Now that we’ve seen what the new Apple iPhone X offers, people will start pondering “how much cheddar will I have to drop on this before I can lay my hands on it?”. We take a look at the price and availability of the iPhone X in India. As irresistible as the new design and tech is, it does come at an eye-watering price. Despite throwing the cash, Whether you will be able to lay your hands on an iPhone X is another hot topic right now. Presumably, demands will be through the roof looking at the limited supply constraints Apple is facing.

The first-ever iPhone with the bezel-less display will be sold in two variants. The 64 GB variant of the iPhone X will make your pocket lighter by Rs. 89,000. While the iPhone X 256 GB variant will cost a jaw-dropping Rs. 1,02,000. Now, this is in stark contrast to the US prices. As in the US markets, the 64 GB variant costs $999 which translates to Rs. 64,000 while the 256 GB costs $1,149 which is Rs. 73,600 approximately. Both the variants are available in two, Silver and Space-Gray shades.

Having said that, let’s talk about the availability of the Apple iPhone X. Pre-orders will begin on October 27 while the handset should be available on-shelf by November 3 in India. Now that’s a long time off. The Apple iPhone X is set to battle it out with the redeemed Galaxy Note’s latest heir, the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung’s asking price of Rs. 67,900 seems so modest when compared to the Apple iPhone X. Also, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a month to gather all the momentum and sales it can before the iPhone launch. We just wonder what all those guys lined up at the Apple Stores will be thinking when they heard the availability dates?

  • EverythingAndroidPro

    why you people Care so much about Apple?
    i dont understand it. I have an samsung galaxy S8
    for 2 months now. and il ove it so much!

  • EverythingAndroidPro

    Why you people care so much about Apple? i am Absolutly not an Apple fan.
    I love android on al sides and shapes!