Apple iPhone SE bouquet
The iPhone is one of the few premium handsets still featuring an IPS LCD panel based display

There was once a time in the smartphone industry when 4-inch phones were thought to be huge. That was when Apple used to sell iPhone 5, iPhone 5C etc. But then it all changed and Apple shifted to 4.7-inch displays and 5.5-inch displays with Plus models. However, the company brought back the old small 4-inch form factor in March 2016 with iPhone SE.

Now its almost the end of 2017 and we haven’t seen a sequel. Now, there is some smoke in the air that an iPhone SE 2 might finally arrive in 2018. The iPhone SE sold really well in many regions across the globe according to Chinese publications. That might be why Apple is tempted to bring it back.

Rumors flying around say that the iPhone SE 2 might sport the specs of the iPhone 7. Therefore, we can say that it will come with an A10 chip, 4-inch display, and Touch ID. In terms of price, the phone might be as expensive as the original iPhone SE. Talks in Chinese industry say it will cost 2,988 Yuan or $450.