Google is expanding it’s rejuvenated Android One program to encompass mid-tier devices and more partners. The company has changed the ground rules of the program which largely remained stuck with entry-level devices to all types of devices now. One of the results of this key changes is the appearance of an Android One powered Moto X4. The ever-reliable Evan Blass just posted the photo of a Moto X4 with Android One branding at the rear of the phone. The phone is expected to be the first Android One handset in the US. Now, Blass doesn’t say where the device will launch or when it will appear. However, a report from 9to5Google is of the strong opinion that a US launch is inevitable.

Google’s VP of Android Sameer Samat spoke at length about the new changes in Android One at the Google I/O 2017. Here is what he said:

“We learned a few things. One thing we learned is that there’s a set of users out there that really like the Google UI and that really want security updates, and they aren’t just at the entry-level. There are at mid-tier and high-end devices that people wanted to have all those things. So we changed the program; we aren’t specifying the hardware anymore. We recommend hardware, but manufacturers are able to pick whatever hardware they want.”

While the hardware of the Moto X4 will largely remain the same, it will come with stock Android. Even though Motorola’s own version is the closest to stock as possible, it still doesn’t come with fast updates. Android One will guarantee two years of fast updates. Further more, the Moto X4 is likely to come with the same €399 (~$480/₹30,750) if not bigger price tag. If you do want a look at the spec sheet of the device, here it is.

The most recent Android One launch was the Xiaomi Mi A1. It is said to be the most widely available Android One phone spanning 40 markets. The US is not one of them. But that is set to change in the coming months. There aren’t any pre-set dates right now. But Google might make an announcement on October 5 at the rumored Pixel 2 launch event.