Image Source: iFeng

Of all the bad news Apple can expect regarding the new iPhone 8, this would be the last one on their list. It was reported that the iPhone 8 cracked open while charging due to battery inflation in Taiwan. This resulted in the separation of the display from the rest of the body. And before you ask, no there wasn’t any explosion. It only got bulged due to a safety mechanism that ensures that batteries don’t explode. Regardless, the issue is cause for concern.

Image Source: iFeng

cnBeta reports that the iPhone 8 Plus (64 GB) belonged to a Taiwanese woman who just bought the phone 5 days earlier. She had just charged the device using the original cable and adaptor. Just three minutes passed and she saw the display swell from the centre exposing the inside of the chassis. The phone has since been recovered by the carrier and sent to Apple.

The other case that was reported in Japan involved a brand new unit that actually shipped in the same condition described earlier. As of now, it is unclear what made the phone batteries swell up. However, these could be just two isolated incidents but this should set alarm bells ringing at Apple HQ.

What’s even more alarming is that the iPhone 8 Plus batteries are made by Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) says The Next Web. One of the suppliers of the Galaxy Note7 batteries.

However, it is to be noted that iPhone 7 also had some reported explosions. But, the device was a great success and these incidents were just a few relegated scenarios. Similarly, this iPhone 8 Plus issue could also be not a very serious problem.

  • Papounet UT

    Désolé mais c’est un réel problème.
    De toute façon mettre une charge rapide sur une batterie non conçue pour ça n’est pas compatible.

    Reste à voir si comme le galaxy note 7 la batterie n’est pas enfermé dans un espace trop exiguë ce qui la fait chauffer et gonfler plus que de raison.

    Au prix de l’appareil Apple aurait pu mettre des composants haut de gamme.

  • Rajeshavl Natraj

    Its apple so swelling and then will rot