Apple may be currently buying OLED panels from Samsung, but it seems reluctant to continue the trade. Understandably, Samsung is the biggest arch rival of Apple and buying OLED displays from them means dropping cash right in enemy pockets. A new report from the Investor claims that Apple has chosen LG to manufacture future foldable displays for them. To be more precise, Apple has agreed to work with LG Display, an arm of LG, on bendable OLED screens. A new iPhone model is tipped to be in the works and slated to launch in 2020 which will carry these LG displays.

Samsung has been the biggest supplier of OLED displays, but it seems LG is catching up. The Electronics firm is said to be working on a new plant in Paju, S. Korea for OLED panels and Apple is ready to pay them. In July, it was said that Apple is ready to infuse LG with $2.6 billion for a new OLED plant. However, such a deal has not been finalised. Meanwhile reports out of Korea also state that LG Innotek is creating flexible circuit boards to go with these displays. Both the reports complement each other. As of now, Samsung is expected to continue supplying OLED panels for at least one more year.

The report from the Investor also claims that these LG bendable displays will be under production by 2019. On the other hand, Samsung is already ahead in the foldable phone race. Samsung top executives have said the phone is expected in 2018. Other info indicated that the Galaxy X (Samsung’s foldable phone) will be manufactured in very limited quantities and be sold in Korean shores only.