Apple and its products are very aspirational products in the Indian smartphone market, where the average sales price hangs around ~$150 and below for the majority of buyers. This is also reinforced by a lot of releases catering to this particular segment. Now it seems though that in a bid to become more appealing and to clear old stocks Apple is cutting prices of its older iPhones.

The Apple iPhone SE

In a recent development the iPhone SE which was priced at ₹39,000 has been dropped to ~₹19,999. This offer was implement through limited retail channels and was valid only via credit-card based payments. This is the 16 GB variant of the iPhone SE which was priced between ~₹30,000 to ~34,000 last year. This represents an almost ~₹10,000 price drop. Similarly the 64GB variant of the iPhone SE was dropped from ~₹39,000 to ~₹25,999.

On top of this price restructuring Apple has tied up with many banks to offer cash back on these purchases. Thus you can avail ₹5,000 cash back within 90 days of purchase of your shiny new iPhone. For now the offer is only valid till 31st March but might be extended to a later date. The offer is valid on other purchases as well such as picking up the slightly dated iPhone 5S.

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The iPhone SE is an appealing device with up-to date hardware and more importantly on-going software support since its release in tandem with the iPhone 6S series which makes it a very good buy at its revised prices. This also allows the company to clear the board for new upcoming releases and gain traction in the market.

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