After the latest Android L update from Google every user wants at least not actual Android L 5.0 but its theme on their old Smartphones. But Soon every Smartphone user will experience the richness of Android L Interface. This ROM is created by a developer from xda named as Dayal4742. Please hit the thanks button if you liked this rom. So, Here it is Android L themed Custom ROM for Karbonn A1+ with superb performance & Pure Android L. This rom is originally Android v2.3.5 but who cares if you have Android L UI. This ROM is actually a mixture of Android L & Android Kitkat so it is named as L-Kat too..

ROM Details :

  1. ROM Name: Android L / L-Kat.
  2. ROM Status:Stab
  3. Android version:2.3.5 (SDK 10).

Home, Statusbar & Navigation menu :

     Android L modded holo launcher, Android L Developer Preview like Navigation bar with Brightness Adjusting Option. Coming to the Home of this ROM it completely looks like Android L in nexus. It has Pure L icons with many other icons. Added Android L Icon pack. The Recent Apps panel has a task manager option like other samsung device. The power menu has many more option except the old style Power Off & Airplane Mode. It has got Screenshot Option which means you don’t need to hold many keys simultaneously Just press the Power menu & Boom. Many more option like Reboot, Silent mode which are not found in stock Power menu. This ROM looks perfect from all this aspects.

Lockscreen, Contacts, Dialer etc. :

          Android L themed Lock Screen, All icons changed like android l from progressbar, spinners, btn default, rating stars, popup, notify icons, Themed package installer, Swipe to kill apps (stable), different colors for many apps. Contacts & Dailer Themed like Android L. This is not pure themed but enough to be felt like Android L. Cyan themed with separate title bar, sb color, check buttons, Hd incall view pic, Android L themed dialer , Android L themed incoming & in call view, Themed add contacts & contacts view.

Media & Settings :

        I think i don’t need to say anything about the setting, it is so beautifully themed that i gives complete L 5.0 looks like in other Nexus devices. It has Inbuilt Xposed Module Option which increases the rom usability & Performance. It has Android L like green lollipop switches. It has Google Play Music default. Auto Insurance.

General Apps, Messenger :

Android L themed Keyboard, Themed Calculator, Calender, Clock. Android L wallpapers, Android L ringtones, alarm tones, notification tones, Android L bootanimation, separate theme fully android L themed with some new icons, No clock on status bar, No clear button, Music toggles with track info. Android l like notifications, swipe to remove notifications. This is Complete Android L Custom ROM for Karbonn A1+. All this thing in 67.8 MB. Enjoy!

Downloads :

  1. Link 1 : Android L for Karbonn A1+.
  2. Link 2 : Android L for Karbonn A1+.

How to Install :

  1. First make a backup & make sure you can restore it
  2. Download Rom from Above link.
  3. Delete Apps & media manually, Make space above 45 mb.
  4. Wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache.
  5. Install from zip & reboot.
  6. Cannot be flashed on stock odexed rom. Flash on any custom rom.

I hope you like this work by dayal4742. If so Please Hit the like button there. Also Please Like & Share this post. Any doubt or feedback would be answered in comment section. Enjoy Android L on your A1+. Have a Good day ! Keep Visitng !

  • patrick

    my phone is karbonn a1+

    i installed this custom l-kat rom

    i loks beautifil but there is one [email protected]@@@@@ wifi showing error
    @@@@@@if i click power button no lock screen it reeboots again and again

  • patrick

    can i install this l custom rom on my phone , it has the stock rom

    is it safe to install this in my stock rom ?
    please help me

    can this rom removes my no signal problem ?

  • prateek

    yeah its a nice rom….bt there is one problem..when i lock screen by power button and then press the power key again to unlock it….it reboots!!!!!!!what is this????

  • Prateek

    Comment:shitt…i bricked my a1+ while flashing d rom….any solution to bring it back???

  • shivam

    Its working

  • Abdul Wahed

    any bugs ???

  • Aslam Patel

    hey its not properly working

  • Aslam Patel

    hey its not properly working

  • how to install a rom zip file in karbonn A1+ ?

    • Abdul Wahed

      In CWM recovery mode first wipe data then wipe cache and then dalvik cache
      next go to install zip from sd card nd the choose zip fr sd
      Thas's all flash that zip

  • Piyush Kumar

    if the installation is not done properly then how do i have a safe side.

  • Anonymous

    Hey can you develop new roms for Karbonn A25 🙂

    • Ya i am working on few roms for A25. I am searching for a tester, if you are interested please inbox me on It would be a great help from your side.Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      Yup check the inbox…

    • robin chakkal

      hey make it for karbonn a30 or port cyanogenmod 11 rom to it
      if want tester than i can be
      contact 9988911729