Android L ROM for Karbonn A27+
Android L ROM for Karbonn A27+

   The new Android L has just arrived in Google phones. This new OS has all new features & interface different from 4.x.x Series. There is no assurance from Karbonn of providing Android L updates for old phones. But no need to worry, Here it is Android L themed Custom ROM for Karbonn A27+ highly optimized & Stable ROM. This is not Android 5.0 but completely themed for better Android L experience. This rom is highly optimized with inbuilt Xbooster for maximum Performance & Free Ram. Viber4Android Added for better sound experience with tons of tweaks for making a perfect working rom. Enjoy Android L interface on your Karbonn A27+.

ROM Features :

  1. Completely Android 5.0 L Themed.
  2. Android L Boot Animation
  3. Android L UI
  4. Android L Apps, Settings UI and Notification Bar
  5. DUAL 3G
  6. No Network/Wifi Issues
  7. Android L Icons
  9. Rooted
  10. Zipaligned
  11. Deodexed
  12. Busybox with init.d support
  13. Extended Power Menu (reboot to recovery)
  14. HOSP Settings
  15. Xposed Installer
  16. Ultimate Responsiveness.
  17. Loopy Smoothness Tweaks
  18. AutoStart Manager
  19. Launcher TweakerAndroid L Lockscreen Wallpaper
  20. File Commander Added
  21. Heavily Tweaked
  22. Good Battery Backup
  23. New Boot Logo
  24. Greenify Pro version Pre-installed.
  25. Init.d support
  26. Loopy Smoothness Tweaks
  27. New Ram Optimization Tweaks
  28. Battery Saving
  29. Many More to Discover.

Bugs :

              Almost no bugs found yet ! But if you find any major bugs you can report about it in comment section. But there are very less chances of any major bugs. I’m leaving this for you.

Screenshots :


I Hope you enjoy this Android L interface in you Karbonn A27+. I would to hear your feedback in comment section. If you loved this ROM please leave your feedback as it helps other A27+ users to decide about this rom. Please Like & Share this Post. Keep Visiting ! Good Day !

  • Ђуро Станковић

    does anyone have some rom for tesla 6.1 smartphone

  • aryan sinha

    Sir while installing this rom the instalation aborted at smting like level 6 as said by the device .it was my first rom with first attemt to install nd such things happened ,got a huge discouragation nn.plz do smting..

  • riena92

    too good to be true

  • Samuel

    Wifi is not connected in this rom

  • Rahul

    Plss plss plss explain me in detail ..I had downloaded a zip file.. Now how apply it on karbonn 27+.. Please help me otherwise my 183 mb will be lost…plss plss

  • Sidhesh More

    ROMs for iBall andi 4.5q it is a mtk6577 device

  • Sidhesh More

    hey can it works for iBall andi 4.5q

  • Shivam Verma

    roms for karbon a27+ not working

  • saikiran

    contacts saving problem


    pls make kitkat or lollipop rom for karbonn a99…plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    thanx in advance

  • Prateek

    bro u have been superb in all roms for karbonn a27+
    i've been downloading all ur roms but this is not working :/
    u told to change meta inf
    i did as u told but then this rom works but installs the rom from which i took meta inf
    like i took it from kitkat rom so its installing kitkat on my mobile
    dude please fix this
    show again that u r awesome

    • I'll post the V2 ROM for A27+ soon. Keep visiting !

    • Prateek

      bro wifi is not working too, it connects but internet not working , camera gives blurr pictures pls do something 🙂
      n i increase the phone storage of mmx unite 2 is there any way to do so in karbonn a27+ please help

  • vijay a

    Bro am waiting for bugs free lollipop ROM for a27+ please try to update it

  • Balasubramani R

    Please fix the wifi Connectivity

    • Ya i'll post the all bugs fixed L ROM for A27+ in few days. Keep visiting !

  • Anonymous

    Playstore new version &Updated google apps are not working in this ROM. Unfortunately force closing. Fix it ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    please upload a new copy it's showing an error 6

    • I have updated the working ROM file. Hope it works.

    • Anonymous

      Not connecting to WiFi please fix it ASAP.

    • Anonymous

      When I am trying to flash this ROM its got error logo.bin installed failed error status 7.

    • For people facing Installation issue :
      Simply follow this step :
      1. Open Android L ROM ( Don't Extract ), Delete the Meta INF File.
      2. Open any other working rom of Karbonn A27+. Drag & Drop the Meta inf from there to Android L ROM. (don't extract).
      Or else wait for me to update it.

      For people facing wifi issues : I'll fix that soon.
      Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      Play store not working

  • Anonymous

    can i increase my karbonn a27+ phone ram

  • Bala

    I have tried with newly uploaded files. Still I have Same problem. Installation is aborted It showed status 6.
    Kindly help me pls.

    • Thanks for informing i'll fix it soon.

    • omkar patil

      hey when u gonna giv such updates for a25???
      pleaase update us with lollipop ui rom soon… hav been waitin for months since ua ios6 rom update..
      please please update rom for a25 soon…

    • Bala i have Updated the ROM file. This time it will work surely.

  • Bala

    Thank you very much Ajinkya

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    Hey Bro can u please make for Karbonn S5 Titanium?

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    could u make for Karbonn s5 Titanium?

  • Bala

    And also upload new copy of this ROM
    Thank u

  • Bala

    please fix this error in cwm :error during installation. The installation process is aborted It showed status 6

  • john nirmal

    And Ajinkya tell that what is Dual 3G … dualsim slot as 3g or what that please tell me

  • john nirmal

    update-script error fix. this with notepad++

  • john nirmal

    Bro please fix this error ……. in cwm :error in ( i mean your rom) installation aborted status 6…..

    But i fixed this error… and installed it on my mobile…. :d

    To fix this problem convert to Unix format with notepad++. 🙂

    good luck bro………… 🙂

    • Could you please elaborate the solution as i don't have A27+. So i just can't know what actually the problem is. Thanks for your valuable comment. Please co-operate. Keep visiting !

    • john nirmal

      Its ok .. tell me that use dual sim as 3g ? or not

  • Ram Kishan

    where is the download link for this rom

  • for lava 454

  • Anonymous

    Could you please share ANDROID L for A52+?
    Would this work in a52 or its only for a27+?

    • First of all this rom if for A27+ only. Can you please tell me the MTK version of your processor.

  • Anil Medical

    plz make for s5 plus waitting

    • First let me complete the Galaxy rom for S5+ then i'll surely make this for S5+ too. Keep visiting!

    • Anil Medical

      (h) thnx for rply nd plz make it fast nd waitting for android 5 🙂