Computex is time for big players to launch something big and stay ahead of Competition. As part of this event, AMD unveiled new Ryzen Threadripper CPU along with its Ryzen Mobile range of processor.

Specifications of Thread Ripper CPU:

Based on companies Zen-core architecture, The new Ryzen Threadripper CPU is for the High-end PC users. AMD showcased the GPU of this processor and its ability to effortlessly play graphic intense games at 4K resolution. The processor will feature up to 16 cores of 32 threads, and quad channel DDR4 memory. All models will have 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes for high-speed peripherals, up to four graphics cards. According to AMD, This chip can easily beat out the companies own high-end AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs.

Although the AMD announced the CPU at Computex, it’s Price and Clock speeds are not yet announced. The company announced the new CPUs would be shipping in this summer. While rumours say that it’s pricing starts around $849, it needs to be confirmed by the firm.

While many visitors are also expecting the AMD’s new Flagship GPU-Radeon RX Vega, the Company revealed that Frontier Edition for AI and deep learning would be available on June 27th. The first commercial launch of Vega will happen at the SIGGRAPH event (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) 2017 in California, on July 30.

AMD Ryzen 7 Threadripper
AMD Ryzen 7 Threadripper

“We believe we’re bringing a new class of performance to the eco-system. Our message is these(CPU and GPU) will be an incredible combination of the real enthusiast-class performance” said AMD CEO Lisa Su during the Ryzen launch at Computex.

AMD also announced the Ryzen Mobile processor, specifically designed for portable notebooks that are less than 15 mm thick. Thin Notebooks with the Ryzen Mobile processor will come with four cores/eight threads and Vega-based GPU. Further, Laptops based on Ryzen mobile processors are expected to be launched by the end of 2017

At this venue, for AMD also teased some details on its upcoming Ryzen Momentum processor, aiming at the gaming community. Do this think AMD Ryzen has any chance in front of the i9 Processor?

  • Ali Kazmi

    It has been know since at least April that AMD Whitehaven (Threadripper) CPUs are on their way. AMD is not launching these CPUs in response to Intel core i9s, Intel however did launch the core i9 in response to strong competition by Ryzen 7 in the high end desktop/workstation space

  • Sahib Singh Kataria

    Actually Intel response to amd ….before writing anything do your research….. And Intel i9 14-16-18 cores….. Are not even there die is ready….so they announce…and amd revealed there threadripper line up even before computex…at and amd financial day…

  • riverhorse

    AMD will drastically improve the Windows portables market.
    Right now most offerings fall into two extremes… cheap and underpowered, or just too expensive.
    2018 should see fairly high end laptops, hybrids at US $200 price point… tablets for half that.