Lava N454 Custom ROM
Lava N454 Custom ROM
 Lava N454 comes with Android Icecream sandwich 4.0.4 which is way too old in 2015. Lava has no plans of releasing any OTA updates for this phone in future because of its price tag and lava’s poor service. But thanks to Manish Gussain who built a Android Jellybean 4.2.2 from a chinese phone’s source code. Its ultra smooth and has best memory management than the stock ROM. As the source code was not official we couldn’t fix Camera bug in it. But, other than that its really awesome.

Features :

  1. Original Android 4.2.2
  2. Reduced ROM size.
  3. Wifi Working.
  4. Bluetooth Working.
  5. GPS Working.
  6. Notification Bar ICON Changed.
  7. Added Extra Support for Kitkat ICONS.
  8. Added Few performance Tweaks.
  9. Added Build.prop Tweaks.
  10. Added Custom Optimized Kernel.
  11. True Kitkat ICONS. (Download from Below Link and flash it from recovery)


Only Camera Bug (We will fix it soon.)

Screenshots :

Download Link :


KitKat Icons :

ClockWorkMod Recovery :

How to Install :
  • First of all Take Backup of IMEI – Backup IMEI No. Click here.
  • Install Recovery if not installed.
  • Go To Recovery Mode :
  • Switch off the Phone Press and hold “Volume Up + Power”  Butons
  • Select Recovery Mode by Volume Up and Proceed to Recovery by Volume Down

After Opening ClockWorkMOD :

  1. Wipe data factory reset –> Yes–delete all user data
  2. wipe cache partition –> Yes–Wipe Cache
  3. Advanced –> Wipe Dalvik Cache –> Yes–wipe dalvik cache
  4. Mounts and storage –> Format /System /data /cache
  5. Install zip from sd –> – choose zip from sdcard –> – Select Zip
  6. Reboot System now
  7. Wait for 5-10 min to bootup
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  • bhai karo kuchh camera bug ka
    ya fir bina kernel source k kuchh nahi ho payega?

  • gandu 1 number….

  • Aman Dubey

    fix camera and bring new rom

  • anup

    camera fix karo yaar

  • Anonymous

    your all three roms for lava iris 454 are very good but please fix the camera.i cant use your rom only due to camera bug.please fix it brother.

  • vishu zerocool

    thank you bro very thank ful to you for this update really very smooth and good keep up the good work and pls lookout for HDMI bug fix

    • I'm glad that you liked this rom. Also Checkout Galaxy S4 ROM : Galaxy S4 ROM for IrisN454. IOS7 Custom ROM for lava iris N454 : IOS7 ROM. Hope you like them too. Keep visiting !

  • dwarka raj

    plzz camera ka thoda jaldi karna bhai

  • reetheh

    Is there any update for camera bug?. Waiting for good news.

    • Need a tester please Contact on KarbonnROMS. Anybody interested to check bug free Galaxy S5 rom please contact here.

  • Mithun Sharma

    Is there any update for camera bug ????

    • Manish will finally say if he could fix this N454 camera bug soon.

  • dwarka raj

    bug free rom for lava iris 454

  • Ajinkya…. until now, still no bug free rom for us??? Saaaad ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-(
    I wish we could have your awsome developed rom without this annoying camera bug
    i love this rom
    only the camera
    ;-( ;-( ;-(

    • Manish is trying to get rid of this camera bug, he might come up with some good news. I'm really sorry ! I know that feel bro without camera. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Can I flash it to Lava iris 455?

  • Vishisht sharma

    my phone go bootlooped /soft bricked and i didnt install custom reocvery what to do????

  • hello again developers…. plizzzz plizzz plizzzz I really need the new bug free rom… its been a long time back we were to be updated of this rom.
    Plizzz update us…
    i have been checking this page every day since the 6th of september
    i beg you please…!!
    thank you very much 🙂

  • Pankaj Anand

    Wow ! IOS7 ; & best wishes for ur exams , we will have patience till your sessionals 😉
    afterwards not .. ( will be back to stock ROM he he he )

  • harry up bro. ios7 thanks in adv.

  • Pankaj Anand

    kab tak chup rahoongee 😉
    aur kitanaa intejaar …..

  • Pankaj Anand

    chup tum raho, chup hum rahen ………. khaamoshi ko khamoshi se …. some song 😉

    • Sorry for this long leave because of my Term exams. I will post IOS7 ROM for N454 soon. Thanks for your patience & i hope you understand my situation.

  • oh yes…..

  • Pankaj Anand

    Pl. wait …. ,I believe they are working on it ;though I am waiting for it too.
    checking for the update at every hour ..he he he ..
    " Ajinkya sir promise break nahin karate ; kabhi kahi der ho jaati hi hai…
    we can wait forever for the new bug free rom ……thanks Ajinkya with anticipation…

  • Anonymous

    where is the bug free rom
    today is 14 september

  • new rom coming 13 sep. yaaaaa.

  • Pankaj Anand

    HDMI is working in it ???

  • make rom like karboon a27 ios style thanks again

    • Okay i will post it soon but the problem is, the camera bug cannot be solved as it is a kernel bug.

  • thanks do well

  • Anonymous

    thankyou sir

  • hello…
    im the guy from who downloaded this rom from needrom
    finally i can thank Manish and Jinkya
    thank you almighty developers!!!
    i can wait forever for the new bug free rom you were talking about, as long as you keep developing
    thanks again!!

  • Lot of distrabance when make calls with bluetooth device.

  • Pankaj Anand

    Comments on NeedRom … FYI

    C.Chongthu on 09/02/2014 @ 1:16 pm

    Wow…..!!!!! After a looooong year of searching and searching, now this rom saves me from hell.
    The performance is awsome.
    Now my phone is really smooth and i have never experienced in this device.
    Good ui. Good batt life.
    Yes…!! Thnk u developers…!!

    PLEASE…. Fix the camera bug as soon as possible. This rom is really awsome..!!

    It would great if there is OTG support
    And themes too… Thanks..!!

    • Thanks a lot Pankaj for posting the ROM links ! 😀
      But please remove the Download link from the site just give the post link.
      Thanks again for making my work easier. 😉

  • Anonymous

    kab tak karoge bhai

  • Anonymous

    Links blocked

  • Anonymous

    bhai plzz camera ka thoda jaldi karona

  • nice work bhai
    plz do something about cam

    • Thanks Rishav ! Actually we are trying to fix this. We will soon post the bug free rom. 😉

  • Pankaj Anand

    Thanks Ajinkya; your ROM is very stable it is working good since one month. but at least do something for HDMI ; as I assume there is no way to run Bluetooth mouse on Stock ROM ICS . as rohith said,…. Rohith , do you have working BT mouse in N454 stock rom ICS 4.0.4 ???

    • Pankaj Thanks a lot ! Actually the camera bug in this rom is a kernel bug but we are trying to fix this cam bug. We will soon fix this . 😀

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much sir today updated my iris 454 with this. I am searching from 9 months for any updates for this model. Please bug free update as early as possible.

    • We are trying our best for a bug free ROM for N454. 🙂

  • Please fix the cam bug. Good work though. ive been cooking a rom for this phone since ages. and yours is way stable. Good work dude.
    – using the 454 as a tab , using a tablet 7inch display , just wont throw it away coz of its HDMI . …and yeah please find a fix for that too

    • Rohith rajan Thanks a lot its all because of Manish.
      Sorry to inform you but this cam bug cannot be fixed.But we will try to make new Bugfree custom rom for N454.

  • Pankaj Anand

    Ajinkya Sir; ab to kuch good news de do ; for Lava Iris 454

  • ajinkya bhai plzz help mee

  • Anonymous

    bhai phone brick hogaya hey

  • Pankaj Anand

    Thank to You Sir .. for speacially BT mouse (to use this phone's full potential) working fine ,( In ICS, the BT mouse is problem) for which I tried/searched every thing from last 6 months even bricked it several times …installed lots of mtk6577 ROMs/scripts/BT enhacement apps etc. …he he he
    so I found there are several users who needs that ROM as this cheap phone has big potential to become a docking station (gaming and streaming) to connect TV after installing VLC; unified remote and EZ explorer etc… some work around or may be better for DLNA etc….

    • We are planning to develop more roms for N454. Just waiting for more response from others. 🙂

  • Pankaj Anand

    shared your ROM in xda not link but "search string"
    waiting to say you "BIG THANKS" . 😉
    now trying to Xperia Z2 Walkman on N454.. will let you know
    "tricks and tweaks for android" is really cool and all working on N454..

    • Thank you Sir ! If we get positive response for this rom, we might think of more roms for N454 =] Thanks for passing by 😉

  • We will soon release a Bug free ROM for N454. 😉

  • Pankaj Anand

    thanks Ajinkya ; most of working good..(wifi,BT, usb)… kernel is fine …..but HDMI is needed to use its full potential before cam I believe .. (its request only )

  • Sorry Pankaj for late reply. Download from here
    I hope you liked our work. 😉

  • Pankaj Anand

    boom !!! mouse is working may be after installing kitkat icons …..
    thanks … GAPPS LINK is slow/not working ;some another URL ???

  • Pankaj Anand

    awesome ! dear Manish , Ajinkya ; its installed successfully and working good ;
    but my only reason searching for ugrading/custom ROM is for my Bluetooth mouse is not working with ICS; and It is not working with this ROM as well. "paired but not connected ; no cursor "
    Hope you can help! many thanks ..