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For the past two decades, since the rise of the personal computer and the Microsoft Windows operating system to go along with it, desktops and laptops have been the preferred ways of accessing the worldwide web. This was aided by the steady drop in the price of accessing the internet and the devices for doing so.

OS Market Share for web access
OS Market Share for internet access

Now a report from the analytics company StatCounter has revealed that the Android userbase has overtaken the pole spot from Windows. There are more people getting online in some form via the means of a cheap Android powered smartphones than the traditional personal computer route. For years, Windows on desktops and laptops was the leading platform for accessing and using the internet but a recent report from web analytics company StatCounter has revealed that Android has now overtaken Windows as the most used operating system for internet usage. Please note that the report only accounts for internet usage instead of the raw userbase numbers so technically there still maybe more PC users than Android users but due to the relative cheapness of the latter and the ability to browse on-the-go, the former is definitely taking over in the usage and access statistics.

Statcounter based its numbers by monitoring over 2.5 million websites which they claim generate over 15 billion monthly page views, from March of 2012 through to March 2017. The statistics show the gradual increase in the number of Android users while seeing a downward trend in the case of Windows. This is important because Microsoft has since tried to reclaim and expand its user base by offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for all PC users running Windows 7 or more recent operating systems. The graph also shows how the usage statistics for iOS and Mac OS X with the latter losing out to the former more gradually when compared to the Android and Windows numbers which dominate around ~85% of the market between them.

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