Amazon had unveiled its Echo Show smart speaker device earlier this year with a launch date scheduled around the end of June. Now, barely a week before the launch of the smart device, the company has added the capability to monitor home security cameras. This feature is in collaboration with home security manufacturers like Nest, August, Amcrest, EZViz, IC Realtime, Vivint, Ring, Arlo and Logitech. A user can query Alexa to show them the live feed from all the cameras that have been tied into its memory and network.

Amazon Echo Show
The Amazon Echo Show

This new action is called Smart Home Camera Control and from today is available to all Alexa developers allowing the Echo Show to directly network and connect security cameras (from above-listed manufacturers) with the Amazon’s in-home AI assistant Alexa which can then display the live feed on the touchscreen.

Ring, one of the partner company’s whose products are compatible with this action has posted a video detailing its smart doorbell which comes with a camera and microphone which can be used to stream audio and video directly to a connected smartphone. Now, with this new action for Alexa, you can directly stream the same to your Echo Show and interact with the feed. This also enhances the security capabilities of the smart device and its utility.

The Amazon Echo Show will be available from 28th for $299.99. You can buy the Amazon Echo from Amazon.

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