Android O could be called as Android Oreo Poll
Android O could be called as Android Oreo Poll

The next version of Android O could be arriving very soon and a new web-based mobile game from Oreo and Google strongly suggests that the it will in fact be called Android Oreo.

The game is primarily developed by Google in partnership with Oreo and this could be a hint from Android Head Hiroshi Lockheimer. The game uses Google Maps to let Oreo buyers scan their cookie and then throw it as hard as they can from space and make it sail across the Earth. The aim of the game is to throw your Oreo cookie into a glass of milk on Earth. The game implements various augmented reality technologies to make the space throw as realistic as possible. While this game may seem stupid and pointless, it may also strongly suggest the name of the next android operating system.

While Lockheimer had teased about Android N being “Nutella”, but Google went with “Nougat”. But this time around, Google has gone a step further by partnering with Oreo and creating a game that ¬†provides Google Maps overlay with decent amount of consideration for making the game possible through mobile web apps and APIs, and this is something significant and unseen before from the Tech Giant. Keep in mind that this might also be a distraction like in the case of “Nutella”, but that seems highly unlikely.

Android O is expected to be released very soon. Android Nougat developer preview dropped in March of last year and the name of the operating system was announced in June. The same schedule is expected to be followed for Android O as well. Therefore the first developer preview can be expected some time before the Google I/O, for which the registrations have already begun.

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