A lot of us frequent phone changers have gotten used to keeping backups on Google Drive due to its convenience. But this recent change in the rule book by Google is hard to swallow. Google is reportedly only going to keep backups for two months if a device stays inactive for that whole period. Even more annoying, it won’t even notify you about it.

What led Google to such a step is another story but the pain of this was experienced first-hand by a Reddit user. The user, Tanglebrook had his backup data deleted by Google after his device wasn’t used for two months. What’s more, there isn’t going to be any recovery. There is no way back from this pot hole. You have been warned. Even if you are a paid Google Drive user, it’s not going to make things different. Google will still delete the data.

An angered Tanglebrook said, “There was no warning from Google. They just deleted my data. There’s apparently an expiration date that shows up under the backup if I had checked the Backup folder sooner, but there was no notification, no email, no proactive notice at all, and most importantly, no option to use the 100gb of my Drive storage to keep my f* backup.”

The backup to Google Drive feature was added with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and users can save data in Google Drive folders since then. Like we said, there are no notifications, but there is an expiry countdown in the Drive folder itself. However, this might not be visible to everyone. So, from now on, keep a tab on your data copies and keep checking before the month expires.

Google doesn’t explicitly¬†make this info clear to the public, which it should. An email or a notification would be nice. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.