Essential Smartphone will start shipping soon

Two days earlier it was reported that some Essential phone buyers received emails that were allegedly sent by Essential. The emails asked for sensitive information from the buyers like their picture ID, phone numbers, and alternate email addresses. It was confirmed that several users were receiving such messages. Even more surprising was that some 70 Essential phone buyers were receiving such highly sensitive data of other users in their own Inbox. Also, these emails seemed to be dropping in the Inbox of people who ordered the device. Following the reports, Essential quickly disabled the email address sending the message as well as the content in the messages like images and so on.

However, today Andy Rubin wrote an apology and a clarification on Essential’s official website to clarify what went wrong. Rubin said the emails were not part of a phishing attempt but in fact a malfunction of the company’s customer care account. Rubin also said that they have taken additional measures to prevent such future incidents. The CEO of the new startup is also offering a free year of LifeLock service to affected customers. LifeLock is an identity protection service that monitors personal information shared on the web. However, even then, other buyers who received the personal details of others may still have them and there is no saying if or when they might use them.

As a side note, the founder also said that being a founder is sometimes “humiliating” and “humbling” in light of the recent events. The Essential PH-1 had its fair share of hiccups before eventually landing in the hands of buyers this month. The phone was delayed by quite a few weeks and it caused concern. The Essential PH-1 has received positive reviews from many a tech reviewers boosting its prospects ahead of the iPhone 8 launch. The phone ships for $699.