at me, the icons are good the status bar is also good but unfortunately when i open my setting it said “unfortunately settings has stop working” this message pop up every time i open my settings.. my phone is asus zenphone 2 help me mr if you have a solution

  3. I’ve downloaded your themes, (pool blue, LG zenui, etc) but my cm security scan shows it as a malware (Trojan!). I’m a Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML) user and I like to explore more out of it. I’m tired of using those official themes and i’d love to have unofficial themes, as it feels like a diffrence. Please leave a reply, i’m hoping to fix this soon.

      • So, is it safe to keep ? It shows the app is Trojan ?. I always get cm notifications for third party apps, but those are ad-wares. I used to ignore those. But can I ignore this too ? Will it harm my data ?
        Thanks for the response. And thanks in advance.

      • So, is it safe to install ? It usually shows almost all third party apps as malware (ad-ware). But these apks are indicated as Trojan virus. Will it harm my system and data ?
        Thanks for the response. And thanks in advance.

  4. Hey Devs Lab,

    have you experienced the same issue that i’ve been going through with ASUS 3rd party themes lately? seems like the theme is not completely applied, for example, theme is applied on the first row of quick settings but the rest of the icons are still on default. wondering if you have a fix for this. zenfone 2 laser user. updated to marshmallow. Thanks!

    • As Asus Revoke third Party Theme Support On V.1.17 and Later Versions. so We Can Not apply Full Theme On Latest version. If You Want To Apply Full theme Plz Downgrade Your Device to V. 1.16 And then Enjoy Themes. or else you can root your device to Customize your Device.!! 😀

  5. I am using zenfone 5 lollipop version…IOS9 theme is not working completely…it’s not changing the status bar..i want my time in middle of bar ..but it’s not coming…same with the deadpool there any solution ?plz let me know…and btw ur themes are excellent..

    • Customization and UI will be Different For All themes. So You will get Different View In Different Themes. For Center Clock there Is No Theme Which Will Do It For You. But If Your Device is Rooted You Can Do it By Using Xposed Module.

  6. plz help me. the third party themes r not working. i lov d third party themes of alienware but its not working. i saw them in d pictures while applying the theme

  7. Hello vijay,i have problem,I successfully installed Theme.apk , but always Force Close when i open.I’ve followed your advice to clear cache data and re-install but still not work on my asus zenfone 4 lollipop.please help me.

    • if you are on latest firmware. you can’t apply full theme. so if you want themes to be fully applied downgrade your firmware to version 1.16 or below.. or you also can root your device.

  8. can you place a preview picture for everyone of this list if possible? It will be easier for choosing which one i want to download instead of testing it one by one. Good works

    • Yup We Tried To Do that. But it Required too much Time. But We Keep Doing Work on it And Soon We Will Give You Preview Images Of All Themes.

    • goto Setting>> apps>>all apps>> Themes

      Clear Data & Cache

      Now Try Agian..!! if still Problem Occur Try Re Installing App

  9. I installed some of these themes and they did not appear in my themes i follow your method installed the given theme.apk and i can’t install the app.I’m using ze550kl model and running the official marshmallow rom.I also send you some of screenshots.Thanks in advance mate 🙂

  10. I cant find themes on themes app, already install themes.apk you gave, but still didn’t found the theme. Please help.

    • Nice To Here That From You. Plz Notify Us. Whenever You Develop New Themes.. We Surely Share Your Work Here!!

      Tx For Greate Support And Good Theme!!

  11. Can u make a theme of civil war? It would be a great theme bcs other themes are cool so much.. so if you make a theme of captain America civil war it would be a cool theme

    • Dear Subham Pal,
      Nice To Here That You like Our Themes, As We Maintained in Our Post We Not Own Any Of The Above Themes. Credits Of All the Themes Goes To their Developers. We Just Share Those Theme in One Place..!! Now As You Request For New Theme(Civil War). There is No Such Type Of Theme Available Yet.. But We Forward Your Request To Our Developer Team. And Soon We Update That theme In Theme List Above..!! Plz Keep Visiting For Latest Stuff..!!

      Thanx For Support
      @Devs-lab Team

  12. Hey the themes work and they’re awesome! One problem though, they do not change the settings and status bar, is there a solution to this? Thanks in advance!

    • i Think Your Device is On Latest Firmware.. As We All Know That Asus Remove Third Party Theme Support In Latest update.. if You Still Want to Change Status Bar you have To Downgrade your Firmware Version.!! You Can Use This Link For Procedure of Downgrade make Sure this Method is Only For ZE550KL But You Can Use This Guide as a Reference For Another Devices…

  13. Hey I downloaded one of your themes but it does not appear in the unofficial section of the themes app, so I cannot apply it.

    • Read Full Post Till the End. We Put Theme.apk On that.. just Install it.. And Your Problem Will Be Solved.!!

  14. Thanks but not all can be applied…i was download deadpool theme…but panel setting can not be applied….

    • May Be Some Theme is Not Working In Some Devices.!! Bcz of Developer Side Problem..!! But Most Of Themes will Work..!

    • Hi Shafeek,
      Nice to here good Words From You. Actually we tried to upload Preview of themes But its Hard to Upload All Themes Previews..!! but Still we Working on it.. And Soon We Update it..!!

      • i’ve also find out a small problem with themes….which is,on applying theme it only changes the icon pack on my zenfone 2 ze550ml.any solution for it??????the same themes apllied on zenfone 5 it shows the changes on status bar ……plz help

        • i Think Your Device is On Latest Firmware.. As We All Know That Asus Remove Third Party Theme Support In Latest update.. if You Still Want to Change Status Bar you have To Downgrade your Firmware Version.!! You Can Use This Link For Procedure of Downgrade make Sure this Method is Only For ZE550KL But You Can Use This Guide as a Reference For Another Devices…

  15. Can u make a theme of civil war? Then it would be a great.. 🙂 nd btw other themes r awsum specially ironman..

    • Nice To here that you Like Our themes..!!

      We Will update New themes Soon When We Receive New themes From Developers.!!

  16. Hello, I’m using Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE500KL) with the firmware I have downloaded some of the themes in this site but not even one of them changes my status bar. Do I need to root my device or downgrade it?

    • i think you using Latest Firmware..!! as Asus Revoke Third party theme Support In Latest Firmware We Can Not apply Fully theme..!! But yes Need To Restart Device For theme to be Applied Completely.!!

    • I Request you to Disable your antivirus Temporary till you Copy themes Apk To Your Device. then Install themes and Enjoy..!!

      or Another way you Can Directly Download That Files Into Your Device By Surfing Our Site From Mobile..!!

    • its Like a Folder man.!! i Means Unofficial theme is A Folder Name And You will Got All Unofficial theme In Under The Unofficial theme Folder.. So Just Do as i Said.. Click On that Image Saying Unofficial theme And You Will Got All theme Under it.!!

  17. Hello Vijay,

    I have a question, when I apply a third party theme, the Setting UI and color remains the same, is there anyway to change this too?

    • Dear Ton Role,
      Most Of The Theme Which Listed Above Can Change The Status Bar Icons And Also Color..!! If It Not Changes In Your Device.!! The Reason May Be You Are On Latest Firmware..!! As We All Know Asus Revoke Third Party theme Support In Latest Firmware.. So If You Want Theme to be Completely Applied Kindly Downgrade your Firmware Version.!! For Instruction And Guide You May Follow This Link Click Here For Guide

  18. Please let me know the best theme among these…. i cant download them all and even the the screenshorts arent available.
    so kindly please let me knw

    • Dear Afrid syed,

      All The Themes Listed Above Are best Themes.!! Sorry For Not Uploading Screenshot Pics Of themes. Bcz Its too Hard To Upload All 70+ Themes Pic..!! As You Asked Me Question For Best Themes I request You to Download Themes Which Highlighted In Blue Letters.. That Are Latest themes.!! Now As I Personally Use Zenfone 2 Laser.. I Suggest You Tosscka ZenUI Theme: Download Here which is Currently used by Me in my device.!!

  19. Thnx fr reply and you done a great job..but if you add some screen shot of the theme thn it will be more attractive.if u could thn do so…

    • Yes.. am Working On It.. But it Will Take Some Time..!! Because Of Too Many Themes.. And Hard To Apply And Take Screenshot Of Each Theme Separately..!!

      thanks For Your Great Support and Kind feedback.. keep Visiting For More Stuff..!!

  20. I apply 3 rd party themes everythings worked but the statusbar icons are not changed what to do???
    I use ze550kl 2gb variant and now on the latest firmwire version 1.17

    • i Think Your Device is On Latest Firmware.. As We All Know That Asus Remove Third Party Theme Support In Latest update.. if You Still Want to Change Status Bar you have To Downgrade your Firmware Version.!! You Can Use This Link For Procedure of Downgrade make Sure this Method is Only For ZE550KL But You Can Use This Guide as a Reference…