Google’s new Pixel launcher was showed off just three days ago with the new Pixel 2 lineup. And if there was one thing you would have noticed right away was the search bar at the bottom of the screen. Yup, Google decided that this would be a convenient way to access the AI easily. And sure enough, it is. But only for Pixel 2 users.

Now, third-party launchers are bringing their own versions of this nice little improvement. Well, actually just Action Launcher for now. With v29 users can simply get a search box at the bottom. Also, this new element is also themable along with the rest of the interface. So, you’ll be able to change colours, adjust the shape to your liking etc.

The feature will have to be activated from the Quickbar Settings as it is optional but you may also keep the regular one. Action Launcher itself is free but some premium features are locked and require a one time $5 in-app fee. We think this new feature might also be premium. The app should be there on the Play Store or you can download it from alternative app stores like APK Mirror.