Android Wear

Several Google products were announced yesterday but there was no mention about any Android Wear smartwatch. While it was expected that the current generation Android Wear devices would still be available, Google has totally removed the Android Wear section from it’s latest Google Store.

The section was removed from the website while it was refreshed during yesterdays San Francisco event. However, the Android Wear page can still be accessed using this link, the smartwatches are not available for purchase and are listed as “no longer available”.

This means that Google has stopped selling the LG Watch Sport and the LG Watch Style. This is quite disappointing as these smartwatches arrived only in early 2017. Does this mean that Google is dropping Android Wear altogether? Probably not as Google just released the first preview of Android 8.0 for the Watch platform. This leaves us confused as to what Google is further going to do with Android Wear.

There may be two possible explanations. It may turn out that the hardware on the watches may not be enough to run future versions of Android Wear and hence Google does not want people purchasing it. This is highly unlikely though.

Or, it may just be that Google wants to concentrate more on other products and thus Android Wear may need to take a backseat. Why do you think Google axed the Wear section from the Store? Let us know in the comments below.