A new leaked video of an alleged iPhone 8 case has just surfaced online. The impending launch of the device is now confirmed by Apple to take place on September 12. This leak reiterates the design that has been rumored so often. While the design of the phone is pretty much unanimously agreed, the case leaked in the video does have room for discussion.

The purported case is said to be the official accessory of the iPhone 8. As such, what perplexes us is the circular cutout at the center of the rear. Now, this could easily be seen off as the logo cut out but earlier leaked cases have not had this cutout. The majority of the leaks have so far have pointed to a dismissal of Touch ID. Some have also pointed to a fingerprint reader at the back. But with all the 3D models leaking around, this seems a far-fetched option now.

Agreeing to a consensus of the majority, we expect Apple to put face unlock in the new iPhone. That leaves us with the obvious conclusion that this circular cut out is for the logo. It could also be for the wireless charging feature. Apart from that, all is where it should be. The dual camera cutout is in a vertical position at the top left of the case. Also, there is the familiar iPhone engraving in the case that is easily discernible.

The most recent report is that the iPhone 8 will completely kill the iconic home button and all it comes with. In its place, Apple will employ a new gesture-based substitute to achieve the same things. The iPhone 8 is said to come with a big OLED full-screen display, iOS 11, an all new facial recognition and AR capabilities. It will start with $1000 and upwards depending on the model buyers choose.

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