Recently, we saw Android N screenshots showing the Hamburger button on the Bluetooth page, and new mock-ups by Android Police give a further glimpse of the Google’s upcoming OS iteration.

The mock ups by the news site show the system settings page. The new screenshots continues to show the Hamburger bar that will allow to switch between modes. One will also find that the line dividing each option goes missing.


An interesting addition is the settings status that is seen for every option. This means, a user will not require to access each setting to check the status. ” For example, Data Usage has the amount of data used and Display tells you whether or not adaptive brightness is on. Check out the current and new settings UI below,” Android Police points out.

Home is no more a top-level entry and has been moved some other place, adds the report. Notifications and sound have been split into separate menus. However, the report adds that these may be details from the early versions of the OS, and the company may necessarily include all these changes in the final version.

In the past Samsung has hinted at native stylus support in Android N and some reports also claim that Google may let go the app drawer in the coming iteration. This isn’t surprising as many vendors have opted for a drawer-less design.

The new OS flavour is likely to be unveiled at Google I/O be held on May 18-20 and the OS should start shipping with Nexus devices later this year.