A new image was leaked online and this could be a breakthrough to the technological world.

Wireless charging has always been a feature that Android flagships have enjoyed for years but the feature has never been “Truly Wireless”. It often demands that a phone be placed on a charging pad with a fixed orientation, making it a hassle. But, Apple might just “make things better”.

There have been many reports in the past stating that Apple is working on wireless charging technology. It has been speculated for some time now that Energous has a relationship with Apple behind the scenes after the company conformed that it was working with “one of the top five consumer electronics companies” earlier last year.

Unlike current inductive wireless charging solutions on the market that require devices to rest on a charging mat, Energous’ WattUp tech can charge devices from up to 15ft away using a transmitter and receiver.

Here is a description of the Wattup wireless charging from Energous:

WattUp RF-based charging can be integrated to provide wire-free charging to a wide variety of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, wearables, cameras, wireless keyboards and mice, headsets, sensors, LED lights, remote controls and toys… A Radio Frequency (RF) system, similar to a Wi-Fi system, delivers safe wire-free charging energy at a distances of up to approximately 15ft from a transmitter to a receiver device, such as a mobile phone, and maintains charging while the receiver is in motion.  Up to 12 receiver devices can be managed by the system simultaneously, depending on system specifications.

While this year marks the Tenth Anniversary of the iPhone, Apple might be looking to make it special with this cutting edge technology!