The company’s introduction of ARKit at WWDC 2017 brings excitement to Apple fans and also to developers as it is said to add advance Augmented Reality feature in iOS 11. With the release of the second iOS 11 Public Beta few days ago and the implementation of the new Flyover Mode feature on iOS 11 Maps is something that Android fans should be jealous about. The Flyover Mode on the new Maps app is like a hybrid version of Android’s Google Earth app and Google Street View and its something we haven’t seen before.

Flyover Mode is Superman Mode

The Flyover Mode on the new iOS 11 Maps app is basically a 3D view of all the buildings of the major cities. These three-dimensional buildings are already on the Maps app before and the implementation of the ARKit just made it more exciting.

But what made this more unique is the VR mode where three-dimensional movements is being tracked by the device and pointing to a single direction will let you zoom in the place. In this case, to view the streets in the eye level, you need to look down to the bottom until you reach the ground and looking around at the different direction will let you explore the places while floating. This feature is a real Superman experience and despite it being on beta, this gives us good enough impression and we want to see where the future will take this technology.

If you are running iOS 11 Public Beta, you will be able to enjoy this feature. What you need to do is open the Maps app and make sure you’re on Satellite Mode, then enable the 3D View. After that, you may now be able to choose any major cities from the Maps that supports the flyover feature.

With many developers already making use of the ARKit, we are certain of the bright future that awaits to it and its company. This is just a small part of what the ARKit could serve us on the table and we are extremely excited what more the platform can offer. Finally, a real innovation Apple.