Rumors of the OnePlus 5T have now started to pick up as November gets closer. We just saw a first render of the OnePlus 5T that actually quite resembled the Oppo F5 recently. Now we have a new render this time in black with pretty much the same looks.

The render, this time coming from leaks goldmine Slashleaks, however, has received some low trust scores, we must say. And seeing that there is not a single word from OnePlus on the existence of such a product, we should proceed with due caution. This time the black colour makes the bezels even more subtle and undiscernable. But we can make out the similarities with the last render. We have to admit the phone bears striking resemblance to the Oppo F5 that is due to launch on October 26. Bear in mind that both Oppo and OnePlus are sister offshoots of the Chinese firm BBK.

Apart from the image, there is pin drop silence regarding the specs of the phone but we assume it would have to be an all-out flagship like the OnePlus 3T. But there won’t be any upgrades in the SoC or RAM or any other component.

Why then, would OnePlus consider a 5T model? It’s because of the thin bezel craze. Every brand out there is clamouring to get its own design of bezel-free to the public and OnePlus can’t afford to be left out. But that is our own take. Let’s see where this story ends up. If there is a OnePlus 5T in the pipeline, OnePlus won’t stay mum for long and an official teaser should surface soon as November draws closer.