How to install Xposed Framework and Installer in Android Nougat

This is definitely good refreshing news for steadfast Xposed users in a long time. The lead developer of the powerful customization tool, rovo89, said in an interview to XDA that Xposed Framework now supports Android Nougat 7.0 & 7.1. Additionally, Xposed Installer has also been updated to support both versions. So, now you can directly install Xposed after rooting your Nougat device. Prior to this, there were unofficial ported versions that people used to get in while using Android Nougat. We made a guide for it here.

If you aren’t one of the modders, Xposed Framework is a powerful tool that can be used to affect system-level changes on Android without ROMs. It has lots of modules that also allow you to tweak the UI with Gravity Box and others for settings and apps.

However, we have seen the release of Android Oreo, and once again we might be forced to ask how long for the Oreo version? Thankfully, rovo89 says in the conversation that it shouldn’t take as long as it did for Nougat. Here is what he said, “I have already started work on Android 8.0,” said rovo89, as quoted by XDA Developers. “I’m really confident that I’ll be much faster this time. Android 8.1 shouldn’t be much different, so I expect not much additional work for it.”

If you do want download links and more information regarding what is Xposed Framework and what it entails, hit the source link below.