The MOTO X4 was recently confirmed to be postponed to a Q4 release but the hype surrounding has not lessened. In fact, since it has all but officially announced to be the first non-Google smartphone to be compatible with Project Fi expectations surrounding it has soared. To celebrate the US Independence Day, noted tipster @evleaks gave us our first glimpse at what the MOTO X4 might look like.

Following the same design language as other contemporary MOTO smartphones, the MOTO X4 looks very much like the earlier released MOTO G5 and MOTO Z2 range of smartphones. The smartphone looks like it comes with a glass back although it is mentioned that the X4 will come with an aluminium frame. Maybe MOTO is wising up to trends though and has decided to integrate the recent trend of glass sandwiched metal into their design. This will explain the inclusion of the 3D glass term in the X4’s presentation leak slide. Another thing to note is that the front fascia seems to be clad in 3D glass including the lozenge shaped fingerprint scanner housing home button. Above the display lies the selfie camera with a forward firing flash in-between which is the earpiece/speaker unit.

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The similarities do not end in the front with the smartphone bearing a similar round camera module area as recent MOTO handsets. In this case, there is a dual camera setup with a dual CCT LED flash unit below. Below the camera is the iconic MOTO batwing logo, whether it would feature a dimple or not, cannot be ascertained from the image though.


We cannot see the top and bottom chin areas of the smartphone very well but we can see the contours of a USB connector and an audio jack. On the right of the phone frame, we can see what looks like the power button.

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