Android L Custom ROM for Karbonn A26
Android L Custom ROM for Karbonn A26

After Android l updates rolling out for all he newest android phones all the Android developers have started providing unofficial Cyanogenmod 12 which is Android L but because of No source code provided by Karbonn, development for Karbonn phones have almost ceased. Not original Android L but a taste of it is sufficient. All the new phones coming out has Android L (5.0). At last Android L (Lollipop) Custom ROM for Karbonn A26 is here.

This is just material design which won’t give you any chance to complain. This is a V1 ROM which has got lots of cool features & Performance improvements. Pure Android L Notification & Status bar. After a Android performance test this rom has got good benchmarks & Fps. You can check it using any android performance app like Antutu Benchmark App.

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ROM features :

  1. Pure Android L 5.0 Interface.
  2. Framework Lollipop.
  3. Battery Style Mod UI (Xperia, Sense, MIiui, Lewa OS).
  4. Sony Xperia style Android L App drawer.
  5. Pure Android L Dailer & Icons.
  6. Android L transitions & Ringtones.
  7. Changing Statusbar Color as per App.
  8. Attractive Boot Animation.
  9. White Status bar Icons.
  10. Emotion Lollipop Wallpapers.
  11. Google camera and gallery
  12. Lollipop apps like messenger,calculator.
  13. Modules & Apps Pre-Installed ( File Manager,Tinted Status Bar,Terminal)
  14. Butter Smooth Performance.
  15. Build.prop Tweaks ( 3G Tweaks, Image & Video tweaks, Performance tweaks)
  16. Supports INIT.D
  17. Xposed setting in system settings.
  18. Google Android L 5.0.2 type Notification bar, Drag for options.
  19. Lock screen Circle Shows amount of battery like CyanogenMOD.
  20. Personalization Inbuilt by Xposed & R-Control.
  21. Android L Clock : ClockL
  22. At the end you will love it.

Bugs :

               This ROM was tested for about 7 Hours to find bugs but we didn’t found any bugs. This ROM is Pure Android L & offers zero Lag. But if you find any bugs you can report about it in comment section which would be a very rare case. But before reporting about any bugs try these steps :
  • Goto CWM Clear cache partition & Dalvik cache.
  • Goto Advanced & Fix Permissions.

Screenshots :

Downloads :

How to Install :

  1. First you need to Root your Karbonn A26 : How to Root.
  2. Download recovery.img from here : Recover.img for A26.
  3. Install the recovery file by this method : Install CWM in A26.
  4. Just follow the same Procedure as Shown; How to Install ROM in Android

Bug fixes :

               Many Karbonn A26 encountered Auto Rotation of Screen by 180 Degrees in Clockworkmod & in the ROM. Skip this step if you are not facing any such issue. If you are facing same bug do the following steps :  Here
              I hope you love this new and most awaited Android Lollipop interface in your Karbonn A26. Don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding this rom in comment section. Please +1 & Share this post if you liked it so that even your friends know about this awesome rom. Hope to see you again, Good day !
  • Harsh

    please help! the link says error 404 not found

  • Thanks for this rom. Though it’s not compatible with my phone

  • Joel

    Some Rom of these for Alcatel Pixi 3 (4) 4013m

  • jayesh shah

    links are not working kindly update plz!!!!

  • Nikki

    can i install it on LG L60 X147

  • Android Master

    hello please can you create lolipop rom for my Qmobile x90 plzzz create ,,,,

  • Tininahan Jeffrey

    will this work on a clone Samsung S4?
    The MTK tools said it is a MTK6572…

    • You can try your luck by replacing boot.img of the ROM with your device’s boot.img

  • Tarun

    Will this work for Karbonn A52+


  • yogesh masar

    rotatatn bug not fix by wipe cache partitn and calvik cache and also by fix permission

  • Anil

    Hi Dev

    Please provide the same for karbonn a11 star

  • Ayush Awasthi

    Hey plz help me, i installed the rom on my karbonn a26 and everything went successful but when i reboot my phone it doesnt gets switched on , just shows the first screen “Karbonn smart a26” and thats all . this thing flashes again and agin.

    Plz help me plz

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Format system from CWM & flash again.

  • siddhant

    Will it work on all mtk6572 phones??

  • Anbu Aki

    hy bro
    i ve install tis lollipop custom in my mtk device. its wrking fne fr a while after some time i ve tried to open the setting menu or any other app it got hung up n at d same time when i lev phe let it recover automatically fr its hung up but its not getting back to its normal working mode even i not able to switch off my device it left me no choice but force turn offing but removing battery.

    any solution for tis issue???
    reply asap.

  • Vishal

    Hey while flashing cwm I’m getting an error message : adbd not install. And how can i unlock the bootloader?

  • irshad

    How to fix sound in lollipop rom its very low

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Install Dolby Atmos. It will surely help!

      • Somay

        Hey Staff,
        Dolby Atmos isn’t working for me… Its showing an error “Dolby has stopped working”…Any way to fix it?

  • bob

    Can u tell me how to come back to stock ROM after doing this custom ROM .plz plz reply me

  • sukhi

    sir i have karbonn a26 and i install android l rom but now gmail not work or not download from play store help me plz

    • anton

      i have same promblem with play store you need a new version of google play services cause google changed the numbers

      you can find the write google play services on

      in the right corner in the ornage header you can search for the google play services
      read carefully and follew instructions deu to the correct android version including screen reselution
      if i remember it correctly the last 3 numbers off the play services on apk mirror are the ones who wil match wit your android and screen reselution just read it good and dubbel check and always use the newest play services that match your devic

  • sukh

    how can install cwm

  • jeevan

    Installed it on my Colors X40 MTK6572, installed fine. But the sound is not working and the screen is reddish. What can I do now???!?

  • gagan

    Any one upload custom recovery for Karbonn a26 pls

    • gagan

      Not working for my device karbonn a26 mt 6517

  • Akshay mahajan

    Audio two low and google account switching in The game clash of clan (it directly comes out) and wifi n aeroplane mode fix this bugs

  • Raghav mittal

    Sir plzz create a pure lolipop rom for karbonn a16.plzz sir


    ;(( it doesnt worked for me in ma A16 … i searched allover the internet .. but not found any custome for karbonnA16 ..plz create a lollipop pure for karbonn A16 .. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Nitesh Kumar

    Hey thanxx for the ROM 🙂 , But the problem is tat i am not able to download it , evrytime when i click on "download anyway " button ,it is downloading a corrupted file . Plzz help !!!

    • I just checked the file & its not corrupted i think the Browser or Downloader you are using is not downloading the file properly maybe you should some other downloader like IDM.


    Can i use this ROM for karbonn A16 MediaTek (MTK6572)? it has same hardware as i searched.. plz tell me

    • Yes you can try this. If it works, don't forget to post about it here.

  • Mahesh Talmale

    Does this rom run on MT6577 devices…??

  • Joseph Antipas

    Hey ajinkya
    Thanks for the ROMS

    And I got a permanent solution for the reverse portrait rotation bug..

    Follow these steps:
    1. Download ROM Toolbox Lite.
    2. Goto performance tab
    3. Goto build.prop Editor
    4.then goto "ro.sf.hwrotation"(if it's not available add it).
    5. Change property value to 180.
    6. Reboot your device.

    Cheers.. :d :p

  • Soumyadip Pal

    It's a Nice ROM, I enjoyed it a lot. But there's one bug I found apart from that screen rotation is: MY PHONE IS NOT ABLE TO CHARGE WHEN I SWITCH IT OFF AND AN ERROR COMES CONSTANTLY !! PLEASE FIX THIS …. ALL OTHER FEATURES ARE OKAY 🙂

    • You can try fixing this error by doing a Fix permission through CWM recovery & also clear cache this shouls work as others are not facing this issue this would fix it ! Keep visiting !

  • can I see the android version as 5.0.2 in settings after doing this?? I mean can this process really update the android version??

  • Dazz Rb

    Yaa There R the Problem of Audio but we can set Audio Setting FroM ENGINEER MODE > CONNECTIVITY > AUDIO set it all………….!

    • MDL

      Dazz Rb, You are right but there is little correction.

      You can enter “ENGINEER MODE” in two ways.
      1. By using *#_________# mode
      2. By using Mobile uncle tools app.

      I would suggest #2.
      Install app, open, select “Engineer mode” > “Engineer mode (MTK)”
      Choose “Hardware Testing” (you have to swipe left twice) and choose “Audio”
      You will get a list of options like Speakers, Headset, etc.
      You have to choose the option for which you have problem for.
      For example, I had problem with Headset. Volume was too low when I connected headset/earphones for music/video.
      So I chose Headset.

      First option you see is “Type”. (this is very important)
      You have to choose the right option inorder to fix your problem.
      I chose “Media” from the option, as i had problem with Media (Songs/Videos)
      Ignore the “Level” option.
      Next is you have to set the “value”
      DO NOT SET MAX (Generally its 255)
      Max go upto 220 (It will give u a great amount of boost)
      Next Click “Set”

      Do not alter “Max Volume” as it is already at 150 out of 160.

      Similarly If you are facing issue with Ringtone, choose Loudspeaker > Type: Ring > Value to as much as you need.

      Thank you so much “Dazz Rb” for introducing me to Engineer Mode. Initially I struggled a bit, But found out finally. YaY.


  • Dazz Rb

    Bro, Great Job Mind Bellowing Rom Pick it UP Dude Good Going Cook More Rom for More Fun …………!

    • Thanks ! I really appreciate your response. I would surely cook more roms for A26. Keep visiting !

  • There is only audio bug,audio is too low for this al is working great cheers bro.. Can u please fix the audio part

  • some bugs like WiFi switch & Airplane mode switches are not working from StatusBar & volume decreases in this rom.

  • Awesome ROM works perfect in MTK6577.
    Thanks a lot for providing this ROM.

    • Mahesh Talmale

      Hey Bro,
      Do u have stock rom for MTK6577

  • Ajinkya Mishra , i want to know that which phone is supported this rom, MTK6572 or MTK6577 ?????

  • Gaurab Pradhan

    Hey Bro is there any solution for screen rotation beside installing Rotation app?? lock scree, camera, video ,pic etc are coming upside down even after installing the Rotation app that u recommend?
    CMW recovery is also coming upside down,but TWRP is coming perfect but while installing rom(zip) from SD installing process is aborted. I need you help.

  • Ayan Kapil

    Please make a rom for karbonn A12 plus mtk6572

  • Ayan Roy

    Bro please start developing custom roms for karbonn titanium octane…

  • puli ram

    everything is working well, except that few stock apps dont rotate using that "rotation adaptive lock" app, is there any settings which can be done to make screen orientation better without any apps?
    camera, bluetooth, wifi, network etc. working fine, no problem.
    Bottom line: recommended

    • Anonymous

      Hey have yo u done any sd partition as this rpms are not working for my karbonn A26 (MTK 6577).pls help

    • puli ram

      as of my knowledge this rom is for mtk6572 devices. mine is karbonn a26 v2. maybe yours is v1. but you can port this rom for your device using porting tools on xda forum, or admin could help with it. have a good time

    • V1 is the rom version which means this is Version 1 of Android. I'll also provide V2 ROM too, with more Android L features & Performance improvement later. There is only one Karbonn A26.

      • jeevan

        Ajinkya Mishra ,I appreciate your work, but there are some sound issues in my colors X40 MT6572 device and the screen color is some sky-bluish like. If you have v2, please reply me with the link 🙂

    • puli ram

      model = karbonn a26
      s/w ver = a26_hardware_type2_v2.1
      h/w ver = q071-mb-2.2_hardware_type_2

      also there is another version of karbonn a26 which released initially they have mt6577 cpu.
      i have seen both mobiles.
      And thanks for the rom btw, just need to adjust lcd density to 200 for best interface.
      and can you guide me through screen rotation process in framework.apk

    • Anonymous

      Is this rom working for anyone having MTK6577???

    • Praveen kumar m

      hey pls help me i roote my karbon a26 mobile
      kernal:3.4.5 ms 775custom build version : a26 new v1.1_20130907
      iam unable to go for third step that is advanced options pls help me
      i didnt find this option in my mobile

    • You can fix this by using root explorer in root folder goto in system folder edit build.prop find the line ro.sf.hwrotation just set it =180 reboot your phone.

  • puli ram

    (o) (o) (o)
    superb dude, u took effort to make custom roms. Thanks
    downloading them, will post screenshots and bugs later.
    thanks again. RESERVERD