Roping in the popularity of OnePlus 2, Airtel will be offering fans a chance to get an invite provided they move to Airtel 4G. Buyers will also get a chance to try the new OnePlus 2 smartphone across 50 Airtel stores in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai starting Friday.

The largest telecom provider in the country is also offering consumers a chance to receive an invite for the OnePlus 2  smartphone by upgrading their existing SIM for an Airtel 4G SIM. Airtel however notes that the invites will be handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis to customers with an Airtel 4G connection citing limited number of invites available. For non-Airtel subscribers, the company notes that users can buy a new Airtel 4G postpaid connection to get a chance to receive the OnePlus 2 invite.

At the moment, the device is available for purchase via Amazon India for those who have an invite to buy the device. This will be the second partnership in recent weeks that OnePlus is involved in via which consumers stand a chance to win the OnePlus 2. After Ola and OnePlus announced an exclusive partnership to experience the latest OnePlus 2 smartphone at our door-step, Ola offered users the change to win OnePlus 2 invites ahead of the 3 million people waiting in queue to purchase the device.

Recently, Ola Cabs stated on their blog, “We know how badly you want the latest OnePlus 2 phone. The last we checked, there were almost 3 million people waiting in the queue for invites to buy the phone. We’ve decided to make the invites available to our users on the Ola app.”