Android Lollipop rom for Titanium S9
Android Lollipop rom for Titanium S9

Everyone wants Android L update for their phone, if not official than at least Material (Android L UI) for their smartphone. After Android L rolling out of many device in market its demand is increasing everyday just because of the all new user interface which is different from Jellybean & Kitkat. After Note III ROM for Titanium S9 i got mails from S9 users for at least Android L Material ROM for them. Talking about the ROM, this rom is completely themed to Android 5.0 UI. From Dailer to Keyboard each and everything is themed to its best to offer complete Android L experience for S9 users. Today i’m here with Android L Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S9. So lets move ahead..

ROM Features :

  1. Completely Android 5.0 L Themed
  2. Android L Boot Animation
  3. Android L UI
  4. Android L Apps, Settings UI and Notification Bar
  5. Google L Keyboard and Launcher
  6. Pre Rooted
  7. Zipaligned
  8. Deodexed
  9. Busybox with init.d support
  10. Extended Power Menu (reboot to recovery)
  11. HOSP Settings
  12. Xposed Installer
  14. Performance Control
  15. Launcher Tweaker
  16. Android L Lockscreen Wallpaper
  17. Dual Sim Ringer (Found Inside Sim Management)
  18. File Commander Added
  19. Heavily Tweaked
  20. Good Battery Backup
  21. New Boot Logo
  22. Init.d support
  23. Loopy Smoothness Tweaks
  24. New Ram Optimization Tweaks
  25. Gps Tweaks
  26. Many More to Discover
  27. Inbuilt Navigation bar themes.
  28. Change LCD Density as per your wish.
  29. All the Customization options added.
  30. At the end you will love it.

Review :

I’m going mad, i’m in love with this Android L ROM.   -S9 user.

Bugs :

During testing i didn’t found any bugs and the rom was buttery smooth. But if you find any bugs you can report about it in comment section. Please don’t shout for any bug if you can’t say anything good. You don’t know what it takes to make such ROMS.

Screenshots :

Downloads : 

Download this Camera App as the Inbuilt App has only video Option :
           Final words, this Android l ROM has been tested for 2-3 Times for finding bugs but didn’t found any. Hope you have a wonderful experience with this Android L ROM for Titanium S9. I would love to hear your feedback in comment section. Keep visiting, Good day !
  • jonathan

    make a new rom plzzzzzzzz

  • vicky

    A veer ji mere pass karbonn s9 hai ,, kya esme lollipop rom instal ho jaye gha ? and kese ?
    and lollipop rom orignal lollipop jesa hi hoga ?

  • do a marshmallow Rom plz…..

  • Rahi

    Working since morning and at last, I am done. A few problems found.
    1) Torch not working
    2) Android version shows as 4.2.1
    3) Worst thing, can’t change wall paper. I can change to live wall paper but can’t change static wall paper.
    4) Can’t find Camera app. I installed Camera zoom, not working :'(
    5) There is an icon named “Camcorder”. I try to run, it says Gallery stop working and shut down automatically.
    6) Gallery icon on home screen was not working. Deleted it and run gallery from apps and it worked.

    Now going to install few software to check whether they are working or not.


    • Rahi

      Camera and Torch started working after applying camera fix of Aman. Thanks

  • Naushad

    karbonn s9 android l rom 5.0se update kiya blutooth nahi kam kar rha.

  • Rohit

    How to use camera fix for titanium s9s9 pls help
    This ROM is awesome. You have done a great job bro

  • sunny

    Comment: found bugs while sending msg don’t ask from which sim you want to send ??

    second getting sms from some one but we can’t find that sms for which sim like sim1 or sim2 ??
    please suggest any app for that

    • Rahi

      Sending message can adjust from sim management in settings. I use true messenger. Working awesome and helping me to bifurcate all spam automatically.

  • bhargav

    How to install —- there is no link in this last section . Please explain.

  • Asad

    Camera fix ki jo file di he use install kese karna he plz reply

  • Asad

    Bro ye rom poori download nhi ho rahi beech me se fail ho jati he 240mb ho jati he fir fail koi new link dijiye plz

  • Arun krib

    Thanks for the beautiful ROM. In my device 3G data connectivity could not be established through my BSNL sim. Please suggest if settings to be done.

  • Balraj Kahare

    Hey Ajinkya thank u very much for this rom it is really very awesome..!! I appreciate your work..!!! Can you please guide me how to flash the camera fix for this rom provided by you using cwm…???

    • Its just an apk file you need to install it normally like, how you install whatsapp & other apps. Hope this helps, Keep visiting !

  • Gurmukh Singh

    Hi home key not working in this ROM pls help

  • Mohit Bajaj

    Ajinkya Mishra please upload the detail video of [5.0] Android L ROM for Karbonn Titanium S9 on youtube or you can sent me on my email id or give the video link as soon as possible beacuse my previous device damge while flashing i am very thankful to you if you do it for me for giving a detail video tutorial

  • Mrunal Pandya

    Ajinkya bhai android L ka S9 ke liye pura custom rom milengi????

  • Anonymous

    its ish….
    hey bro, i m using kitkat custom rom on my karbonn a25.. nd its awesom..and there is no bug..thanks for it .:D
    i want to use lolipop on my a25, can i use this on same?? m really excited..please reply soon 🙂

    • Thanks your feedback of Kitkat ROM. Sorry but this rom is not meant for Karbonn A25 but i'll try to build a Android L rom soon. Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      okay buddy, eager to use lollipop 5.0.2.. 🙂

  • Anonymous


    Hi Ajinkya,
    I m on this Android L rom for few days…& do u know its awesome :p ….actually i m loving it. Totally changed my phone, it is just like my imagination. What a superb work bro…..
    Best thing for me is Gravity Box also works normal with this rom.
    (For one who wants to flash:
    No any bug..if i m telling u no bug that means no bug at all.)

    Now, Ajinkya i need ur support on how to increase ram & also new things for s9 device. Also seen seen ur three new roms for other karbonn devices…..hope soon for s9 also.
    Thank u …& loving ur work.

    • Thanks a lot Sonu ! Its good to see that atleast some people appreciate my work. Ya i'll post a simple method for increasing ram soon. Also there is much more to come for Karbonn Titanium S9 user. Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      Waiting hopefully…..

      What is perfect density for s9 for this rom, as in …settings>System>LCD Density

    • Sorry for late reply as the comment was reported as spam by blogger (Creepy system -_- ). The perfect density for S9 is 240.

    • Anonymous

      If u got time, Requesting a post for increasing ram as asked before.
      Also waiting for something new for s9…..

  • Anonymous

    CWM got installed on my s9 , but when I tried entering into to my phone , It went into boot loop & my the recovery is in Chinese or Japanese … 🙁 ,…

    • You might have installed cwm by some other method. Only method that works well is by this CWM for Mediatek or grab a recovery file from here Recovery file for S9 & Flash it by this method : Install CWM easiest method. But first unbrick your phone from SP Flash tool. Refer this : Unbrick Titanium S9. Hope this helps, Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      I tried just like its give, When i chose update -> firmware it runs but stays at 0% , and says searching … there is no change . I tried inserting the battery and turning it on it goes through a bootloop and still it say's 0% , It says 0bytes/0bps – Searching 0:00sec .. What should I do ??… & thank you for a very fast reply (Y)

    • I think you have not installed Proper VCOM drivers for Mtk6589. Check all the drivers check if the device is shown in device manager. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous


    And also wish u a very happy new year. cheer

    • Hey Sonu,
      It really feels good at least someone, shows some gratitude to you for your work. Thanks man ! Happy new year !

  • Anonymous


    Hi Ajinkya,
    I have not tried it yet but want to show some respect to ur great work…. Thnks a lot man.

  • Rajkoirala

    Does this ROM work for Titanium S5?

  • Max

    Hey Bro..I found this Blog very awesome after surfing into so many websites and I am visiting frequently this blog after I found AndroidL custom rom. After i flashed this rom i loved my android phone more than ever.I appericiate your hard working. But i am very disappointed when i found flash not working. i have karbonn titanium s9 which is 13mp camera..but when i after installing Android L, my camera can be increased upto 4mp only. Before It used to be upto 8 or something more. and the quality of picture is also degraded. i am very disappointed. I loved this rom very very much. But it would be infinite times best if camera problem is fixed completely and without any bugs. I request you to fix this problem as soon as possible. Looking forward to your reply..thanks

    • Hey max first of all i'm really sorry for late reply as this comment went in spam by blogger system issues. Let me get this clear maybe you have flashed the Kitkat custom rom for Titanium S9 by neel which had very high flash intensity codes which ultimately resulted in flash damage which means it has become a hadware issue. Please contact Karbonn service center. All the roms on this blog are perfectly checked so their is no flash bug in this rom. Keep visiting !

  • Bakul Doshi

    none of the camera app is working on this rom,i changed density also still all the camera app is force me solve the issue.because i love ur rom verymuch but cant stay without camera

    • Hey bakul, i have added the camera fix just flash that file & your camera is fixed. Have a good day !

  • Bakul Doshi

    Hi, ajinkya
    i m big fan of this blog.i want to confirm that usb otg is working in this rom or not?
    i am on xperia z2 rom and otg is not working on this rom.

    • Hey Bakul,
      Its good to have such loyal viewers like you. No OTG is not working in this rom but this rom looks really awesome. Keep visiting !

  • bharat saboo

    flash not working

    • Bharat thanks for your early report i'll fix it soon. Keep visiting !

    • bharat saboo

      bro, what happened …. camera flash not working in this and note 3 rom

    • Flash bug is because of the Kitkat rom you flashed from neel. Go complain about this to neel. This rom has no flash bug, as flash is working for those who didn't installed that Kitkat rom. Hope to see you again.

    • bharat saboo

      bro show me a way, should i go back to the stock rom and reflash it…………. its a awesome rom …………………please help………………….

  • bharat saboo

    thanks a lot ajinkya………………
    giving it a try