The inevitable question with every new Android OS version that eventually comes up is “When will my phone get it?” The same question resonates through different models across different categories for months. Until it is answered by the smartphone maker. Here we have Huawei’s team letting some info loose on the subject.

With Android Oreo already appearing on Pixel and Nexus devices, it’s time other companies start laying out their map for the next flavor of the season. A new report has emerged from an XDA member pointing to 2 specific Huawei models, the Honor 8 Pro and Honor 6X. Huawei’s subsidiary, Honor is said to be updating these two phones to Oreo by Q1 2018. While the Honor lineup has many devices, we only have confirmation regarding these two phones.

The report was from XDA member shashank1320, who attended a meetup of Huawei in New Delhi just recently. The team confirmed that the update for both devices were in the works. Moreover, the Honor team also explicitly that Android 8.0 Oreo will head to the 2 phones by December this year or early 2018. This estimate is from the Honor team itself and does confirm the update but still, a formal public announcement would be even more assuring to consumers.

Huawei takes down all EMUI ROMs from its website

Elsewhere, the company has taken down EMUI ROMs of all 34 phones under its portfolio from its official website. This was noticed by another XDA member. Without any prior notice such a move does raise eyebrows. The purpose behind the move isn’t quite clear. Also, Huawei itself doesn’t mention if/when these images will be back online. If users are looking for an update, they will have to look somewhere else.