Android L for Karbonn Titanium S5+
Android L for Karbonn Titanium S5+

After a work of months on Android L for S5+ i have some what succeeded in making a stable themed rom which looks like Android L but i can assure future updates of this ROM as its V1. Sorry, for the delay in posting this rom because of my exams. I got mails asking about, is it Original Kitkat / Android L? So let me get this clear first, Original Kitkat & Android L is only possible if i get the Kernel source code of Titanium S5+ which is provided by Karbonn. But the issue is, Karbonn doesn’t provide their phone’s kernel source code due to some Copyright issues. So, its not possible to make Original updates for this device currently but i am trying to build a Kitkat ROM from other devices. Talking About the ROM, its completely themed into Android L based on Android 4.2.2 which works perfectly smooth. The base is extracted from Original Nexus 6.

ROM Features :

  1. Original Nexus 6 5.0.1 extracted launcher.
  2. Original Android L keyboard.
  3. Tinted Status bar.
  4. Android L Navigation bar.
  5. Android L like Status bar.
  6. Android L Material design settings.
  7. Android L boot animation.
  8. Pre-Rooted.
  9. Added Gravity box.
  10. Added Xposed Options in settings menu.
  11. Complete Tools to customize the ROM as per your need.
  12. No bloatwares.
  13. Pre-Rooted
  14. Zipaligned
  15. Deodexed
  16. Busybox with init.d support
  17. Extended Power Menu (reboot to recovery)
  18. HOSP Settings.
  19. Ultimate Responsiveness.
  20. Original Android L 5.0 Icons.
  21. Dolby digital Plus.
  22. Added Build tweaks :
  • Performance tweaks.
  • Battery Saving tweaks.
  • No delay in making calls.
  • SDcard tweaks.
  • Auto-task Killer tweaks.
  • Bravia Engine.
  • Media tweaks.
  • Camera & Video tweaks.
  • Faster scrolling.
  • UI Tweaks.
  • Proximity fix.
  • Network tweaks.
  • Other tweaks.
  • Much More to explore.
Bugs :
         I am still struggling with the camera bug. But the video’s are playing smoothly. Due to the unavailability of the device with me its too hard for me to fix the bug. But i can assure you to provide fix for this bug & Improvement in the theme. I will try to bring the update soon.

Checkout Latest Bug free Android L V2 : Titanium S5+

Gapps Link : Gapps link for AndroidL for S5+.

How to Install :

  1. Download Zip file from above given any one link.
  2. Place the zip file in SDcard, Now switch off your phone.
  3. Goto ClockworkMOD recovery.Aut
  4. Goto Backup & Restore > Backup.
  5. Goto Advanced > Clear Dalvik cache.
  6. Goto  Mount & Storage > System format.
  7. Click on Install zip from SDcard > Locate the zip file.
  8. That’s all !

How to Configure :

  1. Once the ROM is installed & working.
  2. Open Xposed Module App & Click on Modules.
  3. Select all the Apps i.e Gravity Box, Tinted Statusbar & Android L Navigation bar.
  4. Once you have selected all this Apps, Reboot your system.
  5. That’s all ! You have Activated all the features.

FAQ’s :

 1. How to make the Statusbar & Navigation bar transparent ?
  >  Open Gravity Box & Goto Statusbar click on background color & make it transparent. Similarly, goto Navigation bar & make its background color transparent.
  2. What is the Android version of this rom ?
  >  The ROM is Android L material design. It’s Android version is 4.2.2
Final words,
        Please don’t leave a negative comment & its too hard for me to build a rom & then upload reupload for debugging & checking. If you can’t say anything good than atleast don’t say  bad. I’m trying my best to provide best roms to all Karbonn users & its not an easy job. for those who have not understood the configure part i’ll soon add a video tutorial of installation. I hope you like this ROM if so then please leave a comment or a feedback for this rom. Have a good day !
  • nwhu

    hey i need new rom for my karbonn s5+ pls upload as fast as possible

  • schatkoson

    hi i have installed this rom after installing the mobile gets reboot imediately once i turn it on it is getting rebooting continuesly . please help me to sot it out

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Format system. Then install this ROM.

  • shoxx

    hey bro,
    theres no option as back up n restore, in my phone there are 2 options one for back up n another for restore…if clicked on backup its showing low space on sd card dats all…

    help me

  • Pranaw Kumar

    Whenever i am flashing any ROM i got stucked in boot animation
    Please help me fast

  • Arun

    bugless new roms are available for s5+ contact me [email protected] or on whatsapp9041920120

  • Pratik

    Hey ajinkya it comes android has stopped
    not able to see images

  • Sankalp

    Hi Ajinkya;
    Please provide me the steps how to install Android Lollipopo to s5+, as i m new to this!

  • umar

    Bro i cannot format my system… it shows error formating system..nn nd not mount the system.. wht to do brooo plzzz

  • Milan

    Why installation aborted in clockworkmode while I’m doing apply update from sdcard ?

    • Devs-Lab

      You might be using some buggy recovery. Anyways you can try some other roms of Titanium S5+ as this ROM is pretty outdated. Check more roms here..

  • roshan kapar

    Hey bro..I tried to install the ROM above in cwm mode but …it comes with a message" bad " and installation aborted… My mob is titanimum s5+ …. Help me please 🙁

  • Parth mahajan

    im not able to clear delvic cache and showing error while formatting system

  • can u post some screenshots? and did u try the rom on titanium s5 only?

  • Siddique

    this rom is very cool n smooth… but when i open any application its showing me…Unfortunately, the process has stopped…. please tell me how to fix this… i want to use this rom… waiting for ur rply bro

    • No Time To Love

      This problem is due to not properly removing the cache and formatting of old data of ur old ROM !!
      Just go to ur specified recovery and wipe cache !

  • Camera nahi ho raha toh nahi bol do bhai…….
    Try ios roms for s5 +

  • Bhai… Camera Fix Karo…

  • Charan Raj

    which cyanogen mode can be used for karbonn titanium s5 plus

  • Charan Raj

    plz fix camera bug bro
    i messaged u many times

    atleast respond to msg
    can u fix the bug or not
    if not say u cannot
    i waited for more than a month bro

  • Bro……. It's A Request……
    Your L rom for s5 + Is Great No Doubt….
    But There Is Only 1 Bug… Camera
    So plz Fix It as soon as possible…. !!!

  • aman gupta

    hi AJINKYA PLS HELP ME MY KARBONN S5PLUS 3g IN NOT WORKING I HAVE CHAGED 4 ROM BUT PROBLEM stills plz help me yar plz my 3G is not working help me

  • Bro plz fix camera issue

    • Bro plz…… Yaar…..
      Without camera this update is nothing……..!!!!!!
      Plz fix any cam in it…….

    • Bro….. Plz release v2 of this rom….. Or plz add a custom patch for camera…..

  • anjal afghan
    • but this url is not download file.

    • 请问这个怎么下载?

    • saikrishna bollapragada

      how to download those files? I think its just a money making marketing strategy……I think they are fooling us?

  • Charan Raj

    its getting very late bro
    waiting for bug fix for a long time
    plz fix camera bug bro

  • anjal afghan

    Hey It seems I am not able to install Gapps. I installed the zip in cvm. Still I'm getting playstore stopped responding and (something like that) stopped working. HELP Please !

    • anjal afghan

      The error which comes forever is –
      Unfortunately, the process has stopped

    • anjal afghan

      Please tell me this… I cannot mount or format /system
      The error i get is
      mount – Error mounting /system!
      format – E:format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p5
      Error formatting /system

    • anjal afghan

      nevermind.fixed it

    • Siddique

      Anjal did u fix de Unfortunately, the process has stopped please help me also

  • Siddique

    hey i like de romm very much… but i getting app errror… plese help me nt able to open playstore and not able to find a camera also

    • Connection error of playstore is caused due to hosts file. I think you are using Lucky patcher. Download root explorer > Open system files > Find etc folder > Open Hosts file & Clear it. Now write localhost in the file & save it. I'll fix the camera bug soon. Keep visiting !

  • Charan Raj

    atleast respond to my comment bro
    its very hard to use phone without camera
    plzz fix camera bug

    • Sorry for my late reply because of my poor health (Bed rest for 2 days), i have started working on camera fix again & would fix it ASAP. Keep visiting !

    • Charan Raj

      k bro fix soon…
      waiting for bug fix

    • Charan Raj

      thanks for reply…

  • Yuvraj Chadha

    yaar please post a video to show how to flash the rom
    i downloaded the file

  • Charan Raj

    plzzz fix camera bug…
    i liked this rom very much .u said u will fix that at the time u released this rom .
    so i was waiting for bug fix since 1 month.
    plz bro fix it

  • Yuvraj Chadha

    please contact me on
    [email protected]
    i have some doubts on how to install it please 😕

  • Charan Raj

    its more than one month bro
    waiting for camera bug fix …

    plzzz fix the bug and post update

  • Rv

    Hi ..Man Love Your Work But Can u please Port this rom to coolpad 7295 /spice mi 515 .. coolpad 7295 c has the same specs so i don't think there would be any problem the way r u on xda .. Quite good developer..xda needs u

    • Hey,
      You already have an Android L Custom ROM for your Coolpad 7295 / Spice mi515. Download the rom from here : Android L Custom ROM for your Coolpad 7295. Coolpad 7295 has Mtk6589 while Coolpad 7295C has Mtk6582 Processor. I'm not on XDA as it has so many rules & i hate some of them. Good to see you here, Keep visiting !

    • RV

      Thanks a lot for the link and Sure i will visit 😉

  • Anonymous

    hey, can u please give this for karbonn a25?? or i can use this rom for the same??

  • Anonymous

    Hey buddy,

    You are doing a great job, Thank you very much. I have many time requested on XDA forum to develop ROM for S5+, but they seems to be very busy ;). Hats off to you, loving new ROM. Ofcourse waiting for you to fix Camera Bug (take your time but please do it)

    Just to help user who have problem with S5+ recovery, I overwritten CWM- recovery with as didn't work for me, It does not show external SD card.

    If you wants to download here is link

    same method Uncle tool to overwirte.

    Again Thanks Ajinkya for all hard work you put here. Really appriciated. I will continue visit your site and check adds too ;). Already subscribed to your newsletters

  • Man Ixh

    bro plz upload note 4 rom..
    and a a lot of respect to you and your great works brother

    • Hey Man thanks for the respect. One of the S5+ user is creating a Video tutorial of the rom as its best till now. Don't worry you will get to taste it soon. Keep visiting !

  • 哥哥 这个相机的问题找到解决办法了吗?

    • 我试图解决这个问题。不久,我会释放出一个错误游离L- ROM 。继续访问。

    • 谢谢啦 我大概多长时间出来啊 我每天都访问你的网站。等待是一种病啊。。。

    • 不幸的是,错误,但不要担心,我很快就会公布最佳工作ROM和视频教程。

    • thank you

  • Please reply soon

  • Ajinkya Bhai can you please give me a Guide to change my xperia v2 notification panel to Samsung galaxy s5 notification panel

    Please Bhai give me a brief guide

    • Galaxy Note 4 bug free is ready. I'll post it by tomorrow evening.

    • Man Ixh

      woooow!!! we are waiting ajinkya bro 🙂

  • Please reply soon

  • Ajinkya Bhai can you make galaxy note 4 ROM for s5+

  • kimi kom

    How much do we need 2 wait , fix ewerythng n release v2,

  • Charan Raj

    waiting for bugs fix
    its very difficult without camera

    fix the bugs bro..

  • Anonymous

    bro waiting for camera fixx and flash is also not working ??????????


    hey really loved the rom but without cam its sucks so please fix the bug bro.

  • I called every day to see if your post repair camera. Look forward to the early completion of the landlord.

  • Charan Raj

    Its too hard to use phone without camera bro

    waiting for camera bug fix bro
    plz fix it as fast as u can

    • I'm trying my best to fix this bug. Please co-operate. Keep visiting !

  • hey can u build android l v2 rom for s5+

    • Ya i'll soon release V2 ROM for S5+ but might take few days as i even need to look over other device's roms. Keep visiting !

    • hey can u make a custom rom for micromax a106 or can u tell me how to root that mobile

    • XDA Forum : Micromax A106 Root your A106 : Root

    • sorry its micromax a109

    • You can use Kingo root method : Root

    • thanks bro and tell me when u upload L v2 rom for s5+

  • Rohit Rokde

    Hi Ajinkya,

    I am Rohit. I have some pretty good experience in android app and framework devlopment. Just in case you are very busy with other roms or so, I am willing to help with providing logs/ debugging the camera bug/ ttesting any app or any other help/collaberation. I have the Karbonn Titinium S5 plus device. And one more thing, I also want to get the android source tree of this a phone..

    Reply if you want to talk.

    [email protected]


    • Thanks Rohit for your helping hand as everyone here comes with a demand and barely anyone offers any help. I need to look over around 40+ device's custom rom. I would surely contact you if i need any kind of help.

  • Ajinkya bhai please add the gapps link for this rom


    yo u got the bug fixed or not dude

  • saikrishna bollapragada

    thank you ajinkya bhaai…… you……

  • Anonymous

    im so loving this rom. waiting for the updates that fixes all the bugs. pls do the needful

    • Hey,
      Thanks for your feedback about the rom. I'm trying different method to fix camera bug. Hope i find the fix soon. Stay tuned.

  • Abhinav Sharma

    Will u pls post andriod l rom dor titanium s1

  • Ajinkya bhai please fix the camera bug soon

    You know that it is difficult to operate a phone without camera

  • Charan Raj

    Android L is super bro
    u have done good job…

    waiting for camera bug fix bro

    • Thanks for your feedback Charan. I am trying ways to fix the camera bug. Hope i'll fix it soon.

    • Charan Raj

      waiting for camera bug fix bro
      i found 2 more bugs,tourch and gmail are not working bro


    dude any cam is not working hereout giv me a proper cam link

  • Ajinkya bhai please fix the camera bug
    Do this rom supports otg
    Please reply..

    • Ya soon i'll fix it. Moeez no rom will have OTG support as it comes with hadware & kernel. So, Titanium S5+ will not have OTG support.Please Support my work checkout Advertisments on site. Keep visiting !

  • Anonymous

    Please Do Add The Gapps Link

  • Anonymous

    Bro Many APss Likke Camera , Gallery And Many Many Apss Are NOt Present Like In The Picture above.?

    • Hey,
      That user of that phone installed that Apps externally. I didn't added any Gapps to reduce rom size below 300. If you want i can add Gapps link.