Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced the global version of its Android-based MIUI 7 OS based on Android Lollipop in New Delhi today. The update brings several new features, interface tweaks and performance improvements. Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s global VP, said that MIUI is now used by over 150 million users in 156 countries. Barra didn’t actually announce a release date for the final version of MIUI 7. But, It will show up in just a couple of months when Xiaomi launches its new flagship, the Mi 5.


The company says MIUI 7 offers up to 30 percent faster response time when launching system apps and a 10 percent increase in battery life for the average user.

MIUI 7 comes with 4 built-in themes: Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life. The Rose and the Pink blush themes are incorporate shades of pink and are inpsired by high-end luxury goods, according to Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra. The Ocean Breeze theme has blue pastles, while the High Life theme is the most elegant and sophisticated of the four with shades of brown and gold. Additionally, you can also download thousands of other themes from Xiaomi’s global theme store.

There is now a brand new version of a theme-designing tool called MUSE that’s available to theme desginers. It lets people easily build detailed, animated themes that customise everything from the icons to the lock screen. Xiaomi released a special Shah Rukh Khan-inspired theme called Badshah Rocks that lets you change SRK’s outfit right on the the lock screen.

MIUI 7 has a new feature called Daily Lockscreen, which puts a brand new image on your lockscreen every single day.

There’s a brand new font size called XXL font, which lets users bump up the size of fonts across the system and optimises the larger sizes to be usable in messaging apps. MIUI now supports a total of 5 font sizes.

MIUI 7 Child Mode
MIUI 7 Child Mode Credits: Pranav Dixit/ HT Photo

A brand new facial recognition feature identifies pictures of your children and puts them all in a single “Baby Album” tab in the MIUI 7 Gallery app. Additionally, MIUI 7 now has a Child Mode that lets parents whitelist specific apps that children can use anbd limit SMS.

If you have a Mi Band, it will now automatically put your phone in the Do Not Disturb mode when it detects that you’ve fallen asleep.

MIUI 7 Data Saving
MIUI 7 Data Saving

Xiaomi has also integrated Opera Max’s data saving technology, which helps reduce data usage on mobile and Wi-Fi connections across most apps by up to 50 percent. Opera updated its service yesterday to compress videos on YouTube and Netflix.

Start-up times have been reduced by lumping the data loading and animation parts into a parallel process. MIUI 7 also appears to feature a new CPU acceleration feature, which boosts CPU speeds for important tasks.

MIUI 7 also now aligns CPU wake-ups from various apps to take place at once, rather than at their own discretion. This allows for longer sleep periods in between wake-ups and therefore a longer stand-by battery life.

Messaging is now smarter. MIUI 7 will put messages from real people up front and everything else — texts from banks, advertisements, One-Time Password Codes, and more — in a separate tab.

You will now be able to set a 5-second video loop as your profile image, which will be displayed whenever you call another MIUI 7 user.

MIUI 7 will be availble as a beta download from Monday, August 24, 2015.