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Devs-Lab was started in June 2015 as a small Tech blog which provides development resources for all major Smartphone & PC OS. Today Devs-Lab has become one of the most trusted Tech blog with around 5 Million Page views every month and over 1,240,000+ unique visitors. Our website is mainly visited by the Technology enthusiast all over the world. So its the perfect platform to show case your products & target the perfect audience.

Through this campaign, your brand’s social assets will stay in an optimal position, ensuring your content gets in front of Devs-Lab’s influential hyper-sharers looking to engage with great content. People come here for information, Gadget reviews, Tech news, innovation & Developments.

Traffic Stats:

Our latest stats from March 2016 report

  • Alexa rank : 30,136 Globally & 5,797 in India
  • Daily visits: 60300+
  • Daily pageviews: 1,50,000+
  • Monthly page views: 6,91,365 (August 2016) 90% organic

We update these stats every 3 months. If you have any queries regarding traffic, please drop an email. We provide our clients with an extensive array of advertisement solutions. Right now we have the following options:

Advertising Options

  • Banners: Check below for available sizes. Banners are not rotated with other advertisers so you get 100% of the impressions.
  • Post Review: If your product or service is relevant and useful to our audience, we may review it on the blog.
  • Email Blast: A review of your product or service can also be emailed to our newsletter subscribers. (It should be relevant)

Below are the available Ad sizes:

Unite NameFormat Size (Breakpoints)AudioTime Restrictions
on ad length
Horizontal Banner
  1. 728×90
  2. 468×60
  3. 320×100
  4. 320×50
Yes – on user click onlyNo Limit
Vertical Banner
  1. 300×600
Yes – on user click onlyNo Limit
  1. 336×280
  2. 300×250
Yes – on user click onlyNo Limit
Ad Links
  1. 468×15
No Limit
  • Gifs Ads are allowed.

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If you are interested, email us about your product at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with availability. Charges are negotiable as per the products.