Android L ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5
Android L ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5

After release of Android L 5.0 for Google devices, all smartphone companies are trying to provide Android L update to their High budget phones. There is no signs of even Kitkat updates for Karbonn users. At last we need to move to Custom ROMS for our device. Today i am here with Android L developer preview Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5. This ROM is originally Android 4.2.2. But has material design of Pure Android L to enhance your experience with Titanium S5. Just like Android L has totally new features & interface this ROM also has New Jaw dropping material design. This ROM is completely Optimized with Performance tweaks. This ROM has 13000+ Antutu Score. So lets just check it out.

Supported Device: Karbonn S5,CM Skyfire2.0,Blu Studio 5.0S, Blu Studio 5.3s

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ROM Features :

  1. 14 Toogles Wifi, Sign, Flight Mode, Sound etc.
  2. Google Now Launcher Standard Themed L Material Design.
  3. Standard YouTube Themed L Material Design
  4. WhatsApp Standard Themed L Material Design
  5. Phone & Contacts Themed L Material Design
  6. New Gmail Themed 5.0 L Material Design
  7. Player Apollo Themed L Material Design
  8. Calculator Themed L Material Design
  9. Standard version 39.0.2171.59 Google Chorme browser
  10. Play store Updated Version 5.0 Themed L Material Design
  11. Calendar Themed L Material Design
  12. Clock JB + 4.2.2
  13. Gallery Google Themed L Material Design and not supported Edit Photos.
  14. Framework-res Added Colors In letters Fund Themed & L Material Design
  15. SystemUI Added 50% Transparency Circle Removed From Icon In Battery and Standard L Added icon Removed Data Count Themed L Material Design.
  16. Themed Settings L Material Design
  17. SMS Themed L Material Design
  18. Android L & Media Sources
  19. File Manager Root Explorer Standard Themed L Material Design
  20. Mass Storage Preview L added
  21. Android 4.2.2 ROM with full stability
  22. Guaranteed Best performance in Titanium S5 .
  23. Tweaks : Battery Saving Tweaks, Hardware Acceleration, Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband, Increase photo and video recording quality, Increase jpg quality to 100%, Quick Power-On mode, Random performance boost, Disable Logging, RIL tweaks, Dalvik tweaks.

Bugs :

    None. If you find any you can comment below. But it would be very rare as this ROM worked well for Titanium S5 clones. I found this ROM on a Brazilian website. But i have translated this ROM language to English.

Screenshots : (This are in Spanish but original ROM is in English)

Downloads :

How to Install :

  1. Reboot into recovery.
  2. Do a Factory reset, Clean Cache, Dalvik Cache, Android Secure,Data.
  3. Select Install from sdcard.
  4. Locate the ROM file & Select ‘Yes’.
  5. After installation, Reboot.
  6. Download the Lockscreen App from above & Install it.
  7. Done.
                We hope this Android L Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5 doesn’t disappoints you & offer Complete performance. If you enjoyed this post please like & Share this post. If you are a tech lover and love to write/ discuss about anything related to Android, Windows or iOS you can post it on Devs-Lab and make good money out of it for more info check here. Good day !
  • yash

    Does this rom work for karbonn titanium s5 ultra?

  • naman

    I downloaded the ROM n followed all the steps properly n flashed it but nothing happened . help please

  • avinash

    Can we download games or apps more than jellybean ?

  • Hello, Did you updated this ROM..? Actually i have already used this ROM in last year since i got one bug so that i switched to the another Rom which is not the lollipop version. The Bug i faced was related to the 2g 3g network, It was not able to switch into the 3g Mode and Data runs from only one sim. Will you please tell about this bug issue and solution

  • Rohit Bhandari

    Share the gapps too bro compatible with it.

  • Shubham Soni

    Bhai it says installation aborted. Why??

  • Harshal

    bluetooth service is not working properly. when i connect my headset phone profile works but media profile doesnt work. what is the problem can you help me out.

  • Shubham Soni

    Bhai ROM download kaise kare
    nai ho rah hai????

  • upendra singh

    rom is installed but screen shot is not matched.

  • Anns Domah

    Hrrr helo i got a problem i install the rom am now my wifi is not turning on what should i do to fix it ,,,i did install the offcial rom 4.1.2 but still the same !! Answer me quickly or message me on Facebook :Anns Domah

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If it was working before Installing the ROM, Goto recovery > Format system > Flash the ROM. It will be fixed. As the ROM has no such bugs.

  • Tej ptl

    Zip file not download
    How to download file plz…


    some apps like paytm does not work.the phone gets shut down sometimes when the screen is off

  • xander

    What recovery is recommend for this ROM for the installation? Please?

  • kareem

    the 3G service open automatically when i push the power button and the screen light is on or win i put the charger i don’t know how to fix this

  • kareem

    the 3G service open automatically when i push the power button and the screen light is on or win i put the charger i don’t know how to fix this

  • upendra singh

    can i change this usb debbuging password Cobaaja08x

  • mnsnpl

    download is not working it’s showing image

  • GurVir

    Can’t swich to 3g permanently .

  • dj

    i love your roms. but i request you to put these on torrent. people have slow connection will really bless you. and once again i really appreciate your job.

  • Balram Sharma

    not able to install the file Its showing error, so please help

  • Balram Sharma

    not able to install the file Its showing error, so please help

  • jovin varghese

    can i install this rom in karbonn titanium s1 ..if so what all changes i need to make ….eager to know

  • irfan

    Gujarati Font doesnt display in my Karbonn Titanium S5. Hindi font also not displays prpoperly in WhatsApp App. Please do some needful for me.

  • Kishor Jena

    I tried to download rom. but when I click on Download Link It Shows Blank Page.

  • DBA

    hey Ajinkya Mishra,

    This rom is wroking fine on my s5, but i have problem in Bluetooth (I'm unable to use Bluetooth hands-free). how to fix it bro??

    Thanks for this Rom.

  • Saswata Guha

    how to install bengali font on stock rom of Karbonn TitaniumS5?

  • Himanshu Pal

    After 4 hours hard work .. 🙂 finally I have installed the but getting below 2 issues.
    1. Google Play is not working at all
    2. Getting frequent error " Unfortunetrly, the process andoid, has stoppped"
    how can I resolve above 2 issues ..pls help

  • Shrehaan Kotian

    instalition aborted plz help

  • Awesome Rom yet i found some issues.
    1. Keyboard Swift dont work.
    2. Unable to change number of Home Screens. I want 3 but it has 5.
    3. Home screen to App Drawer Animation, some time it gets stuck in the middle of the animation. Please Change it. I could opt for better launcher yet i love it for i dobt know why.
    4. Setting: Display: StatusBar Setting: Quickpanel Toggles doesnt open.

  • hey bro! I m not able to change network mode in this rom. please help me!!!!!!

    • Install Network App. Easily available on market to manually change network

  • I had putted thia rom on titanium s5… for sometime it worked fine!! But now its showing unfortunately system has stopped for every 2-3 min!!… is there any fix for it!!! Plzz replyy!! I liked the rom a lott!!!

  • Bro the rom is just superb but msg cant be sent from my device…..plz hep

  • This rom is asking passwords in different sections like usb debugging and many others in developer options……….. how can i remove all those password protections

  • Niraj Bhlone

    Hey dude i love this rom but whenever i restore my contact, the contact app donot work even it dont let me to call
    Plz fix this prob

    • Do a Fix permissions through your CWM/TWRP recovery. This should fix this problem. Keep visiting !


    camera notepad gallery is missing
    google play store is not responding so i cant use aaps on my mob
    [unflinchintly the process android media is stoped] giving always message

  • hgjy

    what is usb debugging password

    • ‘Akash Mane

      Cobaaja08x type exactly like this, its case sensitive.!! 😉

  • nisaj

    i installed this rom and its great.the two bugs i found was..
    1.cant switch network to 3g.its set deafult on gsm
    2.cant click on connect button after selecting a wifi..
    pls upload a fix


    Two bugs I found.
    1. Only sim1 for gprs/edge,
    2. Cellular call conference does not work.

    Plz upload a

    • I found the same bug, though i want to have this rom in my phone, can’t do this coz of 3g and one sim network is not working. 🙁

  • Abhishek Roy

    and where is the link for the lockscreen..

  • Abhishek Roy

    hey the hidden android L animation is not proper it shows some red and blue colouring boxes..
    please make the hidden android version animation proper..jst like the nexus..please its a request..

  • Anonymous

    hi i want to upgrade my karbonn titenium s5 with the new version of Android ,
    how would i do that can you plz help me

  • Akash Sarjine

    Hindi fonts sometimes go out of the screen
    some words cut off at end

  • hgjy

    Titanium S5 android L u provide us its not original. Please try to provide original. Its just a theme based.

  • Anonymous

    Can u plz tell me how to calibrate g sensor on this rom. I have been trying to do so buy there happens to be some irregularity during gameplays.
    Overall the os rocks i hav experienced no bugs yet thnxx a lot.

  • Piyush Chakkarwar

    hi i have karbon titanium s5 plus wheni press the vol up buttton and power button then cwm menu is not coming can u help me in bringing back the menu tell me soln

  • hgjy

    its working good. Thank you
    Try to provide 5.1 v of android l. its is initial L

  • Saddam Sayyad


  • Saddam Sayyad


  • ‘Akash Mane

    Whatsapp contacts aren't getting synced.!! any help plz?????

    • hgjy

      go to contacts help in whatsapp. its is appear at when u create a new massge. than take a setup.

  • Anonymous

    Man u r just awesome..
    Works perfectly on my titanium s5 and the best thing is there are 0 bugs…Thank u so much

  • Anonymous

    what is usb debugging password please give me

    • ‘Akash Mane

      Cobaaja08x is the password.!!

    • Anonymous

      Cobaaja08x didnt work.. other password pls

    • ‘Akash Mane

      it does.!! mine worked out.!! 😐

      • Dnny

        thnks dude

    • ‘Akash Mane

      it is case sensitive, so use exactly Cobaaja08x as password.!! 😉 i hope this helps.!! 🙂

  • Haays Hemant

    When i try to install it shows error of Installation Abort! pls help as fast as possible..

    • Use latest TWRP recovery for installation.

    • Alok Tiwari

      PLS Send me the video

  • sachin.singhal singhal

    How to install Hindi font

    • Checkout this page : Install Hindi font

    • Abhishek Roy

      :)) Hey i want to install this rom on my karbinn titanium s1..can u provide me with the boot.img of this rom for s1..soo i could replace it and flash it on my s1..or even u may provide me with the same rom for titanium would b a great help.

    • Download this rom & open ROM with winrar. Delete the boot.img & Drag 'n' Drop the Stock boot.img in the rom. Probably this should work.

    • Abhishek Roy sm where i have read that..we need the boot.img of the same rom means in our case its the lollipop rom..which means i need the boot.img of lollipop rom for s1

  • Lokesh Prasad

    does dis rom works for titanium s5 plus!!!plzz help

  • amit kumar

    Can I flash this on Karbonn a18+

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    I found more 2 issues,
    1. Langauge : Menus are not displayed in complete English language. For example Contact is displayed as Pessoas
    2. The Shortcut of those apps installed on SD card, that we create on home screen will disappear if we restart phone or connect phone to pc.
    hey Bro can you fix these issue?

    • The language bug can be fixed by yourself. Just copy the Contacts.apk from other Custom rom of S5 & Paste it in this. Hope this helps! Thanks for the bug report. The icon bug can't be solved sorry !

    • Gaurab Pradhan

      Okay i can fix the contact but what about other language? There are lots of such language like Modo silencioso, mode de aviao etc etc

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    I have installed it and limitation i found right now is that we cannot choose ringtones from user location.

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    Thanks Bro, I'll try and give u feedback