Android O DP1
Android O DP1

Google I/O 2017 concluded last night and the event is best known for the opening Keynote which is given on the first day of the event. The Keynote speech is the event where Google talks about all the things which the company is working on and is going to release in public. There is more to Google I/O then just the Keynote. Google also hosts different events across the three days to talk about particular features. One such event is the Android Fireside Chat. In the Android Fireside Chat, the various features of Android O and the other Android related announcements were discussed but the major announcement was that, Android O will allow the GPU drivers on the devices to be updated via Play Store and no updates are needed for the same.

The details of how this will work is not given yet but we also know that Google announced Project Treble which helps in providing Android updates to the devices much faster. One thing with Project Treble is that it will not be available for the devices running Android Nougat and which will be upgraded to Android O as the Project Treble needs some hardware modifications as well. Here is the full video of the Android Fireside Chat:

Romain Guy who is a Software Engineer at Google gave the following statement in reply to one of the questions when someone asked what may have been missed at this year’s I/O:

“It’s something my team did, I should have thought about it. Updated all graphics drivers. We now, in O, have the ability to update the graphics drivers from the Play Store.”

Although the ability to update Graphic Drivers via Play Store is a huge bonus with Android O, it is to be seen whether this updates are provided by OEMs or GPU manufacturers on the Play Store. We can atleast expect older devices to be updated to latest GPU after Android O. Stay tuned for more news on Android O.