Fresh reports from Economic Times are coming in that Bharti Airtel is all set to launch its first VoLTE service in India. The report comes after an official Airtel confirmation that VoLTE will be announced by the end of 2017. However, the service is to roll out step by step with Mumbai being the first to get the privilege.

“Some customers in Mumbai and Kolkata, and then other metro cities where Airtel is planning to launch, will get messages to activate VoLTE calls on their phones,” one of the people said to the Economic Times.

Another source well aware of Airtel’s plans said that the whole country will be covered before the end of this financial year in March 2018. This will make the Sunil Mittal-owned telco the second in India to solely focused on VoLTE along with Reliance Jio. As of now, Jio is the only telecom giant that is a pure VoLTE-only service.

What is 4G VoLTE

In most simple terms, 4G is the fourth generation of wireless data transmission technology that enables high-speed internet browsing video call and voice calls. When 2G was introduced, it brought digital phone calls and 3G brought video calling.

VoLTE means Voice over LTE (Long Term Evaluation). This tech will be responsible for allowing phone calls through your data like it is done right now on JIo. However, this tech also requires handsets that support 4G, hence the appearance of the JioPhone. Nowadays, phone makers are hugely focusing on VoLTE feature and new devices are regularly shipping with this feature. It shouldn’t be long when a lot of devices come packed with it.

What is interesting is how will Reliance Jio react to this aggressive move from Airtel. Something tells me it’s going to be rosy for Millennials next year. Also, BSNL, and Vodafone are soon switching to VoLTE in 2018.