Andy Rubin's teaser for the essential smartphone
Andy Rubin's teaser smartphone

Andy Rubin is an extremely well-known and well-respected guy in the Android circuit thanks to his contributions to Android. For those of you who don’t know, Andy Rubin is the guy who first created Android operating system which is now powered on most of the phones in the world. Google acquired Android from Andy Rubin in 2004 and started to develop the OS at Google. Andy Rubin also worked at Google for 8 years helping develop Android the way he imagined. Andy Rubin left Google in 2014 and announced that he will be manufacturing smartphones obviously running on Android. Andy Rubin subsequently registered the brand  “Essential” which will be the carrying the smartphones.

We haven’t heard much about the Essential’s first phone or rumored specifications about the phone yet but Andy Rubin who is the creator of Essential smartphones has shared a teaser on Twitter which give a first look at the first flagship smartphone from the company.

The teaser which Andy Rubin doesn’t reveal much details about the phone other than the obvious fact that it is a near-bezelless smartphone which seems to be the trend in 2017. Also, the phone seems to have a small form-factor as the device can be seen hold in one hand comfortably. The phone is expected to come with flagship specifications like the next Google Pixel or the Apple iPhone. The first flagship smartphone from the Essential brand is expected to come in Q2, 2017.