“Everything” might be an over-exaggerated word but when we talk about Apple and the upcoming iPhone 8 devices, we mean it a lot. 

It is strange to think that we might have already seen the iPhone 8 before it even get officially unveiled later this year. If the recurrent leaks is to believe, the device will be packing a lot of new features that is enough to make the current iOS users ecstatic. We all know that the last three years has been a very boring years for iPhone users and they badly needed something that is not just refreshing to the eyes, but also experience-wise with major improvements and new exclusive features courtesy of the brand new iOS 11. But it seems like it will not be the case for the supposedly iPhone 8, atleast upon the launch.

According to some reports, Apple engineers and designers has been “working feverishly” to fix software related problems that is currently besetting the iPhone 8. These problems, if continues to persist, will result to production and delivery delays, giving the company no choice but to launch the device with major features disabled. But what are these major features by the way?

Wireless Charging

Though Wireless Charging is one of the most anticipated feature of the iPhone 8, Apple is said to disable this feature until everything is under control. And guess what, you may even better off without it. You may have heard rumours about the new wireless charging technology the next iPhone will be featuring, but get ready to get disappointed as recent reports suggest that Apple will instead be using an inductive type wireless charging. Something that has been around for quite a long time. Even my 2012 Nokia Lumia 920 has that. Hello, Apple?

Like, what else can you do with inductive wireless charging? It will always be like “slap your phone to wireless charger. Kaboom!”. Unless of course they make it at least a ” fast” wireless charging? I really hope they innovate something that will set a new standard for inductive wireless charging technology and if not, it’s still OK. By the way, iPhone users has been on “OK” stage for awhile.

Going back to the topic, Fast Company claims that the new iPhone may ship with the wireless charging disabled. But as this is one of the major feature of the device, Apple will be enabling it as part of the future software update. Keyword? Future.

Front-facing 3D Sensor

With reports claiming that the next iPhone will be ditching the Touch ID, of course the company needs to find another way for users to securely unlock their device, something that is more deserving than the Touch ID fingerprint authentication. That’s why they came up with the yet problematic security for the next iPhone, a 3D facial detection. Apple engineers is said to be struggling to make the feature work properly for the iOS. But since this is more of a software anomaly rather than the iPhone hardware itself, this feature will also soon be enabled as part of future update.

Touch ID

Though many report claims that iPhone will ditch the Touch ID in favor of the 3D facial detection, it doesn’t mean Apple isn’t working for it to give it’s users some security options. Unlike the first two features, this feature is more of a hardware issue than it is of a software. Fast Company reported that Apple is yet to decide where to place the legendary Touch ID but “in all likelihood” it will be located under the thin OLED display.

As of now, these are the major features that is currently giving Apple some headaches. And if it wasn’t enough, getting the new iPhone will not be as easy as it was before. We’re not talking about camping outside the store and waiting in line for hours to buy this precious handset, we are talking about the availability of the device. As of now, there is a shortage of OLED panels and while Apple’s supplier, Samsung, is actively ramping up the volume of production for this in-demand display panel, only 3-4 million of it will be produced.

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